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Many of you know that this year I decided to do homeschool with both of my girls. Though it’s been a trying and learning experience I have learned to find different sources online to make this journey possible. One company however has really made my homeschooling experience much easier. has supplied me with many activities, workbooks, and various learning sources to complete my homeschooling curriculum.

overlay homeschooling free printables

Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with All opinions are my own. I do trust and believe in this company. Everything stated on this post is my honest opinion from my experience while using them during my daily homeschooling routines. I will receive one month free for each purchase made using my link. This will help me continue to bring a well balanced educational curriculum to my little ones. To learn more about this please read our Disclosure Policy. Thank you for your support. 


As passionate as I am about the outdoors I have tried my best to add various outdoors activities. Not as much as I had hoped but with only it being 5 months in to this homeschooling journey I have learned and already made changes to what I want for the following semester and even the following school years. Thanks to I know I will be able to add all sorts of fun and new things to their curriculum all year round and at any grade level. provides me with various resources such as:

  • Workbooks
  • Printable worksheets
  • Lesson plans
  • Online educational games
  • Activities
  • Songs
  • Stories
  • Exercise
  • And more… also covers all of the subjects needed up to 5th grade such as:

  • Fine Arts
  • Foreign languages
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Social studies
  • And science


Homeschool can be a mix of emotions. From fun days, to emotional ones, and even lazy ones, but the very best ones are when you can take your homeschooling days outside. Doing school work or even reading a book under a tree or at a nearby park can change the entire feeling of the day. Sometimes when my kids and I seem to not click during our homeschool day we take things outdoors and the way they engage to the schoolwork and activities completely changes their mindset. This is a good thing when it comes to getting their work done. helps make any homeschool day easier with all of their fun worksheets. On the days we decide to take homeschooling outdoors I go ahead and print out a few worksheets from their website that will help keep them more excited about being outdoors. On our usually outdoor homeschooling days we head to Rotary Park where there is a playground along with a few hiking trails and a creek that goes through the park. It gives them a wide range of activities to do making it easier for me to give them a variety of fun learning assignments.


One thing I have learned is to be creative with our schedule as much as possible. This has been a challenge and huge learning experience but as I continue to grow with this homeschool experience so does my creativity for the next semester. Here are a few things I do with each one of my daughters so you can get an idea.


On a usual outdoor homeschool day we focus first on knocking off a few assignments. With my first grader, Anabella, I would give her writing assignments and her reading. I would have her sit down and write something fun like, “What do you see around you?” This way she can write about the birds she sees, or any other bugs or insects, or even the trees and flowers. It can give her a sense of exploration around the environment that she is in. Then I would have her do her regular reading assignment and then add a book about the outdoors. It can be about the wild animals in Tennessee or even about the different flowers and how they grow. Knocking off science and reading in one shot!


With my youngest daughter and preschooler, Isabelle, I would do other activities. These would include counting, colors, letters and sounds, and even shapes. One of the worksheets I have used is this FLOWER COUNTING one and she loves it because it gives her a wide range of practice with numbers and colors. I would then take her around the area where we are at and have her point at different things such as the flower. I would then have her count how many petals the flower has and tell me the different colors on the flower. Then we would move on to another item, say a rock. I would ask her what shape it looks like (if it seems like a cool shape) and then ask her the color of it and if its hard or soft. I would have her hold it so she can feel it. You can also ask if its cold or warm, pointy or rounded, etc.



After we have completed our main assignments we then head off to do a short hike. One thing we would always take is a scavenger hunt such as this ANIMAL TRACKS one or even this other  SCAVENGER HUNT to make it more fun for them. I love to find animal tracks while on the trail and it would keep their minds off of walking. I know my youngest is lazy when it comes to hiking and will find ways for me to carry her in my Ergo but I have found that keeping her mind busy on finding things in her surroundings has really helped. She will do an entire trail without realizing she was even tired.

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If you are like me and love to do family camping trips then another really cool thing to take with you is this CAMP OUT ACTIVITY BOOK that you can find here. Also if you have an older child, this HIKING MULTIPLICATION WORKSHEET would be perfect. You can find this and much more on their website.

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overlay homeschooling free printables
overlay homeschooling free printables
overlay homeschooling free printables
overlay homeschooling free printables

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