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Best List of Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – 2023

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With this gift guide I hope to make gift giving a little easier for you with this list of over 40 ethical and sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas. I hope that it helps inspire you to buy the perfect gift for your mom or that special mom in your life. Whether it is a small or large gift, just know that every mom would be truly thankful for the sweet gift and kind though of making sure it is a sustainable gift as well. 

In this sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas guide I hope to also help you learn more about ethical and sustainable gift giving. I know these two words tend to be thrown around in today’s world like candy but we need to dig a little deeper as to what these terms mean when it comes to gift giving and even exploring a more conscious lifestyle. I will go more into detail about each and share some of the best gift ideas for moms as well. 

What Makes A Gift Sustainable and Ethical?

By choosing a sustainable gift you are choosing to give a gift that is something that someone actually wants or needs. It can also mean choosing a gift that will last them for years and making sure it is of high quality so it can last. A sustainable gift is also a gift that won’t further harm our planet. 

An ethical gift is a product or service that you purchase or gift that takes into consideration the social, environmental, and/or economic sustainability of the present and future. It means that the gift is morally doing the right things for our planet and the people living in it. In other words, you want to support a company that looks out for the well-being of animals, people, and the environment. You want to make sure that these companies are paying fair wages to their employees and the products that they are making and the way they are making these products are not further harming our planet or making it more difficult for future generations to meet their needs. 

Mother and son opening a mother's day gift box

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Our Favorite Ethical, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Planet Loving Moms

Now that we know what it means to shop ethically and sustainably we can get to the fun part. All the planet loving gift ideas for moms. These are some of my favorite sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas that I personally love myself or my mom friends and know that that special mom in your life would truly enjoy these too. 

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Naples Soap Company - The Bougie Mom Box

Organic Skincare Gift Ideas for Moms

On of my favorite gift ideas are skincare items. I’m obsessed with taking care of my skin. Afterall, it is the largest organ of your body and one that everyone sees. Making sure you use the right products can be very important. Here are some of my new favorite products along with one of my favorite skincare gift boxes EVER! 

Mother’s Day Classic Bougie Mom Box

This Mother’s Day Classic Bougie Mom Box is the perfect skincare gift that will help mom feel like she’s at a spa in her own home. This gift box includes a wide variety of all organic and natural skincare items including: 

  • Bougie Bath Bomb
  • Illume Candle
  • Captiva Sunset Natural Soap
  • Grapefruit Loofah Soap
  • 24-Karat Gold Bath Bomb
  • Pure Paradise Body Oil
  • Shimmer Tinted Lip Balm

The candle just gives an extra touch of well-needed relaxation when soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and a bath bomb. Enjoy a nice bath with one of the creamy soaps and finish off with some body oil and lip balm. This body oil smells so amazing and makes my skin glow and feel so soft. 

a mom putting on body oil
a mom putting on body oil

All Natural Skincare Products for Moms

Naples Soap Company makes all natural and handmade skincare products that are made locally in Naples, Florida in the USA. Their products are eco friendly, cruelty free, and considered clean beauty. Best of all, they are ethical and fair trade meaning their employees get paid a fair wage. Here are some sustainable mother’s day gift ideas for the moms that love all natural skincare products.

Naples Soap Company Natural Soap

All Natural Soap

Naple’s Soap Company sells handmade creamy soaps with all natural ingredients that are ethically sourced. Their zero waste bars smell so good and make your skin feel AMAZING! Here are some of my favorite bars from them. 

  • Honey Almond
  • Almond Coconut Water 
  • Sweet Cherry Almond 
  • Lavender with Buds
  • Charcoal – Love this one to detox. 
Naples Soap Company Body Butter

All Natural Body Butters

Naple’s Soap Company sells some amazing body butters. I love using these to keep my skin hydrated and smooth especially right before going to bed or after a long beach day. Some of my favorite body butter scents are: 

  • Sunkissed 
  • Lavender Vanilla
  • Honey Almond 
  • Coconut Lime
  • Lavender
Naples Soap Company Sea Salt Scrub

All Natural Sea Salt Scrubs

Natural sea salts help scrub away dry, dull, and flaky skin while the cottonseed oil, sunflower seed oil, and shea butter in the scrub helps rehydrate your skin and lock in moisture. Exfoliate and rehydrate your skin with these delicious scents: 

  • Sunkissed
  • Lavender Vanilla
  • Coconut Lime
  • Honey Almond
  • Lavender
Naples Soap Company Body Oil

All Natural Body Oil

Using body oil is a great way to keep your skin hydrated. I love using body oils especially after being outdoors, at the beach, or giving my skin a good scrubbing. They are made out of natural and essential oils that help keep your skin healthy. Here are some scents that I am currently enjoying. 

  • Sunkissed 
  • Lavender
  • Honey Almond
Naples Soap Company Zero Waste All Natural Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar

All Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

When I saw that Naples Soap Co. had shampoo and conditioner bars, I was sold. These zero waste bars will help eliminate so many bottles of shampoo and conditioner from ending up in our landfills and waters. Some bars that I have currently tried and enjoyed are: 

  • Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Sunkissed Shampoo and Conditioner
Naples Soap Company All Natural Lip Balms

All Natural Lip Balms

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a lip balm in every corner of your home. I always have a lip balm in my kitchen, bathroom, night stand, purse, car, diaper bag, you name it. I can’t ever have enough lip balms in my life. Here are some lip balms that I am currently loving. 

  • Shimmer Tinted Lip Balm
  • Vanilla Lip Balm
  • SPF 15 Sun Care Lip Balm
  • SPF 15 Coconut Lip Balm

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hostess Mom

Do you have a mom that loves to host family get-togethers, dinners, or even game nights? These sustainable gifts are perfect for that hostess mom. They will provide some practical ways to serve appetizers and foods while also being sustainable. Here are some sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas for the hostess mom.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Kitchen Bowls with Wooden Lids

Bremel Home Salad Bowl with Lid

This set of black bowls with wooden lids is a perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. They can be used for serving chips, popcorn, fruits, salads, and many other types of appetizers and party foods. 

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Charcuterie Board Set

Charcuterie Board Set and Cheese Serving Platter

This Charcuterie Board Set with Cheese Serving Platter is a perfect and sustainable option for hosting an event at home. Whether it’s for charcuterie board of meats and cheese or a fun twist of pancakes with fruits, whatever it is, this serving platter is perfect. 

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Tier Serving Tray

Noriginalic 3 Tier Serving Tray

This three tier serving tray is such a fun way to serve different foods for your friends and family. You can use it for so many different types of foods. 

a mom enjoying a morning coffee in her pajamas

Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Coffee Loving Mom 

Let’s face it! Every mom seems to need a little coffee in their lives every day. Running after little ones can be one heck of a job and making sure we are energized and ready to go throughout the day just makes it a little easier. Here are some gift ideas to keep in mind for moms this season.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Coffee Mug

Bambooware Wooden Handle Coffee Mug Gift Box

This cute mug is made out of bamboo and is built to last making it an eco-friendly and sustainable option for coffee lovers. It’s such a cute color that gives off relaxing morning vibes.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Coffee Mug Warmer

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

I personally own this mug warmer in blue and absolutely love it. It is USB powered so no need for batteries and best of all, it really does keep your coffee nice and warm. Beats having to stick it in the microwave 10 times.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Local Coffee

Gift Card to a Local Coffee Shop

There’s nothing better than supporting your local coffee shops. By purchasing a gift card to a coffee shop in your area or even gifting them a coffee date to a local coffee shop, you’re not just fueling mom with some caffeinated energy, but also supporting the local coffee shop.

Mother and Son opening a mother's day gift.

Ethical Gifts for the Casual and Comfy Mom 

I’m the kind of mom that loves to wear casual yet comfortable clothes. Target is my favorite place to shop for sustainable clothing but there are many other options to choose from. Overall, when shopping for ethical clothing items make sure to read the labels and know the brands you are buying from. You want to make sure that what you buy is fair trade, made from organic cotton or other certified organic materials, that they are a sustainable brand, and of good quality. 

Target United by Blue Women's Organic Sundress

United By Blue Women’s Organic Sundress

This dress is so cute and goes perfectly with comfortable shoes as well. It also comes in two different colors and it is made out of organic material. United By Blue is also a brand that is ethical and goes above and beyond to make sure to pay their employees a fair wage. 

Aventura Clothing Women's Surfs Edge Short

Aventura Clothing Women’s Surfs Edge Short

These shorts are the perfect comfy shorts to wear out. They are easy to match with any top and goes easily with just about any comfortable shoes you may have. It also comes in various different colors. Aventura is a sustainable brand at Target that is fair trade certified. These shorts are made out of hemp and recycled polyester. 

Econscious Women's Organic Cotton Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee

Econscious Women’s Organic Cotton Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee

This organic cotton shirt is perfect to match with anything, including the Aventura shorts. It comes in various colors too so you can get one in each of their favorite colors. 

a boy holding a cooking spoon very to start cooking with mom

Conscious Gifts for Moms That Love To Cook

Cooking and being in the kitchen seems to be a day to day task for most moms. I am always preparing meals for my family or trying out new recipes or desserts. However, it can seem a bit off at times when you’re running around trying to keep up and forget about the sustainability and eco-friendly side of maintaining a kitchen. Here are some cute and practical ways to help a mindful mom continue to have a sustainable kitchen.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Sustainable Kitchen Book

Sustainable Kitchen Cookbook 

This sustainable kitchen book is perfect for the mom that loves to cook. It has a wide variety of plant based and planet conscious meals that are delicious.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Kitchen Compost Bin

Kitchen Compost Bin

There always seems to be so much waste coming from the kitchen. Help a conscious mom reduce the waste in her home by using a compost bin. This bin helps by having a place to throw away cardboard and food scraps that can break down and be used for compost later on.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Organic Cotton Kitchen Dish Towels

Smyrna Turkish Cotton Kitchen Dish Towels

I feel like I go through kitchen towels like crazy in my home. You can’t ever have enough kitchen towels to use for cleanups, drying your hands, or even decorating. These organic cotton kitchen towels are a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Wooden Cooking Spoons

Wooden Cooking Spoons

Cooking spoons are a great option for any kitchen. These wooden and sustainable spoons will help prevent scratching on your pots and pans while also providing a sustainable and eco-friendly cooking option for your kitchen.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - GreenPan Ceramic Cookware

GreenPan Valencia Pro Ceramic Cookware

Having a good set of cookware is important. A set of pots and pans that can be energy efficient and sustainable can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Recently I came across these and gifted them to my parent-in-laws and they absolutely love them. I even got a set for my new home that I can’t wait to use (currently under construction).

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Thrive Market

Thrive Market Gift Card or Subscription Gift

Give the gift of Thrive Market, a membership that will keep them fueled with health and happiness year round. At Thrive Market you can find organic foods and eco-friendly products to use in your home and kitchen. Plus a lot of their foods are allergy friendly as well making it easier for moms with kids that have allergy to shop for their groceries.

mom and son opening a mothers day gift

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Moms That Need to Relax 

My favorite way to relax is with a nice warm bath, a candle, and a delicious glass of wine. I then like to finish off with some oils to help keep me relaxed afterwards. Here are some of my favorite products to make ‘ME TIME” this possible.

Naple's Soap Company - Bath Bombs

Naple’s Soap Co. Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are perfect for some me time. They are natural and best of all, they smell so good! Perfect to just relax in the tub while reading a book and sipping on some wine.

Naple's Soap Company - Shower Bombs

Naple’s Soap Co. Shower Bombs

If your mom doesn’t have a bathtub then these are a perfect option. Just place a shower bomb in the shower and they will release the scent and relaxing vibes that your mom needs to relax.

Naple's Soap Company - Shower Oil

Naple’s Soap Co. Luxe Shower Oil

Pamper your mom some with this Luxe Shower Oil. This is an all natural body oil that helps keep your skin feel soft, healthy, and luxurious.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Illume Candle Plant Based

Illume Beautifully Done Essentials Scented Candle

Light this plant based candle in your bathroom during your bath to help you relax.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Bamboo Bathtub Tray

HEMFV Bamboo Bathtub Tray

This bathtub tray is made out of bamboo and it’s the perfect option to use when soaking in the tub. You can prop your book or Kindle, glass of wine, and some sweets while you soak.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Essential Oil Salt Lamp

Autumn Rain Essential Oil Diffuser Himalayan Salt Lamp

I have a similar salt lamp and absolutely love it. It is so relaxing and smells amazing with the different essential oils. I keep mine in my room to help relax before bed.

Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Mindful Moms

The best way to help mother Earth is by going zero waste. However, this is a very big challenge but with small mindful steps we can help change some parts of our lifestyle to zero waste. By purchasing products that replace day to day trash or purchasing items that are able to be 100% recycled you are helping make a big impact in our planet’s health. Here are some zero waste mother’s day gifts to keep in mind. These are especially useful for new moms that may need a little extra to keep them going on their sustainable lifestye. Here are some of my favorite ideas for eco friendly gifts.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Zero Waste Shopping Bag Tote Bag

Reusable Shopping Bag and Tote

These zero waste items are perfect for shopping. Whether you are doing groceries or just doing a quick shopping trip, moms are sure to find a good use for them all.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Zero Waste Home Kit

Zero Waste Home Kit

These items are perfect for lunches, travel, and even for around the home. You can store your produce in them at home or even use them for a fun picnic at a fun park with the kids.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Zero Waste Make-Up Remover Kit

Zero Waste Make-Up Remover Kit

Keep your makeup routine more eco-friendly with these zero waste make-up removal items. The pads have a cute storage solution and the other items will help keep make-up messes to a planet-friendly minimum.

a woman gardening holding a plant that she just transplanted into a new pot.

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Moms that Love Gardening

Gardening is such a great eco-friendly hobby. From cultivating and growing your own fruits or even having plants in your home to help keep your air clean. Gardening has many benefits. If you have a green thumb mom than these items are perfect for her.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Plants and Herbs

Plants and Herbs

You can’t go wrong with plants versus buying flowers. Buy a cute plant in a pot that goes well in her home or on her porch. Some ideas are aloe, succulents, fig, vines, and many more. You can find different varieties at your local garden/plant shop.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Gardening Tools

Gardening Tool Set

A high quality gardening set is a perfect gift for her. It will help her keep up with her gardening or even help her start a new flower bed. I aimed to get one made out of wooden handles so it’s more biodegradable and planet-friendly.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Propagation Kit

Hydroponic Propagation Kit

I have two propagation kits and absolutely love them. It’s so cool to watch your clippings grow into new plants. If your green thumb mom loves to grow new plants from clippings then this is the perfect gift for her.

DIY Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

Sometimes its the small gifts with a lot of thought into it that are valued the most by moms. If you are crafty or artistic in any way than these are some cool ideas to keep in mind.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Artistic DIY Gift

Painting or Poem

If you are artistic you can use it to create something sweet and memorable for your mom. If you know how to paint or draw, maybe you can sketch something beautiful for her that she can frame and treasure for years to come. You can also write a poem for her if you’re a writer. You can even frame it for her to hang as well.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Scrapbook Gift

Mother’s Day Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are such a fun way to cherish precious memories. You can gather up all of your favorite pictures together throughout childhood and create a scrapbook for her that she can look back on for many years. Art places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels sell cute stickers and frames for scrapbooking. You can even find tons of inspiration on Pinterest as well.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Coupon Book Idea

Coupon Book

This is a perfect gift idea for anyone to make. You can create a coupon book for any mom where you offer different things. It can be anything from breakfast in bed, back massage, or even a girls spa day or pedicures. The ideas are endless and you can even find more ideas online.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas -  Seed Card Plantable Card

Eco-Friendly Happy Mothers Day Plantable Seed Card

Can’t give a gift without a mother’s day card. This card is a perfect eco-friendly option. They can plant this card anywhere and get new plants. The paper that the card is made with has seeds in it. The card overall is biodegradable and brings new life. You can even gift it with a new pot for them to grow the seeds inside this card for a gift that they will always remember.

a mom and son eskimo kissing for mother's day

Summary of the Best Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Well I hope that you are able to find exactly what you are looking for this Mother’s Day. From gift ideas for all natural skincare products to even coffee loving moms and ethical clothes that are comfy. I’m sure there is something here for everyone. Don’t forget to save this post for future reference. I will continue to update it each year with more products and gift ideas. What did you get your mom for Mother’s Day this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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