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   When I was a little girl, I remember going to the beach with my family all the time. It never failed that I would end up collecting all the seashells, sea glass, sea urchins, and corals that I find. I always ended up with my hands full of ocean treasures trying to find a way to bring it all home with me. I would even collect broken shells. I was little so I didn’t care. In my little eyes they were magical pieces from the sea that washed up just for me to treasure forever.

As I got older I learned more about jewelry and grew a huge interest towards hemp and seashell jewelry. I used to buy from locals in Puerto Rico all the time and always hoped to one day learn how to create my own pieces. When I got to high school I decided  to make a little trip to Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby. I looked around their whole jewelry supply section for ways of making hemp bracelets and anklets until I finally found a little start up kit. I think I was more excited because there was seashells in the kit then about anything else but I got it and decided to learn. Once I got home I started creating my very first hemp and seashell bracelet. It was by far the worse bracelet I had ever made. It wasn’t tight, the seashells were loose, and the knots weren’t the best but it was definitely a huge learning experience and a start to a much bigger picture that I didn’t know was going to even happen yet.

In 2012 I gave birth to my oldest daughter Anabella. Soon after she was born I had decided to keep on studying and also work from home by making jewelry. I had looked online for ideas and was just selling mainly to friends and family. Nothing huge but just a little extra cash in my pocket.

As an Army wife I decided to make military jewelry. The huge hit was military charm bracelets. I sold to many Army wives, family members, friends, and their friends and family. I still make these and love to make them.

Back in October 2014, shortly after giving birth to my youngest daughter Isabelle, we got orders to move to Oahu, Hawaii. With my husband being a Florida raised guy and loving the beach life I knew this move would be perfect for us. I also knew that this move would mean taking a turn in my small at-home jewelry shop into what I wanted to always do. I knew ocean inspired jewelry will be next in line and I was super excited about it. I googled, pinterested, and researched new ways to come up with unique style jewelry and got more and more anxious to get to Hawaii so I can put all my thoughts and ideas into wearable art.

Back in Puerto Rico sea glass wasn’t found in a lot of places so I never really grew a huge interest for it until later on when I was in college and decided to study up on different things to collect from the beach. I remember on my last trip home running into a local puertorican family who has a jewelry booth out in the parking lot in front of El Faro de Rincon in Rincon, Puerto Rico. I was amazed by all the beautiful jewelry that they had and all in sea glass. My mom ended up getting jewelry for days. We were so in love with it all. That’s when my interest grew even more. When we found out we were going to Hawaii I looked up places to find sea glass at. I was so anxious to come here already and as the day got closer I always looked back at that one jewelry booth from back home where I got my inspiration from. I knew one day, soon enough, I would be making the ocean inspired jewelry I have always wanted to make.

When we finally arrived to Hawaii we waited a while to settle in and once we did we went crazy beachcombing every beach we went to. I soon started buying the materials I needed to make all the jewelry I had pictured in my mind. I think the hardest part was finding a theme to stick with. I chose to work with organic materials and silver plated wire and jewelry findings with goals to move to sterling silver and gold. It’s been a great success and a huge learning process. I decided on January 2016 to open my shop on Etsy (I opened it on 2012 and never used it till now). Owning my own Etsy shop has been a huge learning process but a great adventure. I don’t regret it. I’m happy to be creating these pieces with the items I find with my family on the beach. Each piece has a story behind it along with a wonderful memory. Memories that are going to last a lifetime.

I’m happy to not only be creating jewelry and beautiful memories but to also be passing down to my girls one of my favorite childhood hobbies. My oldest daughter (Anabella at 3 years old) is always picking up sea glass and seashells. She reminds me of me when I was little. She will pick up any piece she finds. Even broken shells or half frosted sea glass. She doesn’t care. To her is like a new ocean treasure to keep forever in her little jar of mermaid finds. My youngest daughter (Isabelle just turned one) likes to play with the water and sand but I see her slowly growing interest for seashells and sea glass. Every time we sit down she will play with the sand and throw it everywhere but the minute she finds a seashell or pieces of sea glass she will show it to me. Sometimes she will think it’s food and try to it but then when she realizes it’s hard shell spit it out and give it to me and give me that look like, “Mom this is not food. I’m sure you’ll like this piece.” I’m very happy to have passed down such a beautiful hobby to my daughter’s and can’t wait to see there love for the ocean grow more and more throughout the years.

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