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waimea falls

Waimea Falls

Hawaii is well-known for the beaches, surf and beautiful hikes. One of the most family friendly and relaxed hikes on all of Oahu can be found on North Shore. Waimea Valley Falls is a hike that is paved and handicapped accessible, and with a rewarding waterfall view at the end. It is well-known amongst the Hawaiians as a place of worship and peace but now is a tourist area for everyone to learn about the Hawaiian culture and why this place has such high importance for the Hawaiians, their gods, and their culture. Here is how to make the most of Waimea Valley Falls.

Our Story

We did this hike several times. It was one of the first hikes we did when exploring North Shore. It is located right behind Waimea Bay which is another great spot to go swimming at and even cliff jumping. When we arrived we immediately were awed by all the nature around us. We proceeded to pay to do the hike and entered the park.

First Stop

First stop we did was enjoy the beautiful gardens. They had all sorts of fruit bearing trees, flowers, and native plants. You can also find Peacocks walking through the gardens along with other avian such as chickens and ducks. If you look closely at the trees you can even find birds flying or nesting.

waimea valley falls

Second Stop

As we continued to follow the paved trail we saw some beautiful hut like buildings. These were places of worship for the Hawaiian high priests back in the day. You can read more about it down below in the “About Waimea Falls” section.

One of the times I visited there was an older man making bracelets out of palm tree leaves. I asked him how he made them. He said that he first grabs the leaves that he is blessed with and takes them to the ocean to be cleansed. Then he lets them dry naturally before beginning to use each leaf to create the jewelry. He says that by taking them to the ocean to be cleansed, he is also giving thanks to his gods for the blessing. How beautiful is that. It made me think of how many times we take life for granted. Even the smallest things like a cup of water and we don’t even say thank you to God. Yet here is this wonderful man saying thank you to his god for palm tree leaves.

waimea valley

Throughout The Trail

As we continued we passed gardens filled with all sorts of flowers and colors.  Gorgeously structured trees that were eye captivating. We even saw all sorts of insects and salamanders. The trail is truly filled with life and luscious greens all around. Best of all was hearing the stream from flowing near us. Just hearing the water flow amongst the rocks made this hike peaceful.

waimea valley

Arriving At Waimea Falls

Continuing the paved the trail, we arrive to this open area followed by a hill. This is when you know that you are getting close to the waterfall. You will go down the hill and arrive to this little area filled where the bus takes you. You can also enjoy a snowcone or some icea cream here if the shops are open or even enjoy a restroom break.

After enjoying your snack and restroom break you can head right across from those shop where you will see a bridge. You can view the waterfall at a distance from the bridge. Don’t forget to snap a cute family photo here. Continue across the bridge and through the trail to get to the gorge of the waterfall. You will see some lifeguards and a tent with lifejackets. You can choose to get your feet wet or you can grab a lifejacket and head out to the falls. Either way, this is the spot that makes this park completely worth it.

waimea falls

About Waimea Falls

Polynesian voyagers traveled across the Pacific Ocean. As early as 400 AD, these voyagers arrived in Hawai’i. Around 1092 AD, “Waimea Valley was chosen on the island of O’ahu to be awarded to the Kahuna Nui (High Priests) in perpetuity due to its lush valleys, abundant resources, free-flowing streams and geographic location.” The Kahuna Nui’s were fishermen, prophet, or healers that were considered experts in their field of study. These High Priests played an important role to all Hawaiians. The Hawaiian religion is polytheistic which means that they worship many gods. Hawaiians worship four main gods.

  1. Kāne – Hawaiian god of the forests and the trees.
  2. Kū – Kū – The god of war, prosperity, the deep forest, the mountain, dry and wet farming and fishing.
  3. Kanaloa – Hawaiian god of ocean and the land of departed spirits.
  4. Lono – Hawaiian god of peace, fertility, agriculture, rainfall, and music.

In Waimea Valley you can find many of the heiau (places of worship and religious sites) throughout the trails dedicated to these gods. You can read more about Waimea’s history here.

waimea valley

What To Bring

  • Water
  • Sneakers or comfortable shoes
  • Swimsuit if you plan on swimming at the falls
  • Camera
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Bug Repellent. Mosquitoes can be a pain in some of the areas.
  • Sunblock
  • A Towel if you plan to swim
  • Snacks

These are just some of the main essentials.

waimea valley


  • Hiking Trails
  • Gift Shop
  • Restaurant and Snack Shop
  • Venues
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Events
  • Educational Programs

waimea falls     waimea

Admission Fees

Admission fees range between $8 to $16 per person or child. You can view more detailed prices here. Military and senior discounts are available as well. Children under 4 years of age are free.


Waimea Valley Rd,

Haleiwa, HI 96712

You can go here to view the directions.

waimea valley falls

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