Sunset at Treasure Island beach.

Ultimate Guide to Treasure Island, Florida – A Couple’s Weekend Getaway

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Treasure Island is filled with many things to do. It is a perfect couples getaway that is located close to the Tampa Bay and St. Pete area in Central Florida. This little beach vacation destination is such a relaxing spot to unwind, be romantic, and enjoy some local food and drinks. This is probably one of the nicest islands in Florida to visit in this side of the state. In this travel guide you will learn how to plan a beautiful romantic getaway to Treasure Island Florida. 

Photo of the sunset at Treasure Island, Florida

About Treasure Island in Central Florida

Treasure Island is a barrier island located on the Gulf Coast side of Central Florida in Pinellas County. This beautiful travel destination is known for it’s delicious foods, beaches, beach resorts, and history. While we did a couples getaway, this is also a family-friendly travel destination. There is plenty of things to do for everyone.

You are probably wondering why it is called “Treasure Island.” It is told that several property owners in the area attempted to bury wooden chests to then “discover” them claiming that the beaches were filled with treasure. As the news spread, people started calling this area “Treasure Island.” 

Best Things to Do in Treasure Island, Florida

Treasure Island has plenty to do for couples. At this florida travel vacation destination you can find things like a relaxing day at the spa, a perfect beach day, snorkeling adventures, and more. The beach is always our favorite place to be at so when we got a resort by the beach I knew that we would be spending majority of our time there but we managed to squeeze in a few other fun things to do as a couple. Here’s some of the best things to do in Treasure Island from our personal experience. You can view all of the places we went too on the Google map below. 

Do a Couple’s Massage at Paradise Spa

Getting a couple’s massage is probably one of the most romantic things to do in Treasure Island Florida. My husband and I had a wonderful experience at Paradise Spa. The establishment was very clean and the staff was super friendly. We enjoyed a one hour couples massage and a nice hot tub soak afterwards. Can’t wait to go back. They are also very decently priced compared to other spas we have visited in the past. 

Sunset at Treasure Island beach.

Enjoy Dinner by the Beach

We decided to eat at Gigi’s Italian Restaurant but we grabbed our food to-go. We then headed to the beach with a blanket to have dinner at the beach while enjoying the sunset over the horizon. It was so romantic and sweet. 

Enjoy a Beach Day

Even if you don’t snorkel, you can always enjoy a nice and relaxing day at the beach. Just grab a towel, lay on the sand, and soak up the sun. We just went to the beach behind the Bilmar Resort where we were staying at. Treasure Island has a few beaches and public parking lots so even if you stay a little further away from the beach and don’t want to walk, you can have the option to drive. Just note that there may be a parking fee. 

Visit the Local Shops

We’re not big on visiting souvenir stores since it feels a bit repetitive in each store. We usually check one out at least that calls our attention. However, there are some local shops and boutiques so we like to visit and support the more locally and small owned businesses. You can always take a few hours of your day or before and after dinner to walk around the area and check out the local shops. The souveneir shop that we visited is Surf-Style. A lot of the local shops and restaurants can be found along Gulf Boulevard. 

Treasure Island beach behind the Bilmar Bear Resort

Go Snorkeling 

One of our favorite things to do is snorkeling and beach-combing. It was so relaxing to go snorkeling together without the kids. We did find some cool seashells and even saw some interesting fishes and sea creatures. 

Try Local Food and Drinks

We love trying new places to eat. During our time at Treasure Island we checked out some local restaurants and sweet shops. We are always down for some good local food. During our time there we enjoyed a delicious pizza, local doughnuts, a healthy breakfast, and an outstanding Italian dinner.

  • Britt’s Pizza – We had pizza here and the servers and staff were super friendly. During lunch we also enjoyed a good cocktail drink and draft beer from their bar. Their pizza is baked in a traditional coal-fired oven which was pretty cool. 
  • Gigi’s Italian Restaurant – I had an eggplant parmesan pasta and it was so cheesy and delicious. Everything was outstanding. We took this order to-go so we can ejoy the sunset at the beach. 
  • Sloppy Joe’s on the Beach – For breakfast we had french toast with fruits, coffee, and my husband got the egg omlet  at Sloppy Joe. Everything was delicious and satisfying. Highly recommend. We sat on the deck facing the beach and it was just so relaxing. The overall atmosphere is very good. 
  • Tootsie’s Sugar Shop – We came here before heading back home. It’s right across the street from the Bilmar Resort. This unique candy shop also make fresh mini doughnuts. We ordered the blueberry mini doughnuts and devoured them on our way back home. Don’t forget to check out the funky candy with random bugs in it. We didn’t try any but it was definitely interesting to see. 

Other Fun Things To Do in Treasure Island

  • Check out some boat rentals and do some fishing or just enjoy a day out on the ocean. 
  • Do a full luxurious spa day at Paradise Spa – not just a couples massage.  
  • Enjoy local beer at a nearby bar. 
  • Visit the nearby areas surrounding Treasure Island. 

Free Things to Do in Treasure Island

Treasure Island can be budget friendly so if jsut want to spend money on your stay and food you can do some of the free things to do in the area. This can include: 

  • Going to the beach. 
  • Going snorkeling. 
  • Taking pictures of the area. 
  • Going window shopping. 
  • Walking around the area. 
  • Go paddleboarding if you own a paddle board. 
  • Go beachcombing. 
  • Live entertainment in the local area. Some bars and restaurants have live music and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. The best time to enjoy this is during happy hour. 
  • Enjoy the sunset or sunrise by the beach. 
  • Check out local shops. 
  • Take a picture at Sanding Ovations. 

Best Restaurants in Treasure Island

There are many places to eat at Treasure Island. My husband and I decided to stick to local restaurants over the big chain restaurants so we can truly enjoy new foods and environments. Here are some of the restaurants that we ate at and some other ones that were recommended to us. All of these locations are pinned on the map above.

Places to Eat at For Breakfast

  • Sloppy Joe’s 
  • Foxy’s Cafe
  • BRGR Kitchen and Bar
  • Caddy’s Treasure Island

Places to Eat at for Lunch and Dinner

  • Britt’s Pizza
  • Gigi’s Italian 
  • Middle Grounds Grill
  • Sloppy Joe’s on the Beach

Best Places for Sweets and Treats

  • Tootsies Sugar Shop
  • Ice and Cream Creamery

Best Shops at Treasure Island, Florida

The shops at Treasure Island not only have souvenirs but also a wide variety of local arts, handmade items, and more. Here are some shops that I think you would like. 

  • Captain Dave’s Trading Company
  • Surf-Style
  • The Florida Shell Shop
  • Pirates Cove Shell House
Beach chairs and a volleyball net at the Bilmar Beach Resort at Treasure Island

Where to Stay in Treasure Island, Florida

There are different options to choose from. The most popular options for finding a place to stay at Treasure Island is a beach resort or hotel. However, you can also choose a cute vacation rental home instead if you want something more private and roomier. Vacation rentals are also a good option when traveling in a large group setting like multiple families or a bachelorette/bachelor party. 

Best Resorts and Hotels to Stay at in Treasure Island, Florida

  • Bilmar Beach Resort
  • Treasure Island Beach Resort
  • Island Inn Beach Resort
  • Westwinds Waterfront Resort
  • Trade Winds Motel
  • Bayside Inn and Marina
  • Thunderbird Beach Resort

Best Beaches at Treasure Island

Treasure Island Beach is the main and only beach in the area that extends for about 3 miles of white sandy beaches and beautiful views. You can find an array of luxurious resorts and hotels as well as a few public parking lot areas. I have pinned all public parking in Treasure Island in the Google Map above. 

How to Get Around Treasure Island, Florida

The best way to get around Treasure Island is by foot or by car. Whether you are renting a car or bringing your own, you can get a little further by car. The only downfall is finding a parking spot during the busy season or having to pay for parking in some areas but usually if you are dinning or shopping, then parking is not a big issue. 

The other way to get around Treasure Island is by foot. We love to go by foot because we can really enjoy and get a good feel for the area when you are walking in it. We can stop at all the shops along the way without going from parking to parking. Just make sure to check the weather and pack an umbrella just in case. Don’t forget the water and sunblock. 

You can also take the beach trolley to help you get to places that are located a little further away from your beach resort. There are multiple spots along the island where you can catch a trolley. I pinned these on the map above. 

Sunset at Treasure Island, Florida

What to Pack for a Trip to Treasure Island, Florida

This packing list may differ person to person but the general packing list to have includes: 

  • Clothes for each of the days you will be there. 
  • Underclothing
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, female hygiene essentials, soap, lotion (though some resorts provide soaps and lotions), and any other toiletries and or self-pampering products that you may use. 
  • A toiletry bag to put it all in. 
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach towel in case your resort doesn’t provide these. 
  • Beach bag
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses 
  • Shoes – I would recommend one nice pair for a nice dinner, some sandals or flip flops for the beach, and one pair of closed toe shoes. 
  • One nice outfit for dinner
  • Phone and charger
  • Wallet and ID 
  • Camera with SD cards, batteries, and chargers
  • Any other items you may want or need like a book, reusable water bottle, tablet, Kindle, notebook, etc… 
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How to Get to Treasure Island

There are a few ways to get to Treasure Island. It all depends on what fits your budget best and how far you are traveling from. Weigh your options and see if a road trip or flying to Tampa International Airport is a better option for your travel budget. There are no direct flights to Treasure Island, Florida. 

  • Road trip in your own car or using a car rental.
  • Flying in to Tampa International Airport and driving to Treasure Island in a rental.
  • Taking an Uber or Lyft to Treasure Island from Tampa International Airport.

There is another airport that is closer but the cost of flights may be higher since it’s a smaller airport. St. Petersburg Airport is only about 10 miles away. If it’s easier to fly into this airport, you can check and see which one fits your travel budget best. 

Places to Visit Near Treasure Island

Treasure Island is located close to the St. Petersburg area but you can also check out the other surrounding beach-friendly destinations to make more of your trip. Some of these destinations include: 

  • Tampa – Tampa has a lot to do for the family. Museums, amusement parks, etc. Busch Gardens is one of our favorite theme parks in this area.  
  • St. Petersburg aka St. Pete Beach – Don’t forget to checkout Fort de Soto, Dali Museum, or even the Sunken Gardens when visiting St. Pete. 
  • Madeira Beach – If you visit here, make sure to check out John’s Pass Boardwalk. 
  • Clearwater – The Clearwater Aquarium is a fun place to visit as a family. There is also Clearwater beach that you can enjoy. 
  • Tarpon Springs – Don’t forget to visit The Sponge Docks at Tarpon Springs. 
Beach chairs and a view of the pool and Sloppy Joe's at the Bilmar Beach Resort at Treasure Island

Travel Tips for Treasure Island, Florida

To make the most of your trip make sure to do these things first. 

  • Plan ahead. Make sure to make hotel reservations ahead of time, reserve any excursions or spa days, and even dinner reservations. 
  • Create a tentative itinerary for your trip to make the most of it. 
  • Go prepared with the right clothes, protection, and essentials. 
  • Always have sunglasses, sunblock, and a hat handy. 
  • Before going anywhere make sure you have the right shoes and that you check the weather just in case there’s rain. 
  • Enjoy your time and make memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Treasure Island

  • Is Treasure Island, Florida worth visiting? Yes. It is a perfect weekend getaway. 
  • Is Treasure Island walkable? Yes it is. The island is small enough that you can walk around. There are sidewalks along both sides of the roads as well making it easily accessible for pedestrians. 
  • Is Treasure Island a crowded beach? During our time there we didn’t deal with a lot of crowds. It was fairly easy to find a spot along the beach. We went in August for travel reference. 
  • Is Treasure Island a pretty beach? The beach is definitely pretty with it’s white sand and blue waters. It is also perfect for snorkeling and collecting seashells. 

Recap of the Ultimate Travel Guide to Treasure Island for Couples 

Treasure Island is a perfect little getaway destination. There is plenty of things to do for everyone on the island and nearby towns. From shops, delicious food, beautiful beaches, a relaxing day at the spa and more, you are sure to find something that will fill your travel itinerary. Don’t forget to pack some sun protection though and comfy shoes for when walking around the island or just enjoying a day at the beach. 

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