msr gear wind burner stock pot sauce pot stove system alpine deluxe kitchen utensils

Best Stove System For Camping With Families – MSR Gear Wind Burner Review

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Family camping can mean having to cook. There is nothing wrong with that. I love to cook especially outdoors. Sitting by the campfire enjoying a delicious camp-made meal with my family, laughing and talking about the exciting things we did that day can be a highlight moment for us and our kids. I recently have had the honor of testing out MSR Gear’s Wind Burner Stove System along with a few other camp kitchen items. As you may already know, I love MSR Gear and all of their products. They are a brand that I can completely rely on for all of our outdoor travel and trust that it will last me for years to come. Whether we are hiking and making coffee on the trail or going camping and cooking a gourmet meal, I know for a fact that I can count on their products all the way.

msr gear wind burner cooking stove system overlay review

msr gear wind burner cooking stove system overlay review

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MSR Gear has some very huge initiatives that help in our global environment and communities. This is another reason why I love and stand behind this brand so much. When it comes to buying my gear I like to do some research and find brands that have a great sustainability process that helps out our planet in the long run. By doing this research and supporting brands with good quality and initiatives, it helps reduce our waste. Using gear that can be repaired and that will last you years to come is a huge factor in reducing our carbon footprint. It is cheaper for you in the long run and it’s less waste going in to our landfills.

Here, let me tell you all about this amazing brand and what they do before going in to my personal thoughts on this cooking system.


In 1969, Larry Penberthy created Mountain Safety Research in hopes to create better quality and longer lasting climbing gear. His passion has grown and so has his dreams. Larry believed that the key to unlocking greater adventures was better, safer, and more reliable equipment. I highly believe in this dream as well. As adventurists in the outdoors we want to make sure our gear is always functioning right and reliable. The MSR team till this day works very hard on continuing to create innovative, durable, and quality gear. I know I can put my trust on every piece of equipment that I use from MSR Gear.

msr gear wind burner cooking stove system ceramic skillet


MSR Gear has also extended their efforts in sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. To me this is a very important part of why I choose to use certain products. Being an outdoor enthusiasts and living a conscious lifestyle, I want to make sure that the brands that I use are aligned with my motives to help keep our planet clean and beautiful. MSR Gear actually allows you to send your broken or defective gear to them for repair helping you save money and allowing less trash to go in to our world. They also have a warranty for their products.

You can learn more about Warranties and Repairs here.


MSR Gear is also conscious about those who live in our world. They have decided to launch Global Health to produce what they call Global Health Products. These products help give access to clean water to people living in developing countries or places where natural disasters have occured.

You can learn more about their Manufacturing and Sustainability Efforts here.


After having tried the Wind Burner Stove System I fell in love. I am always taking pots and pans from home for our camping trips but this makes it so much easier. I now have a set of pots, skillet, and even plates and utensils just for our camping trip. The best part is how lightweight, convenient, and how easy it is to use this stove system. I recently went over all of my Camp Kitchen Essentials and now that I have tried this set I have updated my list. I may take my old pots and pans for our family group camping trips when we have a bigger number of people but this Wind Burner Stove System is perfect for my family of four. You can learn more about their full Wind Burner Stove System line here.

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msr gear wind burner stock pot stove system alpine deluxe kitchen utensils


After having tried the Wind Burner Stock Pot when making my favorite Turkey Sausage camp recipe, I fell in love with the idea of having such a convenient pot to cook with. The stock pot is perfect for cooking in large quantities so this will be perfect for just our family and even our big group family camping trips. We can easily make enough food in it for about 8 to 10 people depending on the meal you are preparing.

Some of the key details of the Wind Burner Stock Pot are:

  • 4.5L Pot designed for group cooking.
  • Integrated heat exchanger for fast boil times, with less fuel used.
  • Compact nesting meaning the stock pot nests perfectly on the Wind Burner Group Stove System for efficient packing.
  • It has fixed handles for easy carrying and cooking.
  • Has a strainer lid with locking latches making it easy to drain water from pastas and other foods.
  • It is ultralight weighing at 1lbs 4oz.
  • Large enough to store your other pots, stove system, lighter, and other items in.

When I cooked our favorite turkey sausage recipe we used the Wind Burner Stock Pot to boil the water and cook our pasta in. It was very easy to use and fast boiling. The latching strainer lid made it easy for us to strain the water out of the pasta. The pasta also cooked fairly quickly which is a big plus for us when dealing with hungry little ones.

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msr gear wind burner sauce pot stove system


We used the Wind Burner Sauce Pot several times. It is smaller in size and can be perfect for just about anything. I really put it to the test when I cooked our peppers, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes. One thing I was looking for was to see how tender the vegetables were and how long it took to cook. I can say I was very pleased with how everything cooked in the sauce pot. The vegetables got tender in about 20 minutes. The potatoes took the longest to get tender which is normal.

Some of the key details of the Wind Burner Sauce Pot are:

  • It is a 2.5L ceramic-coated nonstick sauce pot.
  • Features an enclosed, heat-capturing ring for simmering and cooking versatility.
  • Perfect, rattle free nesting and stability on the Wind Burner stove’s deep lip.
  • Has a straining lid with a locking latch.
  • Fits perfectly inside the Wind Burner Stock Pot for compact storage.
  • Ultralight weighing at 12.2 ounces.

msr gear wind burner ceramic skillet stove system alpine deluxe kitchen utensils


I feel like out of all the pot, pans, and skillets the one that we use the most is the skillet. To me the skillet is so easy to use and perfect for warming things up for a quick meal. We decided to try our Wind Burner Ceramic Skillet on our very first meal of our camping trip. Hot Dogs! We used the skillet to warm up our hot dogs and they warmed up fairly quickly without burning or getting crispy. My family and I were able to enjoy some delicious and warm hot dogs. It’s not fun eating hot dogs when they are cold right?

For dinner we used the Wind Burner Ceramic Skillet to quickly fry up our turkey sausage and it was perfect. They were nice and hot in the matter of maybe five minutes. Nothing stuck to the bottom of the skillet either like other skillets that I have used in the past.

msr gear wind burner cooking stove system ceramic skillet

msr gear wind burner cooking stove system ceramic skillet

The following morning we used the skillet to make our scrambled eggs and bacon. The eggs cooked perfectly and the bacon was on point. Nice a crispy just like we liked it. Nothing stuck to the bottom of the skillet for breakfast either. This is a huge plus for me cause it means easy clean up after breakfast and less food left behind in the dishwashing area.

Here are some key points about the Wind Burner Ceramic Skillet.

  • 8 inch ceramic-coated aluminum nonstick skillet perfect for simmering, sautéing, and pan-frying meals.
  • Features an enclosed, heat-capturing ring for cooking versatility.
  • Skillet nests outside Wind Burner 4.5 L Stock Pot for packing efficiency.
  • Folding Talon handle which can also detach.
  • Ultralight weighing at 8.5 ounces.

msr gear wind burner stock pot sauce pot stove system alpine deluxe kitchen utensils


In order to get started with your system you need to purchase one of the three combos which includes the burner. Once you have one of these combos you can expand your system by adding more pots, skillets, and other items to your system.

These are the three combos to choose from:

Wind Burner Duo Stove System – This system is perfect for solo backpackers, minimalist trips, and for two people adventuring where fast-boil meals are a must. It includes everything pictured above

Wind Burner Stove System Combo – If you usually camp as a family or in groups than this is the system that I highly recommend you start with. It includes the burner along with a sauce pot and a ceramic skillet. The sauce pot includes the straining lid as well.

Wind Burner Group Stove System – This system is exactly like the Stove System Combo above but it doesn’t include the skillet. It only includes the burner, straining lid, and sauce pot.

msr gear wind burner sauce pot stock pot stove system alpine deluxe kitchen utensils


Once you have your stove system started you can now start to expand your system. I will split this part in to two so you can better see what products fit your outdoor cooking style. All of the products listed below are versatile and fit with the same style burner that comes with the Wind Burner Stove System. The last two on the list are perfect for backpackers and campers up to two people.

msr gear titan aluminum plates utensils camping camp food eating dinner

Don’t forget your other essentials such as plates, cups, and eating and cooking utensils. These are some of my favorites.

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msr gear wind burner cooking stove system plates aluminum camping dishes camp kitchen

I hope this review helps you make a better decision for your outdoor cooking gear and that you love it as much as I do. Have you used the Wind Burner Stove System before? What cooking system do you use? What do you look for when searching for a camp cooking system? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to learn more about what works for you and your outdoor trips.

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This post was composed in collaboration with MSR Gear. All opinions however are my own according to my testing and personal use of the products prior to the publication of this post. I truly believe in this brand and their gear and am happy to always share their amazing products with you.

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