Date Ideas For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Valentine's day is around the corner and we just got finished talking about "Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Enthusiast (read here) so why not add a cute date with it that they will absolutely enjoy. Here's a few date ideas along with a few locations that I am sure your significant other is dying to visit.

Local Date Ideas

Can't go out far? That's perfectly fine. I'm sure there is a lot to do in your area. Here's a few ideas.


You can look for a new hike to do together. I usually use Instagram to find nice areas to explore to or even use Google. Google and Instagram are my best friend when it comes to finding new places and things to do. It can even be a hike that you both did together. Like the very first hike or one that was very memorable to the two of you.

Lanikai Pillbox


It may not be too warm for this but if you are in a warmer area, a nice kayaking trip in a secluded area will be great. I remember my husband planning a surprise kayaking trip to Silver Springs one day and it was absolutely amazing. Some one on one time with no technology, no kids, and no one else on the springs. Read all about it here. If you are in Florida then here is an amazing list of Florida Springs that you can venture of to.   You can also go paddle-boarding, canoeing, surfing, snorkeling, you name it.

Weeki Wachee, Florida


My husband and I love to go camping. It helps us get away from our day to day busy lives. A day or two outdoors away from the world is amazing especially for a date, obviously without kids so don't forget to make arrangements for a baby sitter. Pack light, bring delicious food, your tent, and book a site at a nice camping location near you. Let the rest of the event just flow with experiences in the great outdoors with hikes, swimming, paddle-boarding, kayaking, whatever is available at the camping location that you are at. Best of all you won't have the little ones keeping you busy.

Back-Country Camping

This is more of a strenuous activity (depending on the location) but if your significant other is up for the challenge then I highly recommend doing this. Make sure to get your permits on time along with all of your gear. Back-country camping means when you backpack through the mountains to a remote camping site. This can be so fun especially since the campsites are limited and usually these trails are not really populated. Make sure to pack accordingly and to be prepared to be have lots of fun with loved one.

A Romantic Getaway

Why not book a cabin out in the mountains for a romantic weekend getaway? Buy some beautiful flowers, a nice cabin out in the woods, some candles, and enjoy the weekend together. There's nothing better then disconnecting with the world and spending some one on one time together. Book your romantic get away with Airbnb to get $40 in travel credit from me. Just click the link here and start booking your next perfect getaway now.

Do their favorite activity

I know I mentioned hiking but that's my all time favorite thing to do. Your significant other though may prefer bouldering or cross country skiing instead. Sometimes stepping out of our own comfort zones will help us bond and learn more about our significant other's interest. Take their favorite sport or activity, plan a trip, and enjoy it together even if you're not all that good at it. I'm sure you both will get one heck of a laugh out of it and memories to last a lifetime.

Try something new

Have you and your loved one talked about a new sport or activity but never gotten around to doing it? I know my husband and I have done this plenty of times. Well why not make it a date? Pick one of those activities that you know you both will enjoy and schedule a class or a trip. Have fun with it and at the end of your date you will have nothing but smiles and good stories.

Well its time to start planning your date outdoors. Disconnect from everything else to reconnect with each other. I always feel like the vibes in nature helps bring my husband and I closer to each other and I hope that these date ideas will help you and your loved get closer and have an adventurous time together.


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