My Daughter’s First Snow Day

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We all know that a mother’s life is filled with milestones of her kids. Each as exciting as the last. This January 2018 we were able to check one off the list. My youngest daughter Isabelle experienced her very first snow day… well snow week.

The Day Before The Snow Came

It was January 11 when schools were sending out alerts that they will be closing the next day. Our growing city of Clarksville was getting ready for snow and icy roads. It was almost 70 degrees outside and it was almost impossible for me to believe that we will even get snow that night but the cold front that was approaching was like never before. By the time I got home from picking up my husband from work it was already in the 50’s and steadily dropping. My husband and I got excited because we were realizing that this may finally be our daughter’s very first snow day.

During Christmas time the weather channel said there may be a white Christmas and sadly that didn’t happen. We felt the entire first half of winter hopeless for snow as it seemed like it kept detouring to another state or city. My husband and I even talked about making a small road trip to a nearby state to look for snow. Before we were even able to plan for it, we received the wonderful surprise of a white snowy morning.

Isabelle’s Very First Snow Day

It was morning time and I was still in bed when the girls came in to cuddle with me. I immediately poked my head behind the curtain to see if there was any snow. The field behind our house and the trees were covered in the beautiful white blanket of snow. I grabbed my phone and put it to record as I asked my daughters to look out the window. Their face and emotions were priceless. They were so excited and amazed by all the snow that had fallen. They just wanted to go outside and play in it. I am not going to lie, I felt like a little kid at heart as well anxious to go make a snowman and have snowball fights.

My husband got home early from work and we immediately bundled up to go out and play. I searched through our closets for our gloves and warmest shoes, grabbed the beanies and scarves, and headed out. We immediately started a snowball fight. It was me and the girls vs daddy. Sadly, I think he won. Then the girls laid down to make snow angels on our driveway. It didn’t last too long though. We shortly realized how long it has been since we’ve had a cold snowy winter. Living in the tropical paradises of Hawaii and Florida definitely didn’t prepare us for a winter in Tennessee.

Once we came inside hot cocoa and a fire was a must. We changed our wet clothes, bundled up in new dry clothes, cuddled on the couch with our hot cocoa and watched movies that night. It was the perfect first snow day for Isa.

Clarksville Tennessee Snow

Building Our First Snowman

Saturday came along and after a funny series of morning events, my daughters and I decided to build a snowman, well a Snowld Lady (a snow-old lady). Bella and I made the two top snow balls while my youngest kept throwing snow on a pile to make “the butt.” I helped her form the bottom and attached the other two balls to complete the body. My daughters immediately went looking for two sticks for the arms. Bella then looks at me and asks, “What about the hands, the buttons and the nose?” Isa then blurts out, “What about the mouth?” We then rushed inside to warm up a little and gather up a few things to complete our snowman.

As the girls rush inside all excited to get new things for the snowman, they rush to their rooms to get a hat and a scarf. Isa then grabs some of her extra gloves. We couldn’t figure out what to do about the buttons though or the eyes and nose. I immediately had a lightbulb moment. I grabbed our bowl of Halloween candy and tore open a pack of Milk Duds, grabbed a lollipop, and some caramel bites. It was the perfect way to complete our snowman. She’s the cutest little snow old lady ever.


The Snow Continues

It’s a week later and the snow still covers our yard and the field behind us beautifully. It was much more then what we had expected but we are truly grateful for all the snow. This snowy week has truly been a blessing and I am happy that my daughter’s first snow day was amazing.

How was your first time seeing snow? I would love to hear your stories of this amazing experience.




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  1. How precious to see their faces light up! Both our boys saw snow for the first time in Canada during December! It was -11°F!!!! Check out my post about it! I am a tropical kind of girl, but we had a blast playing and visiting relatives. We live in Florida and love vacationing in Hawaii!

  2. What a sweet post! First snow is so magical. I remember the first time I saw snow. I was 12 and we had moved to Arkansas. It was only a foot or two of snow, but it felt like so much to this Texas girl! We had snowball fights and built an igloo.

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