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If you are here it’s most likely cause you are searching for a gift and are stumped on what to get. I’ve been there before way to many times. It’s just hard to buy for some people that like different things than you do so you search online for gift ideas. Well if you are looking for some gift ideas for that outdoor enthusiast in your life then you have come to the right place. I have created this gift guide in hopes to help bring some ease to your gift giving.

Gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, nature lovers, and backpackers.

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gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts

For Eating

We all get hungry. I know I do! It is always good to take a break and eat something. Why not enjoy the view with a good meal, right? Here’s a few items that have helped me on my camping and hiking trips. I use either the same or similar ones to these.

1- Eco-Friendly Mess Kit by Kakolee

You can get them this beautiful eco-friendly mess kit. It comes in several different colors and best of all it’s biodegradable.

2- Cookware, Utensils, and portable stove combo

This combo comes with utensils, non-stick pots and pans (small of course to fit in your ruck sack), a portable stove, tripod, dish rag, mesh bag, and even a wine opener.

3- Ultralight Backpacking Stove by Etekcity

I have one similar to this one and I absolutely love it. It’s is very lightweight, compact and easy to take everywhere with you.

4- ToGoWare Bamboo Utensils

I owe a set of these bamboo utensils and absolutely love them. They come in a small pouch that you can clip on your pack while hiking for easy find.

togo ware

5- Outdoor Pantry – Freeze dried backpacking food

These pouches of homemade freeze dried foods are delicious. I highly recommend them. My favorite are their Mexican cookies. You can never go wrong with some new food for their next adventure.

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Outdoor Pantry


Just like eating is important, so is staying hydrated. Here’s a few of my all time favorites to have.

1- Clear Flow Water Bottle and Filter Combo by Hydroblu: I recently reviewed this item and absolutely love it. It is a water bottle with a filter inside of it making it easy for those long strenuous hikes. No need to keep bringing 2 gallons of water or running the chance of not having any safe drinking water any more. Now you can just refill your water in any stream, creek, lake, or river.

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2- Sidekick 3-Stage Straw by Hydroblu

Already have a water bottle that you love but still don’t want to carry the extra weight. Here’s a perfect gift. You can fill up any water bottle with water and just drink out of this water purifying straw. How cool is that?

3- CamelBak Hydration Bag for Men and Women

These packs are perfect for short or day hikes. I swear on CamelBak just cause that’s all we used in the military but I’m sure there’s tons of other good brands out there. Here’s the beautiful pack for the ladies (click here) and the one for the men (click here).

Travel Guides

If your significant other loves to hit the trails, you can also get a guide for the place you live at or plan on going to. These guides will give you a better visual as to what to expect, how to get prepared, distance of the trail, elevation, route, pictures, and so much more. Plus if it’s a date or upcoming trip then it would get them super excited about it. Here is the guide to the top hikes here in Tennessee (click here).


It is good to also get a backpack that will fit all of your needs. Here’s a few that are on my wish list or have been recommended to me by other explorers.

1- 22L Hiking Backpack for Women’s by Gregory Pack

This backpack is lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for all of your day hiking needs. It fits all of your main items and more. It also has a compartment to fit a hydration bladder if needed. Plus I really like that blue color.

2- 25L Mens Day Pack by Gregory Pack

This men’s lightweight backpack is perfect for day hikes as well. I

My friend Kati over at Expedition Education has published this review on Gregory Packs. Read here.

3- 20L Neat Pack

So this is a smaller pack that has been highly recommended to me as well by other outdoor enthusiasts. This pack is very light and perfect for any day hikes, short trips, etc. Plus it can fold to be very compact so if you are doing a camping trip or backpacking trip and fit a smaller hike into your trip then this is the pack you will pull out of your ruck sack to use. I fell in love with how “NEAT” it is. You can purchase one here and also read Kati’s review from Expedition Education right here.

Staying Warm

For those winter months it’s good to stay warm, especially when you are outdoors. Here’s a few items that any outdoor enthusiast will be greatly thankful for when outdoors in the cold.

1- Large Essential Outdoor Blanket by Mambe Blanket Company

This blanket is 100% waterproof and windproof and very warm making it one of the best blankets to have for cuddles around the campfire or even a warm sleep. They also come in various colors but knowing me, I will get that beautiful mermaid blue. Shop here.

2- Fast Trek Full Zip Jacket by Columbia

This jacket is soft, warm, and cozy. You can use it to layer under a thicker coat or even as a jacket on chilly days. Best of all it comes in 32 different colors so you can choose the color that suits them the best. Get it here.

3- Women’s Benton Springs Vest by Columbia

This vest is perfect for layering as well or beautiful spring days. It also comes in many different colors. Shop here.

Columbia Women

4- Men’s Fuller Ridge Fleece Jacket by Columbia

There’s also one for the men’s. Don’t worry! And it also comes in a few different color options. This jacket is soft, warm, and cozy as well. Perfect for layering or just wearing it on it’s own. Shop here.

5- Merino Wool Trail Socks by Kirkland Signature

Now you don’t have to get these exact same ones as there are tons to choose from and for both men and women. Everyone’s feet are different when on the trail but these are one brand that I like. These merino wool socks are perfect to keep your feet warm on the trail, in the snow, or even throughout the night. Always make sure to take a few pairs on your trip though. Wet or sweaty feet can be threatening to your body temperatures. Cold feet means cold you and no one wants to be cold. Shop women’s here or the men’s here.

Other Outdoor Items

1- Double Nest Hammock by ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters)

I have heard amazing reviews about this hammock. My brother has one and I loved it. I preferred his hammock over my own hammock to be honest and his is cheaper in price then what my hammock was. Eno has several different color combinations to choose from along with several different accessories such as the straps, rain fly, and other items. Shop this hammock here. You can also grab the rain fly here and the straps here. Don’t forget to check out Kati’s (from Expedition Education) ENO Hammock review here.

2- GoTenna Mesh Communication Device

GoTenna Mesh is a device that helps you stay connected when your pohone has no signal. I love having this device for emergency use. You never know when something urgent happens so knowing I can easily call for help from anywhere makes my hiking trips worry free.

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GoTenna mesh

I am sure that this list can continue to go on, I know my wish list feels like it’s never ending, but these are some of the top of my list gift ideas for that special outdoorsy someone in your life. I really hope that this list can help you for all future gift exchanging events. Don’t forget the flowers and chocolates.

Know of any more awesome gift ideas? List them in the comments below. I would love to hear what is on your wish list.

Gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, nature lovers, and backpackers.

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