orlando florida disney springs

Exploring Disney Springs – Orlando, Florida

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Orlando is known for their amusement parks especially Disney but did you know that you can enjoy some of what Disney has to offer without paying for an admission ticket. Yes! Disney has what is called Disney Springs or as others call it, “Downtown Disney,” and it has a lot to offer as well. 

orlando florida disney springs

Disney never fails at giving you a magical moment. They always go above and beyond to bring to your that magical experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Disney Springs at first because there was no admission fee. Glad to say that it truly was magical as always. 

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orlando florida disney springs


Disney Springs has tons of restaurants, stores, events, and more. They also have a few new things coming soon as well such as the NBA Experience. It is located in Orlando, Florida close to all the other Disney parks. There is no admission fee which makes it our go to spot when we don’t want to go to amusement parks. 

orlando florida disney springs


There was construction work going on when we went (Summer of 2016) which is awesome news. This only means that more awesome things are to come. There was also tons of new stores such as the huge Star Wars store. This was heaven for us. We are a hug Star Wars loving family. Every May 4th we watch all the Star Wars movies in honor of May the Fourth. Their Star Wars store had so many cool items and even some very unique collectibles. 

You can view all of their shops here. 


Downtown Disney also provides tons of other activities and events all throughout the little town such as live music, authentic Irish dance shows, and some of the restaurants and boutiques there will even do samples for their visitors throughout the day.  Disney Springs offers over 50+ dining options such as the amazing Bongo’s Cuban Cafe, Food Trucks with delicious sandwiches and other deliquesces, The House of Blues, The Rainforest Cafe, and many more. There’s even a Starbucks for all you Starbucks lovers out there. Gotta get that White Chocolate Mocha in the morning. 

You can view all of their dining options here. 

orlando florida disney springs


Disney Springs also offers tons of entertainment such as a huge movie theater, La Nouba by Cirque DeSoleil, Bowling, and there’s even a waterside stage where they host several events at. Don’t forget to check out their events  here before visiting to see what events are available and at what time and days. 

You can view all of their entertainment options here. 


Disney Springs also has a lot of activities for you and your family to experience. Whether it’s a romantic date night for you and your loved one or a ride on the carousel. You can even take the Marketplace Train Express. No matter what your plans are you are going to find something fun for you and your family to do. 

You can view all of their activities here. 

orlando florida disney springs


We have been to Disney Springs twice during the time we lived in Florida. Both times we enjoyed it very much. Our favorite store of course was the Star Wars one but we also liked everything else Disney Springs had to offer. The girls really enjoyed it very much as well. From all the goodies they ate and all the new toys, and things that they did, it was sure a trip they absolutely loved. 

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orlando florida disney springs


It is best to get there early and take advantage of the whole day there along with everything that Disney Springs has to offer. If you are traveling with little ones I would highly recommend bringing these products: 

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orlando florida disney springs


Parking is free so that’s a huge plus. For good parking make sure to arrive early. 

If you’re staying at the nearby hotels and resorts ask at the front desk to see if there’s a bus that takes you there. Some people that are staying in the Disney resorts may even be able to take a small boat to Disney Springs.

orlando florida disney springs


The best time to visit Disney Springs or any of the other amusement parks in the area would have to be during the Fall or Winter seasons. I have also come to find that weekdays are much less crowded than during the weekend. This would be the time frame I would aim to go if you are trying to avoid huge crowds. 

If you do go during peak season which is the Summer time frame, I would recommend going during the weekdays versus weekend to avoid crowds but because it is peak season you will come to find a crowd still and lines at some of the areas. 


1486 East Buena Vista Drive

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

(407) 939-6244

You can learn more about Disney Springs on their website here. 

orlando florida disney springs


We had such an amazing time here. The girls were so happy to be exploring the park and go to all the boutiques, and shops. They even had fun doing the activities that they had to do. I can’t wait to go again and do much more. Looking forward to Halloween and Christmas time to see what all they will have going on. Don’t miss out. You won’t regret it.

Have you been to Disney Springs before? What is your favorite thing to do there? Place to shop? Or even place to eat? Let’s chat in the comments. 

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