Nectar Sunglasses Helps Save Bees!

When going out, whether it's driving, hiking, or just relaxing at the beach, sunglasses seem to be a need. I mean what other better way is there to protect your eyes from the strong rays of sunshine during these summer days. Well I have found a company that does just that but offers so much more to our planet Earth then what you could of ever imagined. Yes! Nectar Sunglasses does it all.

Disclaimer: Sunglasses were provided by Nectar for product review and promotional purposes. YouTube video is copyrighted by Nectar and all video entities belong to Nectar. Video used for promotional purposes only. All opinions are my own from my personal use  and experience with the brand's products.

About Nectar ​

Nectar was established back in 2012 by two friends who are free thinkers and risk takers. The company has been based on a mission to help others be free thinkers and to help promote others to enjoy freedom as it has truly been intended to be enjoyed. They pursue our community to get out there and enjoy, try something new, and on top of it all, love our planet.

Nectar's Mission

​Nectar? You may wonder why they are named Nectar right? As a planet loving and caring company, Nectar decided to not only motivate others to enjoy life to the fullest but to also help our bee population. Yes! They have set out a mission to restore the downhill population of bees. On their website they explain everything in detail of their mission and what their goals are. Most places will tell you we donate to this cause and that's it but not Nectar. Nectar will show you ways on how you can also make a difference and how the money donated is being used (click here).

​On their website they have a 4 step explanation of everything you need to know about bees and their mission.

​1. Pollination - Did you know that bees perform about 80% of all pollination worldwide? I didn't know that. I even did more research and yes bees are very needed in our eco-system worldwide. Bees pollinate 1/3 of our foods (fruits, veggies, etc.).  Did you also know that a single bee colony can pollinate almost 300million flowers in one day. One day!!! That's crazy. 70% of our major crops such as fruits and vegetables is pollinated by bees. These hard working little yellow and black suited flying machines give the U.S. an economic value of $10-$15 billion dollars. Yes I said BILLION!!! Did you also know that about 75% of the world's flowering plant species need pollinator to reproduce. This is where the bees come in. Now can you imagine a world without bees? Not me! I will never look at a bee the same way. These little guys are amazing. Who ever knew that one of the smallest little flying bugs around could make such a huge impact in not just our crops, food, and nature, but also in our economy.

​2. The Honeybee decline - Yes! There's a huge decline in honeybees and sadly we are the main cause of it. 4 of the most likely causes of this decline is 1. Mass use of dangerous pesticides causing pesticide poisoning to bees. 2.  Pest and Diseases such as tenacious parasites like Varroa mites and small hive beetles and diseases such as Nosema and American Foulbroo which can take a heavy tool on bee colonies around the world. 3. Climate Change which disrupts the timing between bees and blooms. 4. Increase of monoculture meaning not having the diversity of vegetation. Behemoth, single-crop plantings create food deserts for bees and other pollinators. So all those acres and fields you see of just one crop doesn't do our bee population a lot of good as they need various vegetation to pollinate. Imagine you eating only apples for several months and then only tomatoes for another several months. Your body will start to go deficit in other nutrition that it needs such as proteins and grains.

​3. Nectar's Mission - Nectar has partnered with TheBeeCause and BeeThinking to help educate students and repopulating bee colonies around the world. Their goal is to produce 1,000 observational bee hives inside schools. How cool is that? I had a squirrel in one of my classrooms growing up, imagine having a full bee colony in my classroom. I may never study just starring at them do their thing. There's 4 things that Nectar is doing to help achieve their mission. 1. Nectar is donating a portion of their profits to TheBeeCause. These donations go towards purchasing bees for each new hive location. 2. These donated bees will help populate all those new hives they are putting inside schools. Did you know that each hive will be a home to about 10,000 bees? 10,000?! How cool is that? That's a whole lot of bees. 3. Repopulate. If you have beehives this means that you are also helping them repopulate. This means more bees will be released into our world helping pollinate it and keep our crops and flowers growing and blooming which leads to their 4th part of the mission... Save The World!!!

​4. Hive locations map. As their hives grow and are established, Nectar updates their hive locations map showing their customers how they are making an impact in the US and around the world. To view their mission click here.

Nectar's Products

OK so you're probably wondering about their sunglasses? They're pretty cool I must say. They have such a huge selection of sunglasses for both men and women that you can have one for every outfit. They're made out of high quality material and some of them are even polarized. I love them and my daughter's do to. My husband has been wanting a pair of his own already so maybe a late birthday gift to him.

​I currently own two pairs, The Inlet and Panama, along with their coozie, and two stickers that I haven't decided where to place. Maybe my paddleboard? or maybe my laptop or car? They're super cute stickers. I also have one of their bracelets as well. I love all of their items and will continue to purchase from them as well as support them. They support such an amazing cause that the least we can do is look cool and support their mission.

​Feel free to head on over to their site (click picture above) to shop and view all of their other products such as their tank tops that are super cute, shirts, hats, sunglasses and much more. Use coupon code TWM15 to receive a 15% off your purchase.