Getting through the airport easier - tips for TSA security check point

5 Ways of Getting Through the Airport Easier

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Flying can be so much fun and convenient. By taking a plane you can get to further destinations and even other countries much faster. However, going through security and checking in can be a bit hectic at times. Here are five things that you can do to make getting through the airport and to your gate much faster.

5 ways of getting through the airport easier

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How to Get Through the Airport and TSA Faster

I absolutely love to fly but always dread going through the airport to my terminal. Because I dread it so much, I always do my best to make it as fast and easy as possible. This way, I can make sure that everything is good to go, I don’t stress even more about traveling, and I don’t run into any delays along the way. In this guide I am going to share my 5 easy tips on how to get through the airport and TSA security checkpoints easier and faster.

1. Check-In to Your Flight Through the App or Online

Most airlines now a days have an app where you can check-in to your flight ahead of time. This makes it very easy at the airport when you arrive, especially if you are just taking a carry-on bag. Since you have checked-in prior, when you arrive to the airport you can go directly to TSA.

2. Check-In Your Luggage Through the App or Online

While you are checking-in online for your flight, make sure to also check-in and pay in advance (if needed) for your luggage. If you have a suitcase that is needing to go underneath, it is important to make sure you get it tagged with your flight information so that way you can pick it up at the correct luggage claim terminal. By doing this online you can avoid going to the main check-in desk to take your luggage. You can just go directly to the luggage drop-off point to tag and drop off your luggage. They will just scan your QR code, give you the ticket for your luggage and you’re on your way.

I highly recommend doing this because the line for the luggage drop-off area is very short. I was able to just walk to the line and only have two other people in front of me. Within less than 5 minutes I was already in line for TSA.

Tips for TSA security check point

3. Making TSA Checks Quicker

TSA can be a bit hectic at times but the best way to make it quicker is by packing prepared. If you have anything that doesn’t pass the security check point (more on this later) then it is best to leave it behind or put it in the luggage that you checked-in.

Another option is to have your boarding pass, passport, and ID at hand during your TSA check-in process. This way it is quick for them to scan everything and make sure you are good to go. No need to be digging through your items searching for each one of them.

When you get to the security checkpoint make sure to grab one or two bins. I usually grab two. One for my electronics and the other one for my purse, backpack, shoes, and other items. The reason I put all electronics (besides a phone) into one bin is to make it easier for them to inspect it and also easier for me to keep track of my valuables. It also makes it easier for me to grab all of my electronics from one bin and place in the bag that is in the other bin.

When I place electronics into the bin I place the whole bag. I don’t take them out of the bag unless they request them to be taken out. I do however, leave the bag unzipped and open so its easier for them to look through it. Sometimes they will require you to take them out and place them in the bins but usually they won’t.

Also, don’t forget to remove your watch, belt, shoes, and other items from your pockets. I personally never had an issue with my watch going through the checkpoint but have seen other people have issues and had to go back and remove before walking through the metal detectors again.

Getting through the airport easier - tips for TSA security check point

TSA PreCheck

You can make getting through TSA Security even faster by purchasing the TSA PreCheck. Currently this option is about $78 per person for 5 years. If you are a frequent flyer then I highly recommend doing this if you want to make getting through the airport much quicker.

TSA Checkpoint Tips for Medical Issues

If you have a certain condition that can be of concern during the security checkpoint make sure to have some kind of medical paperwork to confirm that your medical need or let a TSA staff aware of your medical issues. This can be related to metal in your body, certain medications, ice bags, etc.

TSA Checkpoint Tips for Parents with Infants

When going through the TSA Checkpoint with kids, many parents have items that may not really be approved. This items can be liquids over 2oz., formula, ice bags, and other items. What I did when I traveled with an infant is that I made sure to take all liquids and items that may be of concern and put them all in their own bin. In another bin I placed the diaper bag with all of the pockets opened so its easier to inspect if needed.

If you are traveling with a stroller through the airport, I would make sure that it is empty and ready for inspection before getting to the checkpoint. I would even bring my baby carrier if it was a short trip with no stops and little to no luggage. However, if you do use a baby carrier, make sure to let a TSA staff member know so they can guide you accordingly. For me they just scanned me by hand instead of walking through the machine which was fairly quick.

Getting through the airport easier - have your boarding pass on your phone for quick and easy access.

4. Keep Your Boarding Pass on Your Mobile Phone

If you used the mobile app to check-in then you can view your boarding pass on your phone. I usually add the app to my home-screen when I travel so it is easy to bring up my boarding pass as I am going through the airport. They usually scan your boarding pass three to four times before getting to your seat in your plane so having it easily accessible on my mobile device makes it very convenient.

Another option is that you can add your boarding pass to your mobile wallet. I like to use Samsung Pay and Google Wallet to keep all of my tickets, passes, and travel information handy.

5. Up To Date ID’s and Passports

Check your ID’s and passport and make sure they are not expired or don’t expire during your trip. This is very important especially when traveling. If they expire soon make sure to update them before you go on your trip since they do need up to date identification and passports in order for you to travel.

Getting through the airport easier - tips for TSA security check point - prohibited items list

TSA Security Checkpoint – Prohibited Items

In order to make it a breeze getting through TSA you have to make sure to leave these items behind or in your check-in luggage.

  • Liquids larger than 2oz.
  • Firearms and weapons
  • Sharp objects such as knives, blades, etc.
  • Aerosol Insecticide
  • Alcoholic beverages over 140 proof
  • Ammunition
  • Lighters – View link below for specific instructions
  • Battery powered wheel chairs and mobility devices

Tips for Getting Through the Airport with Young Kids

I love traveling with my kids but lets be real, it can be a bit challenging when you travel with the little ones. They need more items which means you have to pack more. Pack items to keep them clean, fed, and entertained during the trip. Here are some tips to help getting through the airport easier with young kids.

Tips for parents - Take a stroller to make getting from terminal to terminal easier.

If you are traveling with small children, I highly recommend bringing your stroller. I have done numerous long trips and having a stroller was so convenient. Instead of hauling a diaper bag, your own carry on, and your child through the airport, I can push them to my next gate instead. Having the stroller also provided the means for my child to have a place to take a nap in during layovers. It also helped give my child a “safe place” when she felt overwhelmed or over stimulated.

When flying with a stroller, make sure that it is empty when you get to TSA and even folded up when you get to your gate upon boarding. This way it is easier to get through with your kids. If you are traveling alone or with other kids I recommend bringing a baby carrier so you can still carry your items, put the stroller in place for pick-up at the gate, go through TSA, and even get to your seat much easier. The baby carrier that I highly recommend is this standard ErgoBaby. It’s my favorite and super comfortable to wear and use. Plus it packs up small when you’re not using it.

Summary of 5 Ways to Make Getting Through the Airport Easier

Traveling has its perks, don’t let getting through the airport to your gate discourage you or be stressful. I hope that with this guide, you can find it much easier to get through the check-in, TSA checkpoints, and to your terminal and gate much easier and faster. Remember to always keep all TSA prohibited items in your checked-in luggage, check-in online prior to arrival to the airport, including your luggage, and make sure to have all your required passports and ID’s up to date.

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