There is a new toy aisle at Target and I am head over heels for it… and so are my kiddos. It features some of our new family favorite games from Chuckle & Roar. Games for kids such as charades, matching, puzzles, and so much more. But wait! Before you go and buy them all (like I almost did), let me tell you what our favorite games are.

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Chuckle and Roar is the new line of interactive and educational games for kids that is found at Target. They are by far the best games we have ever played. They are fun, easy to play, affordable, and many work on their skills such as motor skills, education, memory and much more. How awesome is that? You have fun learning.

The very best thing about their games is that they are affordable. According to their website, they aim to keep the prizes of their games between $2.99 and $14.99. Majority of them are below $9.99. I can see all you moms dancing right about now! haha But wait, there is more! These innovative games for kids are a twist of old school games (classic games), new games, and some very familiar games like Crazy 8 and Slap Jack.

chuckle and roar games for kids


Many of the games we bought from Chuckle and Roar are a perfect fit for our homeschooling routines. I can easily let Isabelle make puzzles while I am teaching Bella a class or visa versa. During our break times we will grab a game and play. Bella loves to play Old Maid and Isabelle’s favorite is Scoops.

From their huge selection of games to choose from, there is a game for anywhere you go. Whether you are on the hiking trail outdoors or camping, on a family road trip, homeschooling, or just burning time at home, you won’t be disappointed.

chuckle and roar puzzles
Isa is putting together Chuckle and Roar’s 12 piece Dinosaur puzzle.
chuckle and roar puzzles
Isa is putting together Chuckle and Roar’s 24 piece Jungle puzzle.


When picking out the games, I made sure to choose a mix of fun games, card games, educational games, and more. My goal was to make sure I had games for all of our family needs. The games for kids that we chose are:

chuckle and roar puzzles
Isa and all four puzzles after she was done putting them all together.
chuckle and roar scoops
Isa playing scoops. Trying to decide if its a good move to keep that number or not. I think she did good by keeping it.


When choosing games for our homeschool days my goal is to make sure that they are educational, fun and help with skills. Some of the main skills I want to make sure to cover is memory and motor skills. I am happy to say that Chuckle and Roar have a great variety. Some of these even include toddler games all the way up to middle school. Here are a few of our favorites along with a few others that are perfect for your homeschooling days.

chuckle and roar scoops
And daddy won the game of Scoops.


chuckle and roar scavenger hunt
Chuckle and Roars Scavenger Hunt game. It bring 3 packs. One for the road, one for home and one for outside.
chuckle and roar scavenger hunt
A sneak peak of what comes in the road trip pack.


We are a family that loves to travel. Our trips can be anything from 2 hours to over 12 hours so keeping our little ones busy and entertained during our trip can mean a world of a difference for us. In other words, less angry moments and more fun. Here are a few games for kids that we love and recommend for road trips. You can make it even more fun by buying small travel items like pencil, notebook, activity book, crayons and every time one of them wins a certain amount of games then they can pick a prize out of the travel treasure bag.

chuckle and roar scavenger hunt
Bella found one of her scavenger hunt cards. Something that writes.
chuckle and roars scavenger hunt game
Bella found something sparkly.
chuckle and roar scavenger hunt
And Isa found something with a zipper. These are part of the home pack of the Scavenger Hunt game.


chuckle and roar scoops
The four games that comes in one of the Classical Card Games pack from Chuckle and Roar.
chuckle and roar scoops
We are playing Spoon and I won this round. Such a fun game.


Now if you’ve been here before then you know that we are all about getting outside. Whether it is a walk around the neighborhood or a hike up a mountain. I am always trying to find the time to take my kids outdoors. Lucky for me, Chuckle and Roar has the perfect games for us.

You can also take the any of the other games and play them on a picnic blanket. We love having picnics for lunch so when the weather is not as cold we will be taking all of our games and even homeschool work outdoors.

chuckle and roar scoops
Isa all excited to play another round of Spoons.


Game nights is something we love to do as a family. Chuckle and Roar has a good variety of card games and other games for kids and families that are the perfect fit for our family game nights. Here are a few of our favorites.

chuckle and roar scoops
Playing Old Maid and I drew Old Maid on the first round.
chuckle and roar scoops
Isa picking her next card during our game of Old Maid.


Playing cards? Don’t forget to bring these nifty card holders for our little ones. 😉

chuckle and roar scoops
Bella got Old Maid and lost the game. Her face is priceless. haha


Can you tell? I absolutely love how interactive all of their games are. Playing these games also feels like I am going back to my childhood. Even though they have a twist to them, it still reminds me of all the great times I had playing games with my friends and family. This is exactly what I want my girls to remember. The fun times we had.

So many games to choose from! Is there any games for kids that really caught your eyes? Which one is your favorite?

the best games for kids from chuckle and roar at target overlay pinterest image the walking mermaid

Don’t forget that you can grab all of these fun games online at Target and when you spend $35 or more you will receive FREE 2 day shipping. Woot! Woot! I love me some FREE shipping.

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