My Top Pictures For October 2017

Rotary Park

Hello everyone. So last month I had decided that every month I want to post my top pictures of the month. These top 5 to 10 pictures will consist of the pictures on my Instagram account that has had the highest engagement for the montb. So some of my favorites and yours. These will only be the wildlife and nature photos I post. 

Rotary Park, Clarksville, TN

These photos were taken on a few trips we made over the month to Rotary Park. I love going to this park during school weeks or weekends when we don’t have the chance to go explore a little further away from home.



Piney Campground at Land Between The Lakes, Border of Kentucky and Tennessee

Campfire and s’mores. This photo was taken at Land Between The Lakes during our last camping trip. Read all about our camping trip here.

Clarksville Riverside Park

Riverside Park is absolutely beautiful. There’s a playground and a gorgeous view of the Cumberland River. So peaceful that it makes any walk here absolutely a bliss.

All photos were taken by me, Jessica Tejera, in various places around Clarksville, TN.

I hope you enjoyed October’s photos. If you missed September’s check it out here. I hope to continue to bring to you inspiring content from the places I go. This month I didn’t travel much but definitely enjoyed Rotary Park and everything it had to offer along with a few others places. The wild flowers and clear creek water just mesmerized me.  Stay tuned for next month’s post and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.

-Jessica Tejera


Disclaimer: All photos are taken by me. You can not reproduce, sell, or use these images without my prior consent and approval. All rights reserved specifically to Jessica Tejera from The Walking Mermaid.

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