Top Instagram Pictures For June 2018

clarksville tennessee

June was another fun-filled month. We had a few outdoor family outings that were really worth the drive and loss of cell phone service. In June we headed off to a family camping trip to Blairsville, Georgia again. This time we met up with my in-laws. We got campsites next to each other at Vogel State Park and enjoyed hikes around Blairsville and Helen, Georgia. I was able to show off a few photos of our trip on Instagram throughout the month.

During the month of June we were also able to do some fun things in Clarksville, Tennessee such as going to the parks, local events, tour the city, and more.

My favorite trail for the month of June is Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, Georgia. It was a short paved trail but the view was stunning. Just wait till you see the pictures below.

Clarksville’s Hot Air Balloon Fair

clarksville hot air balloons

We low. started off the month of June with a hot air balloon show. My best friend Christina was lucky to join us for this fun-filled day. It was very fun seeing the enormous balloons inflated on the field. I had seen hot air balloons from a distant in the sky but never close up like this. It was very fun and my little ones enjoyed seeing them as well.

Helen, Georgia

helen georgia

This was another fun-filled day. My family and I decided to visit Helen, Georgia during our camping trip at Vogel State Park. This cute little town has the best charm to it and the best chocolate fudge.

Anna Ruby Falls, Helen, Georgia

anna ruby falls georgia

anna ruby falls georgia

anna ruby falls georgia

anna ruby falls georgia

Well this was one waterfall that everyone loved including everyone over on Instagram. This was a short hike to Anna Ruby Falls. The trail was paved but uphill the majority of the way. The end result was exquisite though. I mean look at these waterfalls?! They are beautiful. Nothing like what I was expecting to see. I am glad you guys liked it too. You can read my guide to Anna Ruby Falls here. Also there are 10 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Anna Ruby Falls.

Helton Creek Falls, Blairsville, Georgia

helton creek falls

This was another fun hike that we did during our family camping trip at Vogel State Park. Helton Creek Falls is a fun and short waterfall hike leading to one of Blairsville’s most visited waterfall. You can read all about my guide to Helton Creek Falls here.

Clarksville, Tennessee

sunset clarksville tennessee

clarksville tennessee

As a photographer ambassador for Visit Clarksville, I like to go out and take photos of our beautiful city. One of the photos is of the sunset in my backyard one night and the other one was a line of ducks that was falling my daughters and I around the park. It was cute because they marched in a single line after us for a good 5 minutes. This occurred over at Liberty Park around their pond trail.

Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennessee

radnor lake nashville tennessee

radnor lake nashville tennessee

Radnor Lake State Park is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is absolutely beautiful to come here. The trails are going around the lake where you can see beavers, ducks, turtles, and even snakes. This is a great place to go to for a day hike with the family. You can read more about our trip here.

Mountains At Blairsville, Georgia

blairsville georgia

This was a beautiful view that we were able to witness during out trip to Blairsville, Georgia. I was lucky enough to capture it. One of the many things I love about being on the top of the mountains is seeing the mountain layers on the horizon.

Another cool thing that happened on my Instagram account was that I posted my first IGTV video. You can view it here. I know I’m not the best video editor per say but it was still a fun outing that my daughters and I did to Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee and I really wanted to share it with you all. I plan to continue uploading videos on IGTV but these videos will be more of highlights of our trips than anything.

Well that was it for the month of June. I hope you enjoyed tagging along. Follow us on Instagram to see what adventures we have next.


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  1. Love that you had so many adventures and the photos are awesome, especially the silky water!

    1. Awe thanks Katie. June was really a fun month.

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