First Day Of Kindergarten! Story Of A Nervous Mom!

First Day Of Kindergarten 

Typical Nervous Mom

First day of kindergarten. Oh the horror and the excitement. As a mom you always hear all the horror stories of kids bullying other kids and even hitting them and then their mom's see their kids going home crying and never wanting to go back. You start to remember all of the bad times you had as a kid when other girls will make fun of you for any little thing or bully you around for being different. Then you start trying to think positive things and not freak out so much. Try to remember those times you made your first best friend, your first day of school, all the fun games you played during recess and then you start to pray to God that your daughter will have a beautiful school year with no issues. After all that is all we can do. Put things in His hands to guide your daughter's way while she's away at school.

I was very excited to take Bella to school and do school shopping with her. Helping her pack her bags and looking up on Pinterest for cool lunch ideas for her in hopes to replace the cafeteria food which as we all know can tend to be kind of gross sometimes. Nothing like a meal made by mommy, right??

I was very excited but at the same time I wanted to get my daughter mentally prepared for this big change in her life. She has been to a small Pre-K class at a private school where her daddy used to work at but this is public school and we are no longer in Florida. We just recently moved back to Tennessee and so it's been many drastic changes in the matter of like 3 months. She's been adapting well but you can only hope that adding one more drastic change won't be her breaking point.

The Talk

​My husband and I had "the talk" with her. We went over bullying, lying, assuming things, and even her behavior at school. We talked to her about being respectful to her teacher and all her elders. To always say, "yes sir" or "yes ma'am." We even went into the extent of germs and how to stay clean. Many kids don't wash their hands, we explained to her to always wash her hands after using the bathroom and before eating. We even added an extra pack of baby wipes in her backpack and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. We told her not to put her fingers in her mouth or even drink or eat from other kids. Yes we sounded like typical first timers.

My poor daughter was probably a little overwhelmed and scared after talking to her but we want to protect her as much as possible. We did break all this down for her to her level and broke it up in several days but we got the information to her and even quizzed her about it. We were nervous (as you can tell)! She is our little girl (who is not so little anymore).

First Day Of Kindergarten

​The first day of Kindergarten arrived and I felt at peace. Just kidding, I was nervous and a wreck inside and just tried to think of other things to not stress about it. I was anxious to pick her up already and it was only 11:30am. To be honest, I think my husband was probably more nervous about the first 2 days then what I was which only made it a little worse for me.

I was worried if she had enough time to eat her lunch. Did any kids bully her? Was she scared? Did anyone hit her? Did she make any new friends? Is she having a good time at school? Everything kept running through my mind. I tried my best to keep myself busy that day with Isa and with working on a few things with my shop and blog but I kept eyeing that clock every 5 minutes. I swear that day felt like an eternity.

​Finally 2:50 came along and I rushed to get Isa in the car to go pick up Bella. After what felt like another eternity at the Car Rider's line I was finally able to see her walk out. I was so excited that I immediately asked her how everything went. With relief in my heart, I was happy to hear that God answered my prayers. I was just over-worrying like a typical loving mom.

As Time Went By

Time went by and she had made a few friends and now is even talking about a girl's club that her friends are doing at school. Her grades have been very great along with all of her assignments. She was nervous but the staff was so nice to guide her in and out of the school and to where she needs to go. She said she likes school. Let's just say that she likes school so much that she was mad that today is Saturday and there's no school. Even woke me up at 7am to get ready. Yes I tried to get her to go back to bed but there was no way of going back. Up we went to start this Saturday early.

What We Can Do As Parents

Mothers and fathers, I guess what I want to say is that all we can do is pray for our children and have faith that our kids will be guided by Him. That He will protect them and keep them safe from harm. Things will happen even as hard as we try to avoid them but the more we guide them, mentor them, and teach them to do the right thing, the more they will do what we tell them. Even if you don't believe in God you can always guide your children down the right path. As parents it is all we can do. Guide, teach, and hope that they will take what you have taught them into the world.

​Mother's how was your first day of school with your little ones? And how did you get them ready for the big day? I would love to hear stories. Thank you for reading. 🙂