Protecting Our Sea Turtles “Honu”

Anyone that has been to Hawaii I’m sure they have seen a sea turtle at some point of their visit either sunbathing on the sand or poking his head out of the water while swimming by the shore. Either way we are always amazed by seeing one. I mean how can we not be? They’re gorgeous and magnificent creatures. 
While living here on Oahu I have seen my fair share of sea turtles around the island. My husband and I have even had the privilege to swim with a few. They’re curious creatures, at least the ones that have approached us while snorkeling. I’ve seen most of them either up at North Shore or at Haunama Bay. From every single turtle I’ve seen, there’s only a handful that weren’t hurt or previously injured. I’ve seen some with missing limbs, small cuts (already healed), scars, scratches on their shells, or even infections or eye injuries. It truly breaks my heart. If I see an injured turtle that needs help I will report it or find it help. I can’t stand seeing an injured animal. 

Sea turtles are an endangered species here but have slowly made a comeback throughout the years and with the help of conservation plans that have found ways to help these amazing creatures. These creatures are protected here in Hawaii by the Endangered Species Act and also by the Hawaii State Law. These turtles face day to day problems that threaten their lives. We are their voice and should do whatever possible to help preserve marine life. It’s very simple… Don’t litter! If you see trash while swimming, snorkeling, or walking on the beach, pick it up. Turtles can get easily entangled with fishing lines, 6 pack liners, ropes, etc. They can even easily confuse small trash for food and cause them to get very ill and even die. 

There’s also other things that you can do. The Hawaii Wildlife Fund has several projects that help with preserving marine life and raising awareness. Feel free to check them out. You can also help by donating whether it’s your time or your money. Anything whether big or small can make a huge difference. Volunteers are always needed to go around and help with different projects. For those seeking a degree in the animal field you may also be interested in being an intern and helping out as well. Even if you can’t do any of the following you can also help by raising awareness and by following these simple guidelines to help protect and conserve the life of our sea turtles. 

Please feel free to spread the awareness on how to help our precious sea turtles. Sharing is caring. 

Some of our sea turtle adventures. 

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