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Our corals are dying. You may have heard me say this on Instagram and my blog already numerous times. But did you know you there are products out there that will help protect them? Yes! One of them is our sunscreen. For the last year I have been using Raw Elements for many reasons, including taking better care of our coral reefs and our skin.

raw elements overlay reef safe sunscreen all natural organic

raw elements overlay reef safe sunscreen all natural organic

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The reason why I am a firm believer of reef safe sunscreen is because it has been a proven fact that certain sunscreen containing chemicals such as nano-zinc oxide, nano-titanium dioxide, octinoxate, and oxybenzone (just to name a few) are leading causes of coral bleaching and permanent damage to our coral reefs.

When swimming while using sunscreens with these chemicals in them we are putting these toxic chemicals into our oceans and the reefs. Coral bleaching usually occurs when the temperature of the water is at 81 degrees which is pretty high. When the water and corals have contact with these chemicals, sadly coral bleaching can occur in as low as 78 degrees. You probably don’t think this is a lot but think of it as a high fever. Just a few degrees difference in your body’s temperature and you have chills and feel weak. Same with the corals in our ocean.

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Raw Elements has made it their goal to make one of the best products out there for coral reefs. Their main goal is to take care of them by creating an all-natural, organic, reef safe sunscreen for us to use.

Raw Elements has also helped raise awareness about the environmental issues and deadly crisis that our reefs are currently facing. They even founded their own National World Reef Day which takes place every year on June 1st. This year was their very first day in celebrating it and they went above and beyond to spread the word. From holding giveaways to reef events in Hawaii and even exploding their social media with loads of information.

Not just that but they are also placing sunscreen dispensers in many beaches across the USA. How awesome is that? Protection for you and for the coral reefs at your fingertips. They actually had the honor to work with Rhode Island to place complimentary sunscreen dispensers.

In a leading effort to protect its residents from skin cancer, The Ocean State deploys public natural sunscreen dispensers at all state beaches and parks this summer.

You can read more about this partnership here.


Raw Elements has a good variety of options and they are all good for every age. Mom’s rest assure, even your kids and infants can use these products.

Note: Use code TWM10 for a 10% off your purchase at Raw Elements.


I have been using their Face and Body 30+SPF Sunscreen for a year now. This sunscreen comes in a tube and also in a zero waste aluminum tin can. I have used both of them on me and my kids (my youngest was a baby when I started using it) and love them both. This one also comes as a stick option.


Recently they launched their zero waste Baby + Kids line and it is amazing. I am currently using the Baby + Kids that comes in a tin can and love it so far. My kids love it too cause to them it smells good.


This is one of my favorites. It is a tinted sunscreen that gives your skin a bronzed glow. I love this cause it helps also cover some blemishes such as acne red spots or small bumps. You know us ladies always trying to cover up little spots here and there. I also love the bronzed glow it leaves on your skin.

The tinted face moisturizer comes in a tin can and also as a stick. I currently use the tin can one and really like the consistency of it.


Raw Elements has 3 unique blends of lip balms and they are all natural and reef safe.


This is one of their newer ones that was just released. I love this one in combination with the tinted moisturizer. The pink lip shimmer is made of papaya and pomegranate which gives it its pink shimmer. It is also safe for all ages and also has 30+SPF protection against those harsh sunrays.


This one is specifically designed to protect your lips from the sun. Just like the rest of your skin, your lips need protection too. This is a good option for kids as well though my daughters love the pink shimmer lip balm. You know how little girls can be.


My husband and I actually use this one on a day to day basis. It is great for after sun protection as well as winter and any time in between. Basically any day use. I carry this one in my purse at all times. It is composed of various herbs and it is completely organic and safe to use for all ages as well.

If you are curious about the ingredients that they use for their products, you can view a full list here with all of the details about each ingredient.


Raw Elements has also gone so various certification processes to make sure they are certified as safe, organic, reef safe, animal cruelty free. They also have joined 1% for the Planet. You can view all of their certifications here.


I actually started using Raw Elements when I was looking for a safer product for my kids to use about a year ago. After bumping into Raw Elements through Instagram I came to find that they do so much more than offer a safer sunscreen option for my kids and I. Ever since, I’ve been using them all the time but here are my pros and cons about the product.

I love that Raw Elements is coral reef safe, organic, all natural, and safe for all ages. It has been an excellent product for us when hiking or camping and we haven’t had an issues during those types of trips. However we just went to the beach in Florida for the first time in about 2 years and we got sunburned. My only guess for this would be that we are not used to the extreme heat index of Florida where the temperatures can reach 100+ degrees and the sun feels like it is cooking your skin.

When we lived in Hawaii we were used to the sun and Raw Elements worked for us but after being away from that type of exposure for several years, it can be brutal. For our future beach days we will be using something a little stronger as we are not used to the strong sun like that anymore. At least till we get used to it again.

As a precaution I would recommend reapplying every time you get out of the water and going in the morning or afternoon times to avoid direct sunlight. Not all day long like we did. We were there from about 8 in the morning till almost 5 in the afternoon. That is a long time to be under the sun when you’re not used to that type of exposure. You can also use a sunscreen with a higher SPF and work your way down as your skin gets used to that type of heat and sun exposure again.



We had partnered with Raw Elements to bring to you an Instagram giveaway. Just head on over to our Instagram page here and look for the photo above to enter. This giveaway will be going from July 3rd-July 5th, 2019 and winner will be announced on July 9th, 2019. Winner will receive everything pictured above. Good luck!


Overall I still love these products and will continue to use them. Please note that everyone’s skin reacts differently so don’t let my one bad experience out of the many good experiences I have had prevent you from trying this amazing product. I really hope you enjoy it and love it as much as I do.

How do you take care of our coral reefs? Do you use a different organic or reef safe sunscreen? Which sunscreen is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear what you use.
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  1. These Florida beaches in the summer can be brutal on the skin. Sunscreen is def a must! And I’ve always heard the higher the spf the better. I personally have to take careful precaution due to a history of skin cancer. If I know I will be out for a full beach day spf 70 is what I use and have to reapply a few times. Any other time I use spf 30. Therefore I am very interested in this product for my everyday use and plan to try it. The fact that it is all natural and knowing I wont be putting harmful chemicals on my own skin is definitely a plus!

    1. Those Florida beaches in the summer sure can be brutal. I agree with you there especially if the heat index is high like it was when I went. It is a great product overall and hope you like it as much as I do.

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