Kula Cloth Indigo Peaks pee cloth for women

Kula Cloth – New Indigo Peaks Design

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Remember Kula Cloth? The innovative pee cloth for outdoor adventurous women around the world?! Like the best piece of gear ever! At least for me it is. It’s compact, helps us follow LNT principles, and they are absolutely beautiful. Well Kula Cloth has just released a brand new artistic design called Indigo Peak. Let me tell you all about it.

Kula Cloth Indigo Peaks Design overlay pin image

Kula Cloth Indigo Peaks Design overlay pin image


You are probably wondering what in the world is a pee cloth?! Well the Kula Cloth is a pee cloth that is composed of antimicrobial and silver infused fabric for women (cause we always have to wipe when we go) to clean themselves. This is very convenient for women who like to explore outdoors. Beats having to take trash bags, toilet paper, and even a shovel to bury your waste and then go looking for a rock to make sure no animals dig it up. Just a lot of hassle right?! Well not anymore. Now we have the Kula Cloth!

Kula Cloth Indigo Peaks pee cloth for women

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Easy! May women either take toilet paper and a trash bag and carry out that waste in their pack… with their food… their clothes… their snacks… Gross right! Others bury it but then comes along an animal and digs it up and now your toilet paper is everywhere. Gross again! Or maybe you just hid it under a pile of leaves cause you don’t know any better and that is fine too cause I’m here to educate you on that as well my newbie explorer! I used to do the same when I didn’t know any better but now I know how to abide by the Leave No Trace Principles (please read my newbie explorers ;). After a while women started using bandanas or rags instead to help ease the struggle of going to the bathroom to tinkle. (I have kids, don’t judge!) They would hang these on their pack so that the sun can do its job on killing any bacteria with its power rays of sunshine.

After a few nasty encounters on the trail with toilet paper, Anastasia Allison came up with a very creative idea. After careful planning and sewing she came up with what is now known as the Kula Cloth! This Kula Cloth has a waterproof side, an absorbent side, and even a double snap so you can fold it snapped in half and then snap it on to your pack. How cool is that? You can read my full review on Kula Cloth here. Warning: There are some very cute designs in the making as well as a Kula Cloth for kids (Hint: It is MAGICAL!) and even Kula Cloth’s for the military. Hooah!

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kula cloth galaxy print pee cloth outdoors hiking camping backapcking for women


Yes! Let me tell you all about this beautiful new design.

Anastasia has decided to collaborate with the talented artist Claire Giordano from @claireswanderings who designed and sketched the Indigo Peaks design. It was just released on March 10th, 2019 and has been a pretty big hit so far hitting outdoor retailers and many personal sales as well. I already have one of my very own and am absolutely in love with the new design. It is also in my favorite color blue so how can I not be obsessed. And the details on it are amazing as well.

Check out these photos I took.

Kula Cloth Indigo Peaks pee cloth for women Kula Cloth Indigo Peaks pee cloth for women Kula Cloth Indigo Peaks pee cloth for women

Doesn’t it look like an artistic masterpiece? Well there’s a limited amount at the moment but don’t worry, there is more coming on this design. Grab yours before they go out of stock. You can check out all of their Kula Cloth designs here as well. Would you use a Kula Cloth? What is your favorite design? Let me know in the comments below. Would love to hear what your thoughts are on the Kula Cloth.

Also if you are curious to learn more about female hygiene outdoors then you should check out my Ultimate Guide to Eco-friendly Female Hygiene Outdoors. It is perfect for any woman who loves to travel and explore nature consciously while following the Leave No Trace Principles.

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  1. I’m not a woman so I guess I’m not too au fait with these things. But wouldn’t a cloth like that smell bad after a while?

    1. The cloth is made of a silver infused fabric which helps fight these smells. There is also a biodegradable soap that you should use with it to wash it every night before you go to bed and you just hang to dry. You can find the soap on their website as well. I’ve used it multiple times and never had an issue with smell.

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