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Best Pour Over Coffee For Outdoor Adventurists – Coffee Blenders

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There is no better way to wake up in the mornings than with a delicious cup of coffee by a campfire. Without the convenience of a coffee maker outdoors, I can say we are lucky to live in a creative world where coffee outdoors is now easier than ever to make. From instant coffees, to outdoor coffee presses and now the best pour over coffee out there, you can rest assured that in the morning you will have a delicious cup of coffee with Coffee Blenders to start your day off right.

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When I’m at home, my cup of coffee usually is a delicious café con leche. It always takes me back home to Puerto Rico. But out on a camping trip, hike, or even when backpacking, making café con leche can be a little difficult without an espresso machine. I decided to give Coffee Blenders a try. I saw that they had a Kona Blend coffee which is my second favorite type of coffee and I just had to try it. I decided to wait for a moment with my husband so we can try it together.

Kona Coffee comes from the mountains in Hawaii. My husband and I used to live on Oahu for almost two years and the very first type of coffee that we tried when we arrived on the island was Kona coffee. We immediately fell in love. It was so delicious so when we saw that Coffee Blenders had a pour over Kona coffee blend we had to jump on it.

The pour over Kona  Blend Coffee from Coffee Blenders was good. My husband loved it but we did make it strong. One pouch should be good enough for your cup of coffee. We thought it was watery or we didn’t do it right so we added two more pouches. Big mistake! My husband loves his coffee strong so he loved it. I, on the other hand, not so much. It was still very good. Just added some creamer and sugar and warmed myself up with a delicious and very strong cup of coffee. Definitely gave me the wake up I needed on that cold morning.

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pour over coffee kona blend coffee coffe blenders


Coffee Blenders makes their pour over coffee very easy to make. I thought it was going to be a little more complicated or not sturdy enough but it really proved us wrong.

Here is how I made mine.

  • Boil 8 to 10 fluid ounces of water. I boiled my water in my Pika Teapot for easy pouring.
  • While the water is on the burner, grab your mug and pour over coffee pouch. Place the pouch over your mug with the little holders over the edges. Trust me they will hold. Don’t forget to open the pouch.
  • Once your water boils for a few minutes you can pour the water in to the pouch.
  • Add creamer and sugar if you’d like.


Note: If it looks watery that’s ok. It’s going to have a different look to it but the flavor is going to be just as great. This is where we went ahead and added two more pouches to make it darker and it came out very strong. One pouch should be good enough for a delicious cup of coffee. We did it with one afterwards and it was just as delicious, just not as strong.

pour over coffee kona blend coffee coffe blenders


Coffee Blenders provides high quality coffee with health benefits. They work hand in hand with experts to bring to you delicious flavors and various compositions of coffee blends by using and cultivating the world’s choicest 100% Arabica beans. They do a slow roasting process which allows them to maintain the beans’ natural flavors while they incorporate functional ingredients, creating coffees that are as delicious as they are beneficial.

Coffee Blenders are also the first-ever company to create a line of clinically supported, all-natural coffees, compatible with most single serve brewing systems. This line consists of Coffee Blenders Lean Cup, Think Cup, and Relax Cup helping people in various aspects of their health. Each cup of coffee delivers a range of clinically proven health benefits to improve mind and body. You can view this line of innovative coffee blends here.

You can read more about Coffee Blenders here or follow them on Instagram for more details.

pour over coffee kona blend coffee coffe blenders



I chose this pour over coffee from Coffee blenders because the pouches are biodegradable meaning less waste going in to our landfills. The coffee over-all tasted very good and I loved it.


I got the pour over coffee blends because they were a more sustainable option. These coffee pouches come in a pack of ten in a cardboard box that can be recycled along with the biodegradable pouches that will decompose in our compost bin. Only downside is that each pour-over pouch comes in a plastic bag. I understand that it is to keep the coffee fresh which is a good choice but not 100% eco-friendly as these bags are not recyclable. This was the only con I can find for the product but the flavor of the coffee was amazing.

pour over coffee kona blend coffee coffe blenders


Overall I really loved the coffee and it will be my new outdoor coffee for a while. The pour over coffee technique makes drinking coffee outdoors so much easier. No tools or fancy outdoor coffee presses needed. Just boil water, pour, and drink. It does have a good flavor to them as well. The pouches come individually packaged as well so you can take exactly what you need for your outdoor trip. If you only drink coffee in the mornings and will be gone for two days, then two pouches should be just fine. No need to carry extra weight.

Coffee Blenders also has various other flavors available other than their Kona Blend coffee. You can view all of their pour-over coffee blends here.

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Thank you Coffee Blenders for keeping us caffeinated on our outdoor trips.

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