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I have to tell you about my favorite baby carrier ever. Ergo baby makes the best soft structured, easy to use and easy to breastfeed in, baby carriers! I absolutely love my Ergo. It is also super comfortable and so easy on my back. Here, let me tell you all about it.


Ergo Baby began with a simple idea. Karin Frost was a mother living on Maui who was not satisfied with the baby carrying options available. She wanted a baby carrier that will help her hold her baby close to her. With her background in design she started creating something that was both comfortable and easy for her and other parents to use. After some trial and error, she revolutionized and perfected the gold standard to soft structured baby carriers. The soft and easy to use baby carriers that I now love. Thank you Karin for your inspiring creativity and design.

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After I had my daughter I had the hardest time finding a baby carrier that didn’t hurt my back. I was also searching for one that didn’t hurt my baby or was uncomfortable for her.  I never thought I would ever find a decent baby carrier. After a few weeks I started growing hopeless. 

While shopping and researching the different baby carriers I came to find that all of the baby carriers I had been purchasing could give my child hip dysplasia. This made me worry even more. I didn’t want to use something that would hurt my baby in the long run. I eventually gave up on the idea.

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When we moved to Oahu, I started getting excited about all of the hikes that we were going to be doing. Then it hit me again. I needed a baby carrier that will take me to all of these gorgeous places.

Hawaii is big for hiking and outdoor adventures and I never saw so many people get outdoors till I got there. Then again it’s Hawaii. How can you not go out and enjoy the island and all of the beauty that it has to offer.

​I joined this hiking group in Hawaii, “Hiking With Keiki” and made a few hiking friends who baby carried. They all said amazing things about their baby carriers. They even breastfed their babies while hiking. I always had to stop on the side of the trail to take my daughter out of our baby carrier to then take off my baby carrier and then breastfeed her. It was such a nightmare especially when your baby is crying because she’s hungry.

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That week I talked it over with my husband and immediately purchased an Ergo. Best investment I have ever made!!! I had never had a baby carrier be so convenient, easy to use, and SOOOO COMFORTABLE. I was able to breastfeed Isa while I hiked. No more stopping on the side of the trail for feedings. 

I was also able to do the entire hike with very little to no pain in my back. This was a huge plus for me because it meant that I didn’t have to sit down with a heating pad on my back for hours after our hike. 

I used this baby carrier till my daughter was 4 years old. It is definitely an awesome baby carrier to have. 

ergo baby carrier


I purchased the Original Ergo Baby Carrier. This was over 5 years ago and it still looks like new today. I absolutely love it. I went ahead and bought some cute Star Wars drool pads on Etsy to go with it as well. Here are some similar ones on Amazon if you want to check it out.

This Original Ergo baby carrier is very easy to use. Just clip the waist strap, put the baby in and put the straps over your shoulders and click in the front. Super quick. 

I remember it taking me forever to figure out the other ones that hurt my back. They had so many straps, twists, and turns that I didn’t know where my baby even went at times. Glad I don’t have this problem with my Ergo. 

The Ergo baby carriers are like a little baby backpack. My daughter already knows the drill. She will climb onto my back like for a piggy back ride and I will raise the Ergo and clip it on my chest and voila. It is very quick and easy! Best of all, she is comfy and so am I.

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Over the years, Ergo Baby Carriers has released some very amazing baby carriers to their website. These baby carriers are perfect for any need and style that will fit you best. These include: 

  • Omni 360 – This baby carrier will allow you to carry your baby in any position. Hence the 360. You can carry your child on your side, your back and even the front. Baby weight: 7-45lbs.
  • Embrace – This baby carrier is a soft, cozy and yet simple newborn baby carrier. The embrace helps you keep you baby close and snug from day one. No complicated wrapping or tying with this baby carrier and has multiple baby wearing positions. Baby weight: 7-25lbs.
  • 360 All Positions – This all position baby carrier is perfect for older, curious babies. Baby weight: 12-45lbs.
  • Adapt – The newborn to toddler baby carrier. This is perfect for those who don’t like forward facing baby carriers. Also has multiple baby wearing positions. Baby weight: 7-45 lbs.
  • Cool Air Mesh – This lightweight and breathable baby carrier is perfect for warm climates and active parents. It is also available in the Omni 360, 360, and the Adapt (baby weight depends on the style that you choose). Perfect also for those families who live in tropical areas such as Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean. 
  • Baby Wrap – This classic wrap is lightweight and super soft with a breathable fabric. Baby weight: 8-25lbs. 
  • Hip Seat – This baby carrier is perfect for those babies that want to be held or put down constantly. It is also a multi-position baby carrier. Comes in the Cool Air Mesh. Baby weight: 12-45lbs. 

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If I was looking for a baby carrier to have with me from the very beginning all the way through to the toddler years I would personally choose the OMNI 360 or the Adapt styles. 

If you choose to go with the Original or the 360 I would highly recommend getting an infant insert. This will add some extra cushion at the bottom of the baby carrier to add more height and comfort to your newborn. 


Ergo baby carriers also has multiple baby carrier accessories such as: 

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​When I was breastfeeding Isabelle I would just carry her in the front. When it came time to breastfeed her I would just loosen the shoulder straps so she will be lower. This way it was easier for me to breastfeed her. I would just raise the head cover and breastfeed her in privacy. If anyone asked, I would just say she’s nursing or sleeping. 

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Ergo baby carriers have been a part of my family for 5 years now and will continue to be a huge part of our children’s infant and toddler ages of life. These super easy to use, soft structured and beautifully designed baby carriers are my all time favorite and the only ones I recommend to all of my friends and families…. and YOU! 

So many options to choose from. What baby carrier style did you like best? I really want to get the OMNI 360 with my next child when the time comes. 

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  1. sounds like a great carrier! i don’t have “babies” anymore, but i did try baby wearing my second. i just couldn’t find a carrier that didn’t hurt me and that was fairly simple to get on.

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