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Joobles! A stuffed animal that gives back that you’re kiddos will like is something hard to come across of now a days… but not impossible. I have found the cutest stuffed animals I have ever seen. My daughters absolutely love them and best of all, they help others and are safe for our little ones to hug, squeeze, cuddle, and sleep with. I introduce to you The Joobles. (Doesn’t that name have a cute ring to it too?)

What you need to know about Fair Indigo and The Joobles

Fair Indigo is a socially responsible brand that offers a collection of stylish and sustainable clothing and gifts. In other words, all of their products are made by workers (not machines) who earn a fair wage which will help enable them to properly care for their families and also strengthen their communities.

The Fair Indigo Foundation helps support education in the communities in which the Joobles are made. So far the foundation has paid several teacher’s salaries, funded school additions. They have even founded libraries at two adopted schools in Peru. By doing all this, Joobles is providing hope to dozens of small scale knitting cooperatives throughout Peru. Each product is hand knit by locals with organic cotton that is purchased from the local small farms in the area. They’re not just helping schools and the families of those creating these precious little guys, they are also helping support the local farmers. Such a huge impact coming from such a small stuffed animal.

The Joobles’ Products

Joobles has several different products. Not just stuffed animals. Some of there collections are:

  • Huggy the Bear
  • Jody the Owl
  • Flop the Frog
  • Racky the Raccoon
  • Jiffy the Giraffe
  • Cutie the Lamb
  • Icy the Penguin
  • Silly the Fox
  • Kitty Katz
  • Mel the Monkey
  • Pip the Dog
  • Roar the Lion

These collections include beanie, mittens, slippers, a jacket and a stuffed animal to pair with it all. They’re super adorable. Check them out here.

Each of their products are made with the same love, care, and respect for the world.

  • non-GMO family farm organic cotton
  • baby-safe Oeko-tex Certified dyes
  • knit completely by hand by loving Peruvians


My Favorites

My daughter’s have Icy the Penguin and Cutie the Lamb and absolute love them. Who can blame them?! They are super soft, cuddly, and well adorable. Plus me as a mom, I feel safe with them sleeping with them every night knowing that there’s no toxic chemicals that may cause allergic reactions or health issues. They even took them to our last camping trip at Land Between The Lakes (see picture below). My girls also sleep with them every night. Out of all the Joobles, Flop the Frog is my favorite one. I love frogs (yes I am weird) and thought the frog one was very cute but they are all super cute. Plus, I never thought that I would find such an amazing product that’s not only safe for my children but also gives back to our world.



Photo of my two girls on our camping trip with their Joobles.  

Disclaimer: I have received two Joobles stuffed animals to review for this post. I received Icy the Penguin and Cutie the Lamb. All opinions are my own. All facts stated can be found on their website here  and here


The Joobles - Sustainable, Organic, and Adorable

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  1. Oh my goodness these things are darling! I am always on the lookout for companies like this for when I purchase gifts for my niece and nephews, and I think I know where some Christmas gifts are coming from now! <3

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