Nature Heals – Top Instagram Posts for July and August 2018

quebradilla puerto rico

Hi there! Let’s go over my top Instagram posts for July and August of 2018. July was a month of setbacks for my family and I. We started the month off with horrible news about my grandfather. My abuela had passed away during a small asthma attack. My husband and my dad made quick arrangements to go to Puerto Rico and say our final goodbyes for him. Before leaving though, we decided to go out in nature to find peace.

Last time I had gone to the island was about 2.5 years ago to say my final goodbyes to my other grandfather. He was in the hospital for a few weeks struggling with health issues and I went before it was too late. I was able to see him in person before he passed away. Sadly this time around I wasn’t able to see him in life before he passed but I was happy to get that closure at the funeral.

This crazy dog!!!

During our time in Puerto Rico our boxer pup Yara had a freak accident. She’s a hyper dog. Anyone that knows boxers knows how hyper, energetic, and lovable they can be. She was running around my mom’s backyard and we assume that she was running up the stairs of the deck like the crazy dog that she is and tripped. She hit the side of her skull hard enough to pop her eye out. I have seen cases like this working in the veterinary field but seeing my own puppy go through it really made my stomach turn. I was so sick the entire night of the accident and the next two days afterwards. On my husband’s birthday, July 5th, my fur baby underwent an eye inoculation procedure. They removed her eye before we arrived the next day. I was happy about that cause I really didn’t want my little ones or my husband to see Yara in the condition that she was in.

I was lucky that God had answered our prayers and provided the emergency funds needed to undergo these crucial events. The surgery didn’t slow my puppy down one bit though. She is still the same cuddly, lovable, energetic, hyperactive dog she was before the accident… just a tad bit clumsier. She definitely keeps me on my toes. When she runs like a maniac I usually yell to her, “Slow down crazy! You only have one eye left! Don’t pop that one out too.”

Nature Heals! Don’t ever give up!

Despite the hiccups and the disasters that hit us by surprise, we still managed to fit a few fun things in our schedules. This was the best time to head outdoors and unwind, let go, think, cry, and get lost. Nature has a beautiful way of bringing ease to your pain. A way of healing you like nothing else can. You just have to go out and let it comfort you. Find a spot, sit, think, capture the moment, and best of all, cry if you have to cry. Let it out, let it go, and be human! We all are and there is nothing wrong with crying and feeling like you are breaking apart.

One thing we all need to remember is that no matter what happens in life, you need to stay positive and pray. I felt like my life had hit rock bottom. I lost someone very dear to me. My grandfather had helped me during one of the hardest times of my life. I moved to Puerto Rico to live with my grandparents when I graduated highschool in 2007 and lived with them till I got married. One of the reasons I moved was to get away from a very abusive relationship that I was in. I was able to move to a place I always called home. My grandparents helped me out a lot both emotionally and financially. They helped me graduate cosmetology school, gave me a room of my own, a roof over my head, food on the table, and even helped me out through my first year of college. Both grandparents have been amazing to me so when I lost both of my grandfathers it was like losing a big part of me.

Reach Out!!!

Despite it all, God helped me through it. My family, my husband, my friends, and my little escapes into nature. Don’t let things get you down. I know it is easier said than done. There are days after losing someone, you don’t even want to get out of bed, but get out. Explore! Find a spot out in nature and pray that God will give you the strength, courage, and understanding to get through the hard moments in your life. Don’t ever give up! If you need anyone to talk to, just know you have a friend nearby. Even me. I may be Jessica from The Walking Mermaid and we may have never met, but you can always hit that contact button, comment below, or email me. I will be there for you as a friend and in prayer.

Top Instagram Posts of July 2018

July was a roller coaster ride for sure but we still managed to go out and explore some. Here are some of my top Instagram posts for the months of July and August 2018.

Alum Hollow, Huntsville, Alabama

The day after my grandfather passed away my family and I decided to head off to Alum Hollow. We needed something to take our mind off of everything that was going on. This was definitely a well needed hike for us. Below are some of the most like photos on Instagram that I had shared. You can read all about our trip and the details on how to get to this gem here.

alum hollow huntsville alabama

alum hollow huntsville alabama

alum hollow huntsville alabama

alum hollow huntsville alabama

Green Mountain, Huntsville, Alabama

The day we found out about my grandfather passing away was the day we were visiting this beautiful nature park in Huntville, Alabama. As we were leaving to scope out the location of Alum Hollow is when we received the phone call. To say the least, the park still left a sense of peace in my soul that day. You can read our guide about Green Mountain Nature Park here.

green mountain huntsville alabama

Green Mountain Huntsville Alabama

Green Mountain Huntsville Alabama

Puerto Rico

During our time in Puerto Rico we were able to escape out to the beach. It was my husband’s first time visiting Puerto Rico so I had to show him some part of my home. I decided to take him to Quebradillas to visit El Merendero and El Tunel de Guajataca. We also ate at a local restaurant which has some amazing food. Best bacalaitos that I have ever had topped off with a delicious Medalla. Here are some of the photos. If you want to see more inspiration of Puerto Rico you can visit here.

quebradillas puerto rico

quebradilla puerto rico pescador

quebradillas puerto rico

quebradillas puerto rico

Well it wasn’t as many outings out in nature as we usually do every month but it was still a good month overall. Things up to help us learn, grow, and be stronger. Never give up and always look for the beauty in life. Hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and like my photos to see if the ones you like make it on my next post.


Nature Heals: Top Instagram Posts for July and August of 2018

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