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Yesterday it was Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. This is a day no one will ever forget. A day that will always be remembered in history. I had the honor and the privilege to visit Pearl Harbor and learn more about the history and what happened on December 7th, 1941. 74 years ago the US suffered a great loss. Thousands of soldiers, marines, seamen,, and airmen loss their lives protecting our country and our freedom. Pearl Harbor remains, till this day an underwater graveyard. Hundreds of people drowned, trapped inside of the ships and now we honor them each and every day at the Pearl Harbor Memorial. ​
The day I visited Pearl Harbor it was truly shocking. Just walking through the memorial and seeing the wall of names of all those who are still trapped underneath in the depth of Pearl Harbor and seeing those who have passed away recently of old age and have requested to be buried beside the ship that they serve and the servicemen they served this country with. I’m not going to lie… A part of me wanted to cry.If you are ever on Oahu, Hawaii, don’t forget to visit Pearl Harbor. This is a must see. It’s an honor to even walk on this historical place. Here’s a few quick tips on coming to visit Pearl Harbor. Security is pretty strict. Don’t bring your bags or anything that you can’t carry. They will not allow bags to be passed the main front entrance. They do have lockers if you would like to leave your belongings in their. Parents with little ones, what I did was bring my stroller, a bottle, two or three diapers, and baby wipes and left it on the bottom part of the stroller. I also brought my wallet, my phone, and my camera. Nothing else. I had no problems walking in pass security.

A few of the must sees while visiting Pearl Harbor is the Arizona Memorial which is a memorial that sits above the USS Arizona which is still sunken down below. The other one, which I wasn’t able to do, is the Battleship Missouri. This is  one of the most popular ones to do as well when visiting. There is also the USS Bowfin Submarine. This is pretty cool. I haven’t gone inside it but I’ve seen it from the outside but it’s another popular and must-see memorials at Pearl Harbor. Even if you’re visiting one of the other Hawaiian islands such as Maui or The Big Island, Pearl Harbor has different tour packages in which they can pick you up and take you to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor.

Please keep in mind that during your visit always know that you are visiting not just one of the most historic places in US history but also a graveyard for all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom and our country. Please always pay your respects. It is not a place to play or goof around. This is a place where lots of lives have been loss and we should always give our ultimate respects to those who gave their lives for what we have today. May we all remember Pearl Harbor and this day in history!

Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them. 

– President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bill of Rights Day, November 27, 1941

Disclaimer: This post is all in my own words from my own experience at Pearl Harbor. I am not being compensated for this post. Always keep the site cleaner then before. Always dispose of trash properly and always pay your respect.

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