Inspiring families to travel outdoors and enjoy what our planet Earth has to offer. 

Inspiring families to travel outdoors and enjoy what our planet Earth has to offer. 

Helton Creek Falls, Blairsville, Georgia

helton creek falls

Back in 2011, shortly after my husband and I got married we decided to join his grandfather (Papa Silverhawk) on a camping trip to Vogel State Park. This was our very first camping trip together as husband and wife. One of the very first things we did was hike Helton Creek Falls. 7 years later, my husband and I decided to recreate that memory. We set up camp again at Vogel State Park that Friday. We grabbed lunch and then headed off to Helen, Georgia to do some touristing. On our way back we stopped at Helton Creek Falls to hike this gem again. I mean how could we not? It’s a beautiful trail!

Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls is a short hike with very little elevation. Round trip is about 0.6miles. There are two waterfalls that you can go to. Our first stop was the lower falls. As you continue through the trail you will see stairs towards your left going down. Those will lead you to the lower falls. It literally looks like a giant slide on a rock but it is beautiful.

helton creek falls

To get to the upper falls you can go back up the stairs on to the main trail and follow it all the way to the end. You will see a wooden deck where everyone can sit at and admire the falls. If you decide to go beyond the deck please do so cautiously. Remember that the deck is there for your own protection.

helton creek falls

Details About The Hike

  • Distance: 0.6miles roundtrip
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Dog – friendly
  • 2 waterfalls
  • Path: rugged dirt trail with stairs
  • Free parking

You can view more details about this hike here.

helton creek falls


GPS Coordinates:

34.753167, -83.894233     //     N34 45.190 W83 53.654

Driving Directions

If you use google maps it will show up. Just put in Helton Creek Falls on your phone. You will see a sign for the trail on the main road. The road that the trail is located on is called Helton Creek Road and you can access it through US-19 coming from Blairsville (Vogel State Park) (North) area or Cleveland, GA (South).

helton creek falls

You can also access it through Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway – 348 coming from Helen, Georgia.

helton creek falls

What To Bring/Wear

This is a fairly short hike so I wouldn’t bring too much. Just the main neccessities.

In Your Pack

  • Water
  • Trail Snack (I didn’t bring any snacks cause we weren’t staying there too long).
  • Towel (if you plan on getting in the water in the lower falls).
  • Camera/GoPro

What To Wear

  • Sneakers
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Swimsuit (if you plan on getting in the lower falls).

Note: Please be cautious of where you swim at. The only spot I saw people swimming at was the lower falls but this is completely up to your discretion. I did not swim at the falls. There are a lot of rocks and snake sightings so be cautious. Rocks may be slippery causing potential hazard.

helton creek falls

Leave No Trace

And last but not least. Always explore while practicing the 7 principles of “Leave No Trace.”

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored. All opinions are my own. Hiking or swimming at this trail and the waterfalls will be at your own risk. I personally don’t recommend it but have seen others swimming there. The Walking Mermaid is not to be held liable for anything occuring at this location. This post is to serve only as a guide for others. Please use common sense and don’t go towards danger or hike a trail that you can’t physically do or aren’t comfortable with. Always be cautious and respectful of your sorroundings and others. Always practice “Leave NO Trace.” 

helton creek falls

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