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As fall leaves are peaking through the trees, my mother and I decided to head off to Shawnee National Forest for a weekend camping and hiking trip. One of the main things I made sure to not leave without was my UVPaqlite. Being in the deeps of the forest can mean very dark nights and having light can be a lifesaver. I packed a few of my UV Paqlite products to make sure I stayed illuminated throughout the night making our camping life much easier.


You are probably wondering what a UV Paqlite is. You know those glow sticks you get at Walmart for your kids? Yes those! If you are military you may have even used the military tactical lights. You bend them, crack, shake, and get a glow from your item. Only downfall to these are that they last a few hours and then you have to throw them away. No fair right! And that freezer trick we were told growing up doesn’t really work either.

With a UV Paqlite you get an item that you don’t have to bend, crack, and shake to get a glow. You don’t have to throw it away after a few hours either. UV Paqlite uses rechargeable crystals that glow all night long and can recharge with any light. It can be the sun, your flashlight, or even the light in your home or car.

By using a UV Paqlite you are reducing waste. No more buying one time use glow sticks. You now have a product that can be used over and over again forever. I use several of UV Paqlite’s products on my trips and absolutely love them. They can be very beneficial. Here are the products I use and how I use each one of them.

uv paqlite

UV Paqlite Large

I use the UV Paqlite large for two things mainly. One is to place in front of my tent. This helps illuminate the front door acting as a dimmer version of a porch light. When we go to bed I then take it inside the tent and hang it on the top to use as a nightlight. This really helps my little ones go to sleep as they are still very scared of the dark.

uv paqlite

Gear Tag

The other item that I use is the Gear Tag. I use this item to help easily find items such as keys in a bag at night. I also use the Gear Tag to help me find the zipper to my backpack or even my tent. Just clip it to the zipper and now it is easier for you to find it in the dark. Beats having to touch the entire front door of your tent trying to find the zipper. I’m sure we all have done that.

uv paqlite

uv paqlite

UV Glostik

Another very useful item is the UV Glostik (and yes it’s spelled like that). This is another item that you can attach to your pack, a zipper, or an item such as keys. Another way you can use this item is by placing it around your child to keep track of their wondering little bodies. It is definitely useful.

Glow Pet Tag

If you have pups then this is the one you need for them. The cute Glow Pet Tag can be attached to their collars making it very easy to find your pup in the dark (or even kitty). You can also attach this item to your keys as well.

uv paqlite


  • Reusable
  • Rechargeable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multiple products available
  • Can recharge with any light source
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts forever


  • Not as bright as a military tactical light but still bright enough to help you on your adventures.

Whether it’s for every day use, such as finding your keys or even a nightlight, or on your outdoor adventures, UV Paqlite helps illuminate your life in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. No more buying glow sticks every time you need them or use them, you can just recharge and reuse the UV Paqlite that you have and never worry about single use glow items again.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links listed on this post. UV Paqlite gave me these items to review for this blog post. Once again all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend an item if I truly didn’t believe in it. If you purchase using my affiliate link I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. These commissions help maintain my website and cover any fees or bills my blog may obtain throughout the year. As always, I am very grateful for your support and for using my links.

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uv paqlite

uv paqlite

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