Guide To The Polynesian Cultural Center-Oahu, Hawaii

polynesian cultural center

Anyone that has been to Hawaii knows the Aloha vibe that Hawaiian natives give off to those who visit their island. They keep such great care of their islands and the oceans around them. All locals till this day still practice their native culture and traditions. Sadly, most of us guests don't know what their culture is all about or have had the privilege to experience how beautiful it really is. Everything from their dances to their dresses and even the way they are and how they came to be the Aloha people that they are today.

I'm the kind of person that loves to learn about other cultures, languages, traditions, etc. so I like to experience it firsthand. There's nothing like learning about a culture out of a book, magazine, or an episode on the History or Discovery channel. If you're like me that likes to explore the world and those we share it with I recommend to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

The Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is the perfect place to go to get a good perspective of not just the Hawaiian culture but all of the Polynesian cultures. The park is divided between each different set of islands such as Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa, etc. You get a little pamphlet with all the times that each island is having a show. You can walk around the park and stop at each island to view it. The show consists of native dances and traditions such as a wedding, engagement, fire dancing, getting coconuts, making blankets and other items, and even teach you a few of their native words. You will also learn about their religious practices and rituals.

polynesian cultural center

Showing us how to make blankets and baskets out of dried palm leaves.

The Afternoon Show

In the afternoon, The Polynesian Cultural Center holds a huge show down the river. During the show each island floats by on a canoe with dancers on board showing the native dances to each of the islands. This fills up quickly so it's best to sit by the river before the crowd gets there if not you will be standing. This show is very pretty. I love seeing this show out of all the shows, except the Ha Breath of Life. Below are some of the canoes that passed by.

polynesian cultural center polynesian cultural center

There's also a few gift shops around the park that have some native island goods such as leis, ukuleles, jewelry and much more. Don't forget to grab yourself a little souvenir.

Luau & Dinner

After the park side closes the dinner and luau's open up. There's several kinds of luau's you can do as well as the amazing night show, "Ha Breath of Life" which is presented after dinner. Luau's are usually performed during the dinner time. They even take you out to the fire pit where they cook the pork the traditional way and show you how they take it out and carry it out to the kitchen. The food was absolutely delicious and the luau very fun. My daughter Bella even went up to dance with the dancers. She calls it, "The Hawaii Dance." She even insisted to take a picture with one of the dancers. She kept saying she was pretty and that she wanted to take a picture with her. They were very nice to post with her after the luau had ended.

polynesian cultural center

Ha Breath of Life

After dinner, The Polynesian Cultural Center holds one of their most eventful shows. "Ha Breath of Life!" This show is a must see in my books. The story line is beautiful and it shows you so much about the history of the islands. I highly recommend buying tickets. I won't say much about it as photography and video recording is not allowed during the show. Regardless, this is definitely a show for you to experience for yourself. Don't miss it for anything.

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polynesian cultural center

polynesian cultural center