Exploring Disney Springs – Orlando, Florida

Looking for something fun to do in Orlando but can’t afford to go to the parks. Disney Springs, or as they call it, “Downtown Disney,” will be your cheapest option. So many cool stores, restaurants, bars, kiosks, and activities to do for both adults and children… or even the “child at heart” adults like my husband and I. Let me tell you about my time in Disney Springs and share with you all the beautiful pictures of the park. 
We decided to go to downtown Disney for my husband’s birthday. He really wanted to go so why not? Right? I mean who doesn’t want to go to any sort of Disney park?! I mean it’s Disney!! haha Well we all loaded up and drove a little over an hour from our home to go explore the new things Downtown Disney has to offer. It’s my first time here but my husband has been there before. There’s tons of updates going on which is awesome and tons of new stores such as the huge Star Wars store. (Yes we are all huge Star Wars fans in my house). They had tons of cute and unique collectibles there (if only I was rich to get them all haha). 
The awesome Star Wars Galactic Outpost. How can you not go in? 😛
The Candy Cauldron offers tons of amazing and delicious apples covered in more deliciousness such as amazing chocolate.
Downtown Disney also provides tons of other activities and events all throughout the little town such as live music, authentic Irish dance shows, and some of the restaurants and boutiques there will even do samples for their visitors throughout the day.  Disney Springs offers over 50+ dinning options such as the amazing Bongo’s Cuban Cafe, Food Trucks with delicious sandwiches and other deliquesces, The House of Blues, The Rainforest Cafe, and many more. There’s even a Starbucks for all you Starbucks lovers out there. 

Disney Springs also offers tons of entertainment such as a huge movie theater, La Nouba by Cirque De Soleil, Bowling, and there’s even a waterside stage where they host several events at. Don’t forget to check out their events (click here) before visiting to see at what time and what days certain events are available.

A photo of the Bongo Cuban Cafe. To the right is one of the several theaters to go to.

Getting Ready to go to Disney Springs

It is best to get there early and take advantage of the whole day there. Bring tons of water and those with little ones, bring strollers or a baby carrier. I used my Ergo which is very comfortable for both you and your little ones and prevents them from having hip problems in the future. (Get your very own Ergo here.) Also bring sunglasses, comfy shoes, sunblock, Off (or any other mosquito repellent), and tons of energy. Oh and a camera.  That’s a must have to cherish the awesome memories. 

For little ones I packed an extra outfit, diapers and wipes, and tons of water and snacks. I wasn’t wanting to spend a lot there so bring snacks from home was a must for me. For water you can either use a Hydroflask or Camel Back. a Hydroflask can keep your water cold for the whole day and you can even buy the little pouches to put it in and carry it around with you hassle free. The Camel Back is more like a small water pouch backpack and though it’s a convenient way to carry your water around, it doesn’t stay cold for a long time, especially when you are wearing it on a hot summer day and sweating like crazy. Click here to get your own Hydroflask or Camel Back. 

Parking is free so that’s a huge plus. If you’re staying at the nearby hotels and resorts ask front desk to see if there’s a bus that takes you there. Some people that are staying in the Disney resorts may even be able to take a small boat to Disney Springs. For good parking make sure to arrive early. I’ve come to find that weekdays are best to enjoy the park better as on the weekends it seems to always be more crowded. 

Me carrying my daughter Isabelle on my Ergo. Handbag is handmade by local artisans in Puerto Rico.
We had such an amazing time here. It was the best way to celebrate his birthday. The girls were so happy to be exploring the park and go to all the boutiques, shops, and even the all the cool stuff there is to do there. I can’t wait to go again and do much more. Looking forward to Halloween and Christmas time to see what all they will have going on. Below is the information for Disney Springs. Don’t miss out. You won’t regret it. 

1486 Buena Vista Dr.
Orlando, FL 32830
(407) 939-6244

If you have been to Disney Springs before, feel free to comment below and share your experience with us as well as any tips you may have for new comers. Hope this post helps plan your next small Disney trip. 

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