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Homosassa Springs State Park

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Manatees, flamingos, foxes, and bobcats. These are just a few of the many animals that you will see while walking through the beautiful Homosassa Springs State Park. My husband and I decided to come here for my daughter’s second birthday. We all love animals and wanted to do something different that we can all enjoy. Seeing the excitement on my daughters’ face every time they saw an animal was priceless. They were so amazed by each animal especially the beautiful manatees that were swimming around the park. One of our favorites was the flamingo. There was one flamingo that kept going in circles and it was the most hilarious thing that my daughters ever saw. They couldn’t stop laughing at the flamingo’s silliness that day. Let me tell you all about it our little family adventure.
Homosassa Springs State Park
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Boat Ride To Homosassa Springs

When you arrive you will take a scenic boat ride across the beautiful spring and stop at the state park where you will walk through the park and view all of the animals they have there. The boat ride lasted about a good 10 to 15 minutes and it was absolutely peaceful and beautiful. We saw birds and turtles the whole way through the spring. There was this one area that was covered with green leaves (not sure what the leaves are called) and it looked like a little fairy tale land… well spring sorrounded by beautiful greenery all around.

Adventuring Through Homosassa Springs Park

Once we arrived we started walking and the first thing we saw were manatees swimming. Bella was so excited to see the manatees. We then headed over to see the hippo. We waited around to see if it’ll get out but it never did. Let me tell you that it was a very hot day and I don’t blame the hippo for not getting out of the water. I wouldn’t have gotten out either. I actually wanted to join him instead.

As we continued walking we got to see all sorts of animals. One thing I really liked about Homosassa Springs is that they were in the process of rehabilitating many animals. There were so many injured or abandoned animals that were being rehabilitated at the time that made me feel proud as a mom to take my girls there and explain to them why each animal had a “boo boo” and how the park was taking care of them to help them feel better. The were eagles limping, birds with hurt wings, foxes with small injuries or that were neglected as cubs that were all being taken care of by the park to help them get back to normal. I also loved that if they couldn’t defend themselves out in the wild for some reason the park continued to provide health care to them.

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Fees For Entering The Park

The fees are reasonable and knowing that Homosassa Springs helps rehabilitate our wildlife and the money goes towards that, it makes it completely worth it. Our little ones went in for free and my husband and I only paid $13.00 each. Great price to me. For $26 and you get to see so many animals and it’s all outdoors. Nothing like going to a zoo. It’s literally like a walking trail sorrounded by the spring and gorgeous trees all around where you can hear the birds singing… and it doesn’t get as packed as a zoo either. Such a beautiful state park that you must visit if you’re ever in Florida. Trust me. It’s worth the trip.

What To Bring

Here’s a few tips to prep for the day. Remember that Florida is a warm tropical state so always watch the forecast for heat advisory during the summer months. I have created a small list of items that I recommend you take with you.


  1. Water – I filled up our Hydroflasks with ice and water. I knew it was going to be a hot and humid day so water was a must.
  2. Snacks – I brought granola bars and other little energy snacks for my little girls, my husband and myself. Kept us going throughout the entire day.
  3. Lunch – Yes I packed lunches for us. I wan’t too sure if there was going to be a place to eat or not so I went prepared. There is a place to eat though but it was towards the entrance where the boat drops you off so it was good that we brought food with us as well.


  1. Bug Spray – with humidity and being by the spring this calls for mosquitoes so definitely bring some bug spray and keep them suckers away.
  2. Sunblock – You may be in the shade the majority of the time but it doesn’t hurt to bring it just in case. I highly recommend using a reef safe and natural sunblock such as Raw Elements. If you use coupon code TWM10 you will receive a 10% off your purchase.
  3. Camera/Phone – Take pictures and create memories. I took pictures of everything.
  4. Bag – Bring a small backpack to put it all in.


  1. For little ones: extra clothes, baby wipes, diapers, and a stroller or baby carrier. I personally think it’s too hot to carry your baby around but I think it’s good to always bring it just in case. As for baby carriers, I highly recommend the using an Ergo. They are comfortable for both you and your child, easy to use, and easy to breastfeed in if needed.
  2. Comfortable Clothing – Wear some comfy shoes and clothes. I wore shorts and top with my vans. My daughters wore clothes that are cool as well as comfortable for them to run around in along with some sneakers. If you have clothing that’s not comfortable and you’re sweating like crazy it’s not going to be too pleasant especially for your little ones. I know my girls when they start to sweat and feel uncomfortable they start to act a little irritated and grumpy.

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Kid Activities

Throughout the park you will find small buildings in which the kids can go in and color and learn about different animals found in the park. It’s a good place to cool down your kiddos and take a potty break at. Volunteers here work in these buildings to create small activities for your kids and they’re just the sweetest ever. They sat down with my girls and colored with them and even had many stamps and played with them stamping all sorts of animals on papers creating cards to give to us. It was super cute and sweet.

Another short little activity is watching the manatees. They actually have a sitting area close to the underwater observatory where you can learn about manatees and watch how they feed and care for them.

Talking about the underwater observatory, this is a must stop spot. It is so cool to be in the underwater room and get to see the manatees and fishes swimming around you. The girls face was priceless. They were so excited to see them. Sometimes being down here you can get so excited and push people without even noticing so please be aware of your sorroundings and always be courteous and respectful of others. Sharing is caring.


If you have been to Homosassa Springs feel free to comment below with your favorite animal or most memorable experience. I would love to hear your stories.


4150 S. Suncoast Blvd. (US 19)
Homosassa, FL 34446

(352) 628-5343

homosassa springs state park

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  1. I havent been back in a long time and the boating part was down so we missed that part, but we were their for the feeding of the hippo. What a great way to spend an afternoon.

    1. Hi Jana, We just went back again in March and the boat was up and running. Hopefully next time you go you can enjoy the boat ride. It really is a great way to spend the day. Thank you for reading.

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