Hiking At Manoa Falls, Honolulu, Hawaii

Manoa Falls is such a gorgeous hike going up a mountain all the way to the falls. This hike is best to do after it has rained so the waterfall will be more of a waterfall. When I went it wasn’t all to much of a waterfall but it was still a beautiful hike through the jungle of Honolulu, Hawaii. I did this hike with a few friends of mine and my kids along with their kiddos. My daughter walked most of the way but there were a few slippery spots and a few other drop offs on one side of the trail so always hold your little ones hands and play it safe. The hike wasn’t too long at all and the kids loved it. They had such a great time looking at all the ferns, trees, and beautiful wild flowers. When we reached the fall we decided to make this our break time. We had tons of snacks and drinks and let the kids play around, cautiously of course. The way down went pretty quickly and the kids loved seeing the little animals running around in the woods and the birds flying around. I enjoyed looking and taking pictures of the trees, flowers, and the kids. My daughter loved seeing the lizards, or zizzors as she calls them. If you’re looking for a short and fairly easy hike then this is a must.

What To Bring

With kids, bringing extras and coming prepared is always a must. Here’s a quick packing list of items that you need to adventure to this beautiful waterfall.

  • Camera – I brought my GoPro, phone, and camera to take the best pictures.
  • Hydration – I took my Hydroflask to keep my daughter’s and I hydrated with nice cold water.
  • Baby carrier – If you are bringing little ones it is important to bring something that they can sit in when they get tired. I used my Ergo baby carrier which I absolutely love and they give back to children in need. Read more about it here.
  • Snacks or a lunch – Especially when you bring kids. Here’s a list of snacks for kids on the go.
  • Comfortable sneakers.
  • Appropriate clothing. Avoid jeans, cotton, etc which will make you hot and exhausted.
  • Backpack.
  • Headband (optional) – I used a scrunchy instead.
  • Baby Wipes – There’s no restrooms on the trail, only in the gift shop by the parking lot so it is very important you bring something to clean your little ones with.
  • Extra change of clothes for your little ones.
  • Trash bag – Please don’t leave trash on the trail. Pack out what you pack in. Including that toilet paper you used when you had to go.
  • Hand Sanitizer – I’m a clean freak so I always have hand sanitizer with me. You never know when you have to change a diaper, wipe your child’s butt, or clean up a mess you little ones made.
  • Small first aid kit – You know, for the boo boos your little ones may get.

Manoa Falls in Honolulu, Hawaii

Trail Details

Length: 1.5 miles round trip

Waterfall: 150 foot fall.

Elevation: 784 feet

Cost: Parking – $3
Small shop by the parking area to refresh at after the hike.


3860 Manoa Rd.,

Honolulu, HI 96822

Manoa Falls - Jungle in Honolulu, Hawaii

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps serve you as a guide for this hike. To view more check out these posts from our adventures in Oahu, Hawaii or just go to our Hawaii section of the blog.

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Manoa Falls Trail, Honolulu, Hawaii

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  1. […] This beautiful hike will take you through the jungle in Honolulu all the way to a beautiful waterfall. It was a pretty easy hike with tons of flowers and gorgeous trees to make you want to never get off the trail. I would do potty breaks right before going on the hike cause there will be no place to go to the bathroom at on your way up. Once you reach the end you can find your perfect rock and just chill and admire the waterfall. The best time to go is in the morning and a day or two after a strong rainfall has passed. It will bring the waterfall to a full life that will keep you wondering why you would ever want to leave the island. This hike is fairly easy for kids and tons of fun. Read more about it here. […]

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