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Hawaii has many beautiful hiking trails. You can find some strenuous hikes heading up insane inclined elevation gains along with some easier ones that are perfect for families. Trails of all sorts and through so many different types of terrains. Well I am here to share one of our favorite family hiking trails, Manoa Falls, which is located in Honolulu, Hawaii on the gorgeous island of Oahu.
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manoa falls


I was invited by my friend Justine to go on this hike. I couldn’t help myself so I joined her. When she said waterfall I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to explore a new destination with my little ones and our friends.

Off we went early that morning and headed off to Honolulu. When we arrived we parked by this cute gift shop, paid our parking fee and headed off to the trail head. The jungle was so lush and beautiful. There was all sorts of trees, plants, and even bugs. My daughter loved seeing the lizards, or “zizzors” as she likes to call them. We also saw a wide variety of ferns and flowers which was so cool to look at.

As we continue through the Manoa Falls trail we found this cool natural doorway. We immediate took a few photos before continuing our way up the mountain.

Once we reached the Manoa Falls we got to enjoy the beautiful waterfall. It wasn’t flowing as I was hoping but it was still nice to see it. We went ahead and grabbed lunch and snacks here before turning around and heading back.

Overall the hike was pretty easy. My daughter, two years old at the time, did the hike all on her own. She was such a trooper. We did take it at the pace of the kids but it was still a good pace and they all did pretty well with it.

When we arrived back to the parking lot we went ahead and cooled off at the gift shop and had some shaved ice before heading back home.


Manoa Falls is a fairly easy trail perfect for children of ages two and up. I would recommend baby carrying if you have younger kids. Also don’t let them run ahead of you as there are some places where there can be steep drop offs close to the trail. I held my daughter’s hand around these areas and had her on the safer side of the trail.
The trail over all is pretty good to do. I would highly recommend wearing comfy shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty in mud. Don’t forget to bring hydration. Hawaii is hot and humid and you will need all the hydration you can get throughout the hike.
Parking was pretty cheap. We paid $3 (prices may change) when we went. Don’t forget to check out their gift shop and try their shaved ice and other treats before you leave. It is such a short hike that if you plan to do this early in the morning you will have time to explore a full day in Honolulu, Hawaii and maybe even get to try out the famous Malasadas at Leonard’s Bakery. If you are looking for another hike to do in this area you can also check out Diamond Head State Park.

What To Bring

I always feel like I over pack when I go hiking. I always tend to bring extras because to be honest, you never know what will happen with kids. Accidents, falls, spills, and well the weather can be a little unpredictable at times too. I created a list of some of the items I brought with me for this hike. I did leave some in my car just in case such as the change of clothes but did bring the main essentials with me on the trail.

  • Camera – I brought my GoPro and phone.
  • Hydration – I took our reusable Hydroflask which helps keep our water nice and cold all day long.
  • Baby carrier – If you are bringing little ones it is important to bring something that they can sit in when they get tired. I used my Ergo baby carrier which I absolutely love and they give back to children in need. Read more about it here.
  • Snacks or a lunch – It is always a good idea to carry healthy snacks with you.
  • Comfortable sneakers – There are muddy parts on the trail especially after rainy days so make sure they are sneakers or boots that you don’t mind getting dirty in mud.
  • Appropriate clothing – Avoid jeans, cotton, etc which will make you hot and exhausted. I did this hike with a cotton tank top and some jeans and I was so hot, especially baby carrying my little one.

palm trees jungle hawaii island mountains

  • Backpack – Doesn’t have to be a big bag. Just something to put all of your belongings in.
  • Baby Wipes – There’s no restrooms on the trail, only in the gift shop by the parking lot so it is very important you bring something to clean your little ones with.
  • Extra change of clothes for your little ones.
  • Trash bag – Please remember to always follow LNT Principles anywhere you go.
  • Hand Sanitizer – I’m a clean freak so I always have hand sanitizer with me. You never know when you have to change a diaper, wipe your child’s butt, or clean up a mess you little ones made.
  • Small first aid kit – You know, for the boo boos your little ones may get.
  • Wallet and keys – Can’t forget this!

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Length: 1.5 miles round trip

Waterfall: 150 foot fall.

Elevation: 784 feet

Cost: Parking – $3
You can pay at the small gift shop located by the parking lot. Please keep in mind that prices may change. Don’t forget to treat yourself with some delicious shaved ice before leaving.


3860 Manoa Rd.,

Honolulu, HI 96822

manoa falls natural doorway entrance trees

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