Upper Makua Cave – One Of Oahu’s Island Secrets

Makua Cave Oahu Hawaii Secret
Oahu is filled with beauty and treasures for the wanderlust at heart. I had the chance to find the upper Makua Cave and hike it with my cousin Brittney. The reason why so many places remain hidden is because its more fun to go find it on your own with those who are big adventure seekers as well than to give things away easy for others to find. Its like going on a little treasure seeking adventure. Trust me its worth the wanderlust, climbing, hiking, gorgeous views, and most of all... the memories that will last forever!
This was a very fun filled hike but definitely not for little kids. There's lots of areas where you have to climb. Part of the trail is a steep drop off the edge. If you're scared of heights, don't look down. If you have little ones make sure to either get a baby sitter or you can do like we did. We split up. We hiked part of the way where the trail was pretty even and not much climbing. My husband then found a rock to sit with the girls  and enjoy the views while my cousin and I climbed up to the caves. On our way down we met up with him and switched. I hiked the rest of the way with the girls while he went up to the cave. By the time we reached the car, had snacks and water, and loaded up, my husband was already on his way down.
Makua Cave Oahu Hawaii
This is on our way up. As you can tell there's a long ways to go and this is already half way up. The views are absolutely gorgeous all the way. Being in the valley of the mountains and seeing all the rocks and the beach views behind us was just mesmerizing.  In all honesty, I wanted to keep climbing through every little path I can find to see the full view from all the way up top but I can leave that for another day.
Once you reach the top you will walk around the ledge and find yourself with this cave (pictured on the left). This is the first cave and it's pretty small. On the other side of this small cave is the bigger cave. The beautiful Upper Makua Cave (pictured on the right side).
Of course my wanderlust kicked in and I climbed over to the other side of the cave to see this beauty. I found myself a beautiful little nook though it wasn't the safest it did have a very amazing view. It was a slippery steep slope with a drop all the way down the mountain so I didn't even bother to keep trying to climb it but I couldn't leave this area without taking a few pictures with my GoPro.
And of course you can't leave a gorgeous hike like this without striking a pose. I would of done some very cool yoga pose like the girl before me did but I'm not super flexible and the drop... well it's a straight drop down. Just played it safe and posed with a double shaka (hang loose) to the world. We then made our way back down. It was much easier going down then up though I prefer climbing then going down. Just seems more fun to me. I really didn't want to leave. It's definitely a beautiful spot to bring a blanket and just chill with a few wanderlust friends and have a good time.

Must Haves For This Hike

Hydroflask with water
Comfortable Sneakers
Ergo Baby Carrier 
Comfortable Clothing
Cell Phone
Small Emergency Kit (band aids, alcohol wipes, neosporin... just in case anyone got hurt).
and best of all FAMILY!


Disclaimer: Always take care of the world you live in. Don't forget to leave the area cleaner then before you got there. If you see or have trash, dispose of it properly. This hike has lots of loose rocks, small paths, steep slopes, drop offs, and can be very slippery in some spots so always be cautious of your limits. If you don't think you can make it all the way up, DON'T RISK IT! If you get hurt you won't be able to get medical attention until you get back down. It's best to do this hike with a friend in case something does go wrong... plus the more the merrier! Wear appropriate clothing. Depending on the time of day it can be shaded or under direct sunlight so always wear sneakers, sunblock, and a hat. I beg you that if you find this hike to not put its location on social media, blogs, or any other places on the internet. Keep it a secret and go out and enjoy it to the fullest. 
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