How I Grew My Traffic With Tailwind

As a mom and a blogger it is sometimes very hard to juggle both blog life and mom life. I don't know about you but I don't have the time to get on Pinterest every day and schedule my pins at the best times to get the best engagements. Before I even thought of using a scheduler, I was trying to do it all on my own. With Instagram, working with brands, being with my family, writting, and editing photos, Pinterest seemed to be the last thing on my mind. Eight O'clock came rolling around and I was ready to just chill or head to bed early. Not anymore! I have been using Tailwind for almost three months now and not only has it made my blog life easier, it has also grown my Pinterest account and my blog traffic drastically.

About Tailwind

Tailwind is an app that connects to your Pinterest account (can now also connect to your Instagram account too) where you can schedule your pins and it will automatically pin them for you. It is very easy. I usually just take an hour or two during my week when it is most convenient for me and make the pins and schedule them on my Tailwind account. Best of all, Tailwind pins your pins at the best times of the day so you can reach the best engagement.

My Growth

I started using Tailwind in February. I started with the free version just to see what it was all about. Before I started I checked my statistics so I can compare them to see if it was really worth it. I started on February 13th with a monthly view of 21.4k.

tailwind growth

I decided to check my stats in 10 days. On February 23rd I saw how huge my statistics changed. I was very amazed. In just 10 days they had doubled. My monthly views went from 21.4k to 40.5k. I seriously couldn't believe it. Not just that. I have had more repins than ever before. I went from maybe 2 or 3 repins a week to about 22 a week.

It is April now and my Pinterest account just continues to grow. I am up to 50.3k monthly view and anything between 35-45 repins a week. It's a steady growth that I love to see. It may not seem like much for just 2.5 months but for me it's a lot. I have more than doubled my statistics on Pinterest.

tailwind growth

It's not just about the Pinterest statistics. Also with engagement on my pins and repins comes engagement on my blog. My blog has also seen a steady growth and I have blog posts that were once in the dark come out to the light all thanks to Tailwind. I have even had people message me or DM me of how my blog post was beneficial to them.

Getting Started With Tailwind

Tailwind has several options but I highly recommend starting with their smallest plan which is perfect for small businesses and blogs. You can schedule up to 400 pins a month and only pay $15 per month. In my opinion this is not too bad for pricing when it comes to great blog traffic, engagement, and growth. You can pay either for the year or monthly. I like to pay monthly though. You can join here and get your first month free.

By choosing this plan, this means that you can post a good 12-14 pins a day. You can even reschedule some of the ones you already have just to give that pin an extra boost. Don't forget to share them on group boards as well. If you are a travel blog you can join my group board here.


Creating Your Tailwind Schedule

Before you start scheduling pins on Tailwind you want to make sure you have all the time slots for your month. Here is how to do it.

  1. So let's say you have 31 days in the month and you want to use up all of your 400 pins for the month then you take 400 and divide it by 31 and you will get 12 pins per day. You can also do this by week instead of by day. So you can do 400 pins and divide it by 4 weeks and you will get 100 pins. You can make sure you have 100 pin times on your schedule for the week. Once you have this done you can proceed to scheduling your pins.
  2. On the left sidebar you will see under "Publisher" and tab called "Your Schedule." Click that! Tailwind will create an automated time schedule and the best times to pin your pins according to your Pinterest traffic. You can add or remove time slots. Make sure to add 12 time slots per day for the week. Each week the time slots will remain with the same amount of slots per day/week.

tailwind schedule

Scheduling On Tailwind

After you have synced your Pinterest you will start scheduling your pins. Here is a step by step guide on how to do this.

  1. Scheduling your pins is fairly easy. Go to the left sidebar and go under "Publisher" and click on "Draft." Once you are redirected, go to your right hand side and your will your scheduled pins. On top of that you will see a button that says "Create New Pin." Click on that! Now you will have 3 options. You can upload an image, pin from your Instagram, or use a Chrome Extension. I like to schedule my blog title pictures first and use the other two as fill ins for my scheduling so I upload my images first and then use the Chrome Extension and Instagram to fill in the empty slots that I have no title pictures to pin. scheduling on tailwind
  2. Once you upload your photo you will have to do a few things. One is add a caption. I try to keep it short and sweet with a few keywords that will help readers find my blog posts. Don't go overload either on the caption.
  3. After the caption I will then add the boards I want my pins scheduled too. I always add my personal boards first and then any group boards related to my post. scheduling tailwind pins
  4. Now you want your pin to link directly to your blog post, not just your homepage. Tailwind will automatically put your main URL. I always go back and get the link to the specific blog post and update it so when people see my pin they can read the article that goes with it instead of having to search for it in my website.
  5. Before clicking schedule make sure to set your intervals. You don't want your next 10 pins to be the exact same one. I always like to spread them apart by 1 - 2 days. Make sure to click "Set Intervals" and adjust according to how you want your pin to schedule throughout the week. set interval on tailwind app
  6. Now you can click schedule and voila. You will now see them on the right hand side under "Your Scheduled Pins."

Pinning From Instagram

Like I previously mentioned, you can also schedule pins from Instagram. I like to use these as fill ins. I try to use photos of my recent trips that I know other people would like to view and repin. One thing I do is change the caption to the location of the place that image is from or the product that it is instead of the Instagram captions and hashtags. This way my pinners know where the photo was taken from. Then you can choose the board you want it to pin too. I have a Travel Inspiration board of my own where I share them too.

Pinning With Chrome Extension

This is another great way to fill in any empty time slots that you have ran out of ideas to fill with. I go to some of my blog posts and pin some of the images from there. For instance, this week I wen to my recent blog post, "DeSoto Falls Trail" and pinned the waterfall images from it to some of my boards. Best thing about doing it with the Chrome extensions is that it directs your pinners and readers directly to your blog post. You can add a quick caption like the location or the product and schedule your pin.

Well I hope this guide helps you get that boost you have been wanting for your blog and Instagram. Don't forget to join here to get your first month FREE and get started on a new and more fulfilled blogging journey.