Solar Eclipse 2017 – My Daughter’s Reaction!

2017 Total Eclipse
The epic solar eclipse of 2017 was one to remember for a lifetime.


Friday afternoon after having picked up my daughter from school she couldn't help her excitement. I asked her what went on in school and she excitedly told me about how she learned about the solar eclipse and couldn't wait to see it tomorrow. My daughter is 5 so she doesn't quiet understand that tomorrow is really tomorrow. To her it's tomorrow, later, or next week. Once we got home she drew a picture of how the solar eclipse works and how the moon covers the sun and we were going to be able to see it with our special cool glasses that daddy got from work.

Saturday passed and she still was excited. She explained everything to her daddy as well and kept asking if it the solar eclipse was going to happen today or tomorrow. We told her 2 more days. Sunday passed and Monday was finally here. I have never seen her so interested in the sky as she was this day. Not even this much excitement for when we gaze upon the stars at the darkest hours of the night looking at the meteor showers or the falling stars. This was something completely different and unique for her and she was the happiest little girl on the face of the Earth.

The Day Of The Solar Eclipse

​She sat down on the hot summer day on our back deck next to me just starring away at the sun, with the glasses on of course. She kept calling it a small banana. When the moment came for totality (when the moon is directly in front of the sun causing darkness on Earth) she gazed upon its beauty with eyes that just glowed like never before. She was so amazed by it and kept yelling, "Mommy, Daddy, look! Oh my gosh! Look at how pretty the sky is." Her expression was priceless. If my camera hadn't died right at this moment I would have shared it with the world.

​The eclipse was just total amazement. Not just for Bella but for me too. I felt like a little girl all day excited about it. The short few seconds it was up in the sky causing darkness upon us. The beauty of the sun glaring through the sides of the moon. Darkness but yet light. It was absolutely beautiful. Maybe not much for my dog who panicked as to what was going on but to my family it was the best and most marvelous thing God has ever created and put in our lives to watch even if it was just for barely a minute.
2017 solar eclipse 2017 solar eclipse

I'm not sure about you, but I think it's marvelous who God made this possible for us. A moon much smaller than the sun has been placed at the perfect distance away from the sun to not only keep our oceans calm, but to be able to cover the sun perfectly to cause an eclipse. That perfect distance, shape, size, causing that wonder even if it's just for a minute. This is God! Nothing else can make this event so perfect for us. It's beauty will be one for my family to remember for a lifetime. I hope you all had the honor to witness this eclipse. It was truly special and amazing. I would love to hear your stories about this event down in the comments below. 🙂

2017 solar eclipse