The NFL Pro Bowl 2016 – Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Last Sunday, my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii and get to watch the Pro Bowl of 2016. It was such an amazing experience and one of my favorite dates besides the spa day at Aulani Resort. It was fun watching all the different teams and fans come together in one stadium and play football. It is definitely not the same as watching it on TV. Let me tell you about  my experience and how to get ready for the next ProBowl event.

 Whether you flew in a few days before the game or already live on the island, first thing is first. Arrive hours before the game. The traffic was crazy to get to the stadium and parking was even worse. We parked at  school across the stadium but one thing you must do before going is plan ahead. Check online to see what places have parking available for the event and also to see how far it is from the stadium and how long it takes to get from the parking lot to the stadium. Some places offer free bus service if it’s too far away.Get ready for the weather. This is Hawaii, a tropical paradise, so the sun is not your best friend at times, especially if you’re sitting in the sunny side of the stadium. Bring sunblock, sunglasses, hydration, a hat, and maybe something to cover you from the sun. I know I had the sun hitting me on my right side the whole time of the game and made the mistake of not bringing sunblock and a hat. Let me tell you that I have the most awkward sun tan ever on top of my face being red so this is a lesson learned.

Don’t bring a bag. They will not let you pass security with a bag so just bring what you need. I took my cell phone, my wallet, and my GoPro.

Get ready to have an amazing time. The best seats in the stadium are the ones on each side. I would say get the ones on the west side of the stadium (I was seating on the North side) so that way the sun is not scorching you and the lower seats have the best views but I think that one is a given. So now it’s time to grab a beer, some food, soak up that sunblock, put your shades on, and sit back and watch the game. Watch out for the camera people, you may even end up on TV if you have enough fan gear on you.

Remember to get your fan gear before going and get ready to show your team pride to it’s fullest. Target and Amazon has some very cute stuff to show off your team colors.Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on our posts.​

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