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Outdoor Pantry – Delicious Freeze Dried Food For The Outdoors

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Finding delicious freeze dried food for your outdoor adventures can be difficult especially if you are avoiding all of the preservatives and unhealthy ingredients that most companies put in their foods. Not anymore! Debbie over at Outdoor Pantry has made it her mission to bring to all outdoor enthusiasts a delicious, organic, healthy meal.

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Outdoor Pantry was founded by the sweet and kind-hearted outdoor enthusiast, Debbie Cyros. The idea of Outdoor Pantry was created in 2015 when Debbie left her corporate job after 39 years, sold her home, and loaded up her RV to travel across the United States. While she backpacked the Pacific Crest Trail she decided to make her own meals. She knew she needed a nutritious meal to keep up the stamina needed to hike the longer distances. Shortly after completing the Pacific Crest Trail, Debbie decided to open a new company, Outdoor Pantry, so other outdoor enthusiasts can get a good nutritious meal on the trail for the many miles ahead. You can learn more about Outdoor Pantry and their history here.

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I have tasted some of their products. Obviously I wouldn’t recommend a product without trying it. If I like it I spread the word to the world. So here I am! Spreading the word about these delicious freeze dried foods that I am sure you will love. Some of the benefits of grabbing your adventure food from Outdoor Pantry are organic ingredients, a homemade meal, and healthy food to give you the nutrients that you need for all of your outdoor activities.

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Let’s start with my favorite meal of the day. Breakfast! I believe that a good day starts with a good cup of coffee and a delicious healthy meal. Recently my mom and I went to explore the Shawnee National Forest and before heading out on our first day we made some coffee for me, tea for her, and a delicious blueberry oatmeal. I bought some instant oatmeal, added some honey, some broken up walnuts, and topped it off with Outdoor Pantry‘s freeze dried blueberries. You can also add almonds to your oatmeal and even some of Outdoor Pantry’s freeze dried strawberries if you are not a blueberry fan, or both if you are a big berry fan like me. The almonds provide protein for the trail, and the oats and fruits provide energy and flavor. I use honey cause I love the extra sweetness in my oatmeal.

outdoor pantry blueberries


For lunch that day we decided to eat on the trail. We also forgot the lighter so our meal was cold. My mom and I found a spot where we were able to relax and enjoy the view. I pulled out of my pack the tortilla shells, utensils, and Outdoor Pantry‘s Vegetarian Power Bowl. I’m the kind of person where tortilla shells or pocket flat breads are very convenient in the backcountry. Beats having to dirty a lot of dishes while on the trail. The Vegetarian Power Bowl was very good but I would have enjoyed it much more if it was a warm meal. Again, my fault for leaving the lighter at home.

The Vegetarian Power Bowl was seriously a power bowl. One bag was more than enough for both my mom and I and gave us the extra energy we needed to continue hiking the rest of the day. This Vegetarian Power Bowl has some very amazing and organic ingredients including garbanzo beans, black beans, farro, peppers, carrots, red onions, vegetable broth, balsamic vinegar and many more ingredients.

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For snack time we had a granola bars that we had brought along with my favorite Outdoor Pantry Mexican Chocolate Coconut Cookies. These cookies are so good and also healthy. They are made of all organic ingredients including shredded coconut, cacao, coconut oil, and many more. They are so good and worth taking on the trip with you. These cookies are also very filling believe it or not. Half a cookie was good enough to hold me all afternoon till I made it back to camp.

Another snack that I recently tried was Outdoor Pantry Vanilla Coconut Cookie. It is very similar to the Chocolate Coconut Cookie but without the chocolate. I love my chocolate but these Vanilla Coconut Cookies were oh so good!

outdoor pantry

outdoor pantry

In conclusion, Outdoor Pantry has some very delicious freeze dried meals that are perfect to keep you going on the trails. You can learn more about Outdoor Pantry and their products here. Best of all you are supporting a business woman who has some amazing skills in the kitchen.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Outdoor Pantry has provided several free products for me to try. There are affiliate links on this post. I will receive a small commission when you make a purchase using my link at no additional charge to you. This commission is used to cover any fees or bills to maintain my website and keep it free to you. Thank you in advanced for your support and for using my links. It is always greatly appreciated.

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