This Bar Saves Lives – Best Bars I Have Ever Tasted!!!

This Bar Saves Lives - Grandma Approved!

My abuela (grandma) approves and if she approves then it must be good (and healthy).

So many foods out there that are so yummy to your tummy but I have never tasted some granola bars such as the ones from This Bar Saves Lives. These babies are amazingly delicious and filled with healthiness inside and out. But before you go out to buy you some, let me tell you more about their mission and their name. I mean the name kind of says it all but let me tell you.


Disclaimer: I received free delicious products for this post from This Bar Saves Lives to review and promote.
All photos and opinions are my own. Be warned!!! These bars are amazingly delicious and may leave you wanting more of these healthy, life saving, organic, fair-trade bars. Affiliate links are found on this post from Amazon and Target and I will make a small commission from any orders placed at no additional cost for you. That income goes to supporting this website and keeping it free for you and everyone else. 

This Bar Saves Lives. Literally!!!

This Bar Saves Lives literally saves lives of many children going through hunger around our world. It’s simple actually how they make it happen. You buy their delicious bars (which indeed are very healthy and delicious), they make life saving food such as Plumpy Nut and Nutributter, they ship it to areas in need, they feed a child (many to be exact) and help save their lives by providing a well balanced nutritional diet for these children. How awesome is that??Some of the countries that they send these foods too are Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Philippines, South Sudan, Guatemala, Mexico, and even our very own USA, and they continue to grow and expand. You should follow them on Instagramhere and follow their stories and the many children who’s lives they are changing. When I saw the video of Kendy, I was sucked in to their world. I just knew that I had to share the word. His transition is amazing. View it here and see the beauty This Bar Saves Lives does for this child.

This Bar Saves Lives and This Kid Saves Lives have the best and most delicious bars ever. Healthy, fair-trade, non gmo, organic, and gives back to children that are in need of food.

Isa wondering through the woods with the bar. She was anxiously waiting for snack time.

This Bar Is Delicious!

Yes! These amazing live-saving bars are healthy and delicious. Here is why!They are…

  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Fair-Trade
  • Kosher
  • Bee-Friendly

​They have the best of both worlds. Healthy for you, life changing for others.

Where to purchase these delicious bars.

There are several places that carry them like some Starbucks locations, Target, and online. You can also find This Bar Saves Lives on Amazon  (viewhere) and they sell all of the flavors they have available and saves you the time of going around town searching for them. If you have Amazon Prime you can save money on shipping too.​Buy a bar, feed a child. We eat together. #ThisBarSavesLives

Try them out and let me know below how you like them. 🙂

This Bar Saves Lives

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