Ergo Baby Carriers And Why You Should Get One!!!

Ergo Baby Carrier with Star Wars Chew Pads

Ergo baby carriers are awesome and here's my story as to why I choose Ergo Baby.

After I had my daughter I had the hardest time finding a baby carrier that didn't hurt my back, bothered my baby, or was not so uncomfortable. I never thought I would ever find a descent baby carrier. Then I started researching baby carriers and came to find that all of the baby carriers I had been purchasing could give my child hip dysplasia. I eventually gave up on the idea till I arrived to Hawaii.

Ergo Baby Carrier with Handmade Star Wars padsErgo Baby Carrier - Original

Hawaii is big for hiking and outdoor adventures and I never saw so many people get outdoors till I got to there. By this I mean people from the military bases. Then again it's Hawaii. How can you not go out and enjoy the island.

​I joined this hiking group and made a few hiking friends who baby carried. They all said amazing things about them and even breastfed their babies while hiking. I always had to stop to take my daughter out to then take off my baby carrier and then breastfeed her. Such a nightmare when your baby is crying cause she's hungry.

​I immediately purchased an Ergo. Best investment ever!!! I had never had a baby carrier be so convenient, easy to use, and sooooo comfortable. This baby carrier is not just for infants or breastfeeding moms. It is a baby carrier that meets all of your needs and for both infants and toddlers. I still carry my 3 year old daughter around in my Ergo on long hikes.

​The Ergo baby carrier is very easy to use. Just clip the waist strap, put the baby in and put the straps over your shoulders and click in the front. Super quick. I remember it taking me forever to figure out the back breaking ones. So many straps, twists, and turns that I didn't know where my baby even went at times but not with the Ergo. It's like a little baby backpack. My daughter already knows the drill. She will climb on to my back like for a piggy back ride and I will raise the Ergo and clip it on my chest and voila. Super quick and she's comfy and so am I.

​When Isa was younger and I was breastfeeding, I would just carry her in the front instead and when it came time to breastfeed her I would just loosen the shoulder straps so she will be lower. This way it was easier for me to breastfeed her. I would just raise the head cover and breastfeed her in privacy. If anyone asked, I would just say she's sleeping.

Ergo Baby at Ehukai Pillbox Trail in Oahu Hawaii

​For infants you can buy the inserts so that way they stay bundled up and sitting up higher close to your chest. This is good for baby bonding moments. This is the perfect age when they just want to snuggle up on their mommy's chest and hear her heart beat so this insert is a must have. It is also very convenient when it comes to nursing and rocking to sleep during the hike or just to take a peek at your little one. Click here to view inserts. Or you can order the new Ergonomic baby carrier (click here) which will fit all of your baby's needs and grow with your baby (no insert needed for this carrier only).

​These baby carriers are also wearable in different positions. If you purchase the All Position 360 Ergo baby carrier you can wear you child all around. There's side positions, back, and front positions as well (shown below).

Ergo Baby Carrier - Best Baby Carriers

Whatever your needs may be, Ergo Baby has exactly what you need for your baby-wearing outings. Just click below to shop.

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