Hiking Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii

Diamond Head Crater

​One of the easiest and most beautiful hikes that my family and I enjoyed doing was Diamond Head. This beautiful scenic path in the heart of Honolulu has views overlooking the entire southeast side of the island of Oahu. The views were breathtaking. These photos don’t do it justice.

Diamond Head is a hike that is easy and very family friendly. I did this one with my daughters, mom, and aunt and again with my daughters and my best friend Amanda. I carried my youngest in my Ergo and my oldest walked most of the way. You can find this hike in Honolulu close to Waikiki and the Honolulu Zoo.



We drove there and paid for parking. The cost for the parking is only $5 per vehicle, which is not too bad. They have bathrooms at the beginning of the hike so if you have kiddos or go frequently I recommend going before starting the hike. This is the only bathroom and there are no bathrooms on the trail.

diamond head honolulu


The first part of the hike is paved and then shortly after it is a rugged, rocky path. It can be slippery in some areas but there’s rails going all the way up for you to hold on to. Make sure to stop at every overlook and take pictures. The views are stunning.

Once you have finished the rugged path you will end up in an area with lots of stairs. You can either go up the old path of stairs or walk a little further and get a view from the other set of stairs. Once you’re at the top of the stairs the view is gorgeous. This hike begins in the inside of the crater and works its way up to the top of the rim showing off gorgeous views of all around the southeast side of the island such as Waikiki, Haunauma Bay, Koko Head, and all of Honolulu. On the far west horizon you can see a glimpse of Ewa Beach as well.

diamond head

The way down is much easier and faster than going up. At least for me it was like I had kids and my daughter was having a rough time going up the mountain. She made it up though and had a great time and that’s that she’s only three years old. She’s a trooper!


Once you are back to the trailhead area of the hike don’t forget to grab you a quick local snack and some shaved ice to cool down. You can also check out their souvenir store.

diamond head


Parts of this hike are shaded and other parts aren’t but it is always important to wear proper clothing, shoes, and sunblock. Always have water on you for hydration. For all my hikes I usually use my camel-back and fill it up with water and ice so it’s easy to hydrate as I go and easy to carry. Others use their Hydroflask as it keeps their water cold and with ice much longer.

  1. $5 for parking.
  2. Hydration: I put my water in either a Camel-back or my Hydroflask.
  3. Sunblock: I prefer to use my eco-friendly sunscreen. I highly recommend using REEF, Element, or Sunology.
  4. Comfortable shoes. Sneakers would be good.
  5. Comfortable clothing good for warm weather.
  6. Camera: I used my GoPro.
  7. Snacks: I recommend bringing a high energy snack such as a granola bar.
  8. Bag to put it all in.
  9. Extra spending money if you plan to grab shaved ice or a snack at the food trucks or to visit the souvenir store.

diamond headdiamond head diamond head


It came to be known as a national landmark back in 1968. The hike is only about .75 miles going up and another .75 miles going down. Once you have reached the top you will see the pillboxes or bunkers which were used back in the early 1900's as lookout points for the military. These were in perfect locations because it gave the troops such a great range of view of the whole south shore of Oahu.


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diamond headdiamond headdiamond head