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Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth

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A coffee addicts worst nightmare is their yellow stained smile. I always hated to smile for pictures so I avoided pictures as much as I could. If by chance I did take photos I made sure to do so from far away. Anything so nobody would notice my not so pretty white smile. I was already embarrassed enough from a bike accident I had that chipped my tooth and damaged my two front teeth causing an unwanted gap. Add the stain to them and I just wanted to hide it all together. Luckily Smile Brilliant came in to my life and I jumped on trying their teeth whitening product. They came right before the holidays so I knew I was going to have a beautiful white smile finally for the family dinner this Christmas Eve.

teeth whitening

Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile. -Unknown


My smile has been one part of me that makes me very insecure. I am hoping to get that fixed within the next 2 years. My main insecurities are that my teeth are not straight anymore. Since my wisdom came in late they shifted all of my lower teeth causing them to crowd in the front. On my two front top incisors I have a huge gap caused by an accident I had when I was little. We didn’t think they would split as much as they did but I hate seeing it. To top it all off I’ve had a yellow smile for years. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it pretty and white like those you see on magazines. I want that but in order to do so I need to take it one step at a time.

Let’s start with the first thing I want to tackle off my list of insecurities. A beautiful white smile! I had tried over the counter and store-bought teeth whitening kits. These didn’t work for me and I couldn’t even finish them to be honest. They were so filled with chemicals that it made my teeth very sensitive to anything. They even irritated my gums so badly that it hurt to eat or even drink. I ended up having to switch my toothpaste to a sensitive formula to help ease the pain and discomfort of sensitivity.

Back in November I learned about Smile Brilliant and their products. I’m not going to lie! I was very skeptical and scared to even try their products. I had no idea if it would even really work. The last thing I wanted was to try another teeth whitening product that would make my teeth more sensitive than what they already were. I’m happy to say that I made the best decision ever to try them out.

“Her smile was like armor and every day she went to war. – R.H. Sin

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Smile Brilliant is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty product. The vegan and cruelty-free part really made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I highly believe that no animals need to suffer for our beauty. Another thing that caught my attention was that they have a sensitive formula. This is probably what won me over. Not many teeth whitening kits have a sensitive formula. They have one formula for all but to be honest, not everyone’s teeth and gums react the same to the product. What may work for me may not work for others.

I started doing some research on their products by reading reviews from other bloggers, customers, and even seeing all of their before and after results. I figured why not?! What do I have to lose!? I can try them for a few days and see how it works. If I feel like it may be making my teeth more sensitive than I can stop using the product, right?! So off I went to get my kit!

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The kit I was given by Smile Brilliant to try was the T3 Sensitive System for light stains. This is a very good kit to start off with as you can purchase more syringes down the road. I used the sensitive formula to help avoid more sensitivity to my teeth. No further issues with sensitivity has been noted since I started using this teeth whitening kit.

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Smile Brilliant is not like other store-bought teeth whitening kits. They work using impressions of your teeth like dentists recommend. The first thing they do is send you a kit like the one pictured above. It will have a shipping label, a card for you to fill out and sign, and everything that you need to make your impressions. You will combine the base with the catalyst by mixing well together and then place it inside the mold. Bite down on it by creating a good teeth impression. There will be sample pictures and full instructions on how to do this in your kit. Then take the molds, let them dry, put them in the shipping envelope with the signed card, and ship it out to them. The impressions take about a little over a week to make and send back to you.


Once you receive your impressions you can start your teeth whitening routine. I did my teeth whitening process at night before going to bed. This is the only ME time I get cause the girls are sleeping by this time. It gave me just enough time to whiten my teeth, get things done around the house or on my blog, and even shower.

It is very easy to do. Just brush and floss your teeth WITHOUT toothpaste, cut the tip of the syringe off (make sure to keep this piece so you can close the syringe when you are done using it), apply a thin line of the teeth whitening gel in the impression and place in your mouth. One tip I do recommend you do is apply coconut oil to your gum line before placing the impressions. This helps protect your gums if you are sensitive like me. Make sure to apply the coconut oil both on the front gums and the gums behind the teeth. I didn’t do this one night and had a very small irritation in one part of my gums behind my teeth. I just skipped one day of teeth whitening and applied vitamin-E and coconut oil for fast healing and I was good to go after that.

teeth whitening

teeth whitening

Once you have put the impressions in make sure to leave them in from 30 minutes to 3 hours. I would start off with 30 minutes at first and work my way up so your gums can get used to the gel. The longest I had left them in for was 1.5 hours and had no irritation. This was 10 days after my first application and after having skipped one day.


After you have completed the teeth whitening step you will then thoroughly rinse out the impressions and dry them with a towel or cloth. Apply the desensitizing gel the same way you applied the teeth whitening gel to the impressions. Brush your teeth regularyly and dry them the best you can. Apply the coconut oil to the gums as you previously did. Then place the impressions on your dry teeth. You can just pass a towel or cloth on your teeth to make sure they are dry before placing the impressions. You can leave these in for 10-15 minutes approximately. After the time is up, just remove the impressions, spit out any excess, and go to bed. Make sure NOT to rinse out your mouth or drink anything for the recommended time. This is why it’s best to do it before bed.

teeth whitening

teeth whitening


Pros: I love this teeth whitening product. It is easy to use, lasts a long time (each syringe can last you up to 3 whitening and desensitizing sessions), and they have a sensitive formula. Smile Brilliant is also cruelty free and vegan. Love my pearly white smile!

Another pro is that when you are done using all of the syringes in your kit, you can purchase more on their website here. No need to purchase a brand new kit. Just keep your impressions and purchase more teeth whitening and desensitizing gel so you can continue your teeth whitening sessions.

Cons: It can irritate your gums at first if you have sensitive gums. I highly recommend using vaseline or coconut oil like mentioned before to avoid this. It really helps protect your gum. Easy fix to this con!


An average dentist’s teeth whitening treatment can easily cost you over $650 dollars and various dentist appointments for consultations, making the impressions and so on. Smile Brilliant‘s kit starts at only $149.00 which includes 9 teeth whitening syringes and 9 desensitizing syringes (keep in mind that each syringe can last you 3-4 sessions so these 9 syringes can last you 27 to 36 sessions). That’s not bad when you come to look at it. Let’s break that down real quick! Say you get 27 sessions out of your kit. This means that you are paying $5.52 for each whitening and desensitizing session. This is not including the cost of the impressions.

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Also be sure to follow both Smile Brilliant (@smilebrilliant) and me (@thewalkingmermaidblog) on Instagram and share with us your pearly whites! Would love to see your before and after photos.

Do you whiten your teeth? If so, what do you use? Would you ever consider trying Smile Brilliant? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and good luck on the giveaway!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own from my own experience, use, and testing of the product. Smile Brilliant provided me with a free kit with impressions to test their product and share my honest opinions with my audience (that’s you!). All photos are unedited to show the true difference on my teeth whitening experience.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Like you I have struggled with less than perfect teeth. I can never seem to get them white. I am amazed at how well the smile brilliant set has worked for you! I love that they are vegan and designed for sensitive teeth. I thought that was an impossible combination until now!

    1. Yes! Thank you so much for reading. I love it and mainly for those reasons too. Vegan, cruelty free, and doesn’t make my sensitivity worse than what it already is. Hope you get to try it soon and good luck on our giveaway.

  2. It’s so awesome you found a product that helped you feel better about yourself! It’s so amazing when we finally find something that works and is also a product we can stand behind! Your before and after photos were absolutely beautiful! Definitely adding this to my list of must trys!

  3. I’ve never tried Smile Brilliant, but you’ve definitely piqued my interest! I wouldn’t have thought about using coconut oil on my gums to help with sensitivity – thanks for that tip!

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