Yesterday was National Coffee Day! Probably one of the most celebrated national days ever cause, I mean, who doesn’t love coffee. That delicious, creamy, flavorful coffee in your favorite coffee mug on a busy morning or just a morning out admiring the world from your front porch. Whatever the case may be, I am sure we all can agree that coffee is pretty darn amazing.

This morning my friend Justine and I decided to go to Green World Coffee Farm here at Wahiawa, HI. I decided to try the Vanilla Mocha Freeze with whip cream on top and let me tell you that it was AMAZING!!! I also purchased a chocolate chip muffin which was a little piece of delicious heaven. I recommend both items and pretty much anything else on their menu. Everything looked delicious.

​​My friend Justine ordered a Mocha Freeze along with a Pumpkin Bar. She says she enjoyed it every much. Pretty much that the drink was AMAZING!!! What can I say, we love our coffee drinks.

They have a nice sitting area outdoors where we let the kids play and run around. They also have a little gift shop and a nice sitting area inside surrounded by tons of coffee inspired posters, including an awesome Pirate Starbucks poster and a Decaf Zombies poster, which were by far my favorite ones.


​We had a great time here and it was a great way to admire the national coffee day as great coffee lovers that we are, though it was a day late. It was a great way to start off our day.

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