When I first got to Oahu the first thing I asked around for were the kid friendly beaches on the island. Having a newborn and a 2 year old that didn’t know how to swim, safety was a must. I was looking for a nice calm place to swim. A beach where I didn’t have to worry about big waves or currents. As we all know, Hawaii is known for their huge swells and surfing competitions so waves, currents, and possible injury is always at high risk if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Every time I asked what were the kid friendly beaches here I always got two names, Ko’Olina and Waikiki. Ko’Olina was always number one on the list for kids though. I have gone to both beaches and prefer Ko’Olina out of the two cause it’s much calmer, less rocky, and less crowds.
So now you know! If you’re on the island and looking for a kid friendly beach head on over to Kapolei to the Ko’Olina Lagoons. You have 4 lagoons to choose from and it’s perfect to spend the whole day there with your precious family.

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