How to write an "About Me" page that stands out to your audience.

How To Write An “About Me” Page For Your Blog

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I understand how intimidating it can be to write about yourself. Whether I am writing my “About Me” page for the first time or for the 10th time, I always seem to draw a blank. I have constantly changed it over and over again cause I wasn’t sure if it truly described who I am as a blogger and a person. The first time I wrote my “About Me” page I had no clue as to what I was doing. I just dove in, wrote something, and published it. It was truly embarrassing to say the least. Over the years I have learned the value and true importance of this page. It’s about me and my audience wants to know everything about me, what I do, my passions, why I do what I do, my goals, and my personality. They don’t want to read a one paragraph summary of my life. They want to know who I am as a person and learn about your blog. This is the page for you to shine and be you!

Most bloggers have a problem with writing their “About Me” page due to not knowing what to write or where to even start. Many don’t even know what topics to cover on this one page summary. I have decided to help you out with this problem though. I have created a small workbook to help you organize your thoughts and topics. You can download it here.

Here is what I plan to cover on this post:

  • The importance of an “About Me” page
  • What to cover on your “About Me” page
  • A “Call To Action” and why you need to have one
  • Pictures


Readers want to learn about you, your website, and everything that you have to offer. Your “About Me” page is not about your life story but about what you offer to them through the content that you share. They don’t want to know about your hobbies, your favorite meal or even your favorite color. They want to know about what it is that got you to pursue this website, what you have to offer, and what inspired you to create. Remember that your audience reads your “About Me” page to learn what’s in it for them. Do you create travel guides? Blogging tips? Do you offer specific services such as photography for instance? This page will help educate your audience on everything that they will find on your website. Think of it as a brief history and summary page of your blog.


There are several things to cover in your “About Me” page. Keeping the importance of the page in mind we want to create a structured “About Me” page that will inform, educate, and direct your audience to stick around for more. Let’s break it down.

Grab the workbook here!

#1. Quick Summary // Introduction

The introduction paragraph on your “About Me” page should cover several basic topics. This will be a brief summary of who you are, what you have to offer to your audience, and the value of your content.

Let’s start by asking ourselves who we are?

This will include a quick summary about who you are as a blogger and what you blog about. By answering this question in your introduction, you are giving your audience a quick info about the person that is speaking to them through the content being shared on your website. Do you like doing your make up and blog about beauty? Do you like being outdoors and traveling and blog about your outdoor adventures?

This leads us to our next question… what we offer our audience?

Do you create travel guides? Do you blog about beauty products? Whatever it is that you blog about, they need to know! Remember that you want to attract the right audience. Not everyone! Remember that the audience you attract can either positively impact your statistics or negatively impact them. For example, someone seeking beauty tips will not enjoy a backpacking guide through the South Cumberland in Tennessee.

Next will be the value of your content.

Are you educated in the niche you are blogging about? I wouldn’t want to read about a makeup tutorial from someone who never does their makeup. Or I wouldn’t want to read a guide to the top kid-friendly hikes in Oahu, Hawaii if they have never been hiking with kids before. Another example that I have seen in the past is tips to remodeling a room in your home from someone who didn’t do the work. It is very crucial to let your audience know that you blog about a specific niche and that you are educated and experienced in that specific niche.

Grab the workbook here!

#2 About You // Your Story

In this paragraph you will break down the value of your content. You will get a little more personal on how you are proficient in your niche. How long have you been doing what you do? You can even tell them a little bit about you but not too much to scare them away. Just enough to keep them engaged. For instance, I am a blogger that focuses on outdoor travels with my family. My goal is to inspire others to disconnect from the tech savvy world we live in and connect with nature as a family instead. I like to create travel guides so others can recreate a similar trip with their families. I also review gear, equipment, and other products that will help them make these adventures possible. Personally, I have been hiking, camping, and adventuring outdoors since I was very little. My dad always took me every weekend to hike, camp, rock climb, go caving, and even skiing and snowboarding (or more like falling down a mountain of snow). I have my experience outdoors and I continue to learn every day new things.

I want to share this information with my audience. They need to know that this is not something I just started to do overnight but that I have been doing this for quiet some time now.

Grab the workbook here!

#3 All About Your Business/Blog/Website // Your Business’ History

This paragraph should consist key items about your business. This is the time to truly capture your audience. Share why your content is right for them and why they need to stick around. By describing in more details your content and what you have to offer as a business, they will learn more if the content relates to them or not. You can even give them a brief history on how your website came about and what goals you plan to reach.

#4 Conclusion & Call To Action

In this paragraph you want to quickly sum up everything that you just discussed in a sentence of two. Afterwards it is good to have a Call To Action. Give your audience a reason to stick around a little longer. You can end your paragraph with something like… Are you ready to join me on this adventure? This will help your audience be more willing to look around your blog. Here are some call to action ideas:

  • Email-opt in
  • A short list of your top 5 blog posts
  • A short list linking to your top 3 Blog categories
  • Follow on social media: I like to use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Buy a product
  • Sell a service

the walking mermaid


Now you don’t want to over do it with pictures. You want to use relevant pictures that pertain to your business. I would say post 2 maybe 3 pictures max that flow well with the page. One should be a headshot of you. The other 2 photos should be relevant to your blog. For instance, I write about hikes, camping, and outdoor photography. I would post one photo of me outdoors like a portrait photo (pictured above) and then two other photos I took during some of my outdoor trips. It can even be a family photo that is relevant with one of my recent trips. Be creative and make sure it attracts your target audience.

You can view my “About Me” page here for example purposes.

Ok so we went over the structure of your “About Me” page, what to include, how long it should be, and even a call to action to keep them engaged. Now it’s time to get that “About Me” page started. I hope this guide will help you out. Also don’t forget to grab our “About Me” page workbook here so you can better brainstorm and organize your thoughts for your page.

Here are some more blog related topics:

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