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One of my favorite outdoor gear brands has just released their first product focused towards giving back to a cause. Kula for a Cause is dedicated to bring good to our world which is exactly what we need in our planet right now. Kula Cloth is always looking for ways to help others and the community so when they launched Kula for a Cause I just had to share it with you. After all I am a sucker for brands that give back to different causes and organizations to help our planet be a better place.

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The Kula Cloth is an intentionally designed reusable antimicrobial pee cloth for anybody who squats when they pee. Yes, ladies it is designed for you though some men have used a Kula Cloth too and have reported that they absolutely love it.

Kula Cloth is perfect for any type of outdoor trip. Whether you are hiking, camping, or even backpacking. It is also the perfect product for helping you meet the Leave No Trace principles

The best thing about the Kula Cloth is that it is designed with a unique, silver-infused fabric which is waterproof on one side and absorbent on the other. The silver-infused and antimicrobial fabric means that as long as you wash it periodically (once a day or every other day), it will not cause any infections or other health issues.

The Kula Cloth is also designed with cleanliness in mind. With it’s snaps you can easily snap your Kula Cloth to your backpack, snap it shut by folding in half and avoid any of the wet side of your Kula of being exposed. No one wants to accidentally touch some pee right? The design also has a retro-reflective thread on one corner making it easy for you to find it in the middle of the night.

You can read more about Kula Cloth on my gear review here.

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Using a Kula Cloth is very easy. Like super easy! All you have to do is clean yourself just like you would when you pee outdoors. After cleaning yourself fold the Kula Cloth in half and snap it back on to your pack. Make sure to wash it with some biodegradable soap every night before going to sleep or every other day depending. Kula Cloth sells some biodegradable soap on their website as well which is perfect for the Kula Cloth.


Now the juicy details about Kula for a Cause.

Kula Cloth founder, Anastasia Allison, became friends with a teacher named Bethany Hutson who is an avid hiker and outdoors woman. In search of a way to bring her love for the wilderness to the students in her school, she founded a Wilderness Club. She was also had the amazing support of her school district to help her start the club. The students in this club attend Onalaska High School in Onalaska, Washington.

With the club the students began to learn more about sustainability and felt empowered to make a difference in their school. The students at Onalaska High School only have access to filtered water through the purchase of $1 single use water bottles. The members in the Wilderness Club saw this as an opportunity to make a positive impact. They decided to start raising money through fundraisers. Their goal was to purchase and install a water bottle filling station in their school. By doing so, they will reduce the number of single use water bottles going into our environment.

kula cloth kula for a cloth river painting

Kula Cloth is donating 100% of the profits from the purchase of their Kula for a Cause – Hailey’s River (pictured above) to the Wilderness Club at Onalaska High School. To top it off, they also have an anonymous donor who has agreed to match Kula’s giving, up to $3,500. How amazing is that?! With your purchase of this specific Kula you will be helping put clean filtered water in their high school. You will also be lowering the waste of single use plastic water bottles going in to our environment.


Plastic can take up to 1,000 years to break down and even then it is not fully decomposed. It is a material that is very harmful to our planet and our animal’s lives. I highly believe in reducing our carbon footprint and helping others find ways to reduce theirs as well. Part of this conscious mission means supporting brands that stand towards the better health of our planet. When I saw that Kula Cloth was on this mission with Bethany and the students at Onalaska High School I knew I had to spread the word about it. If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint then you can check out my blog post on 10 Easy Swaps To Ditch Single-Use Plastic.

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Kula for a Cause – Hailey’s River was painted by 16 year old Hailey. She is a student at Onalaska High School and a member of the Wilderness Club. This Kula Cloth will have the same double layer, silver-infused, antimicrobial and super absorben fabric with waterproof and absorbent sides. It will also have the double snaps and reflective details for locations it at night.

Hailey’s River is currently on pre-sale till October 3rd. You should expect to receive your Kula approximately 8-12 weeks after the pre-sale. This is also depending on the amount of orders that Kula Cloth receives for this specific design. You can find more information on their website under shop and Kula for a Cause – Hailey’s River.


I love my Kula Cloth. Have you used a Kula Cloth before? Which design is your favorite? 

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