How I Make Money From Home to Travel

a woman on her laptop working from home as a travel blogger

Working from home can provide financial freedom and time to be able to travel more. However, it is sometimes hard getting started and finding what fits your style best. In this guide I am going to go over the different ways that I make money from home to be able to travel more with my family. 

How to Become A Travel Agent

A woman sitting on the sand during a travel agent work trip. Published on an article that teaches others how to become independent travel agents and how to travel more as a travel agent.

Have you ever thought about becoming an independent travel agent? This was an amazing decision I made last year and it has greatly benefited our family financially. It has also given us the opportunity to grow my blog, take more trips together as a family, and meet new like-minded people along the way.

After being a travel agent for several months, I decided to start coaching other travel agents in growing their own business. As their team leader I can give them all of the resources, coaching calls, and guidance to not just learn but help them navigate the different skills needed with growing their business and speaking with clients.

How to Create a Resource Library for Your Blog

woman on laptop resource library blogging

A Resource Library is a great way to grow your email list. Many people use an email opt in, which is a great option to grow your subscribers too, but it only provides one freebie to your new subscribers. The downside to this is that many people will subscribe to your email list, grab that […]

10 Email Opt-In Ideas for Outdoor Travel Bloggers

email opt in ideas for travel bloggers

I absolutely love email opt-ins. I am always signing up to get freebies all the time or creating new ones for my own email subscriber. Having an email opt-in that makes people want to sign up is very important. You want to provide something valuable that your audience will love and get them to sign […]

How To Start A Blog Successfully

how to start a blog

Are you wanting to pursue a career in blogging but not sure where to get started? Or a blogger who has started out but feel like you don’t look professional or have everything set up right?! Well no worries! I am here to show you how to start a blog! Everything you need to know […]

10 Things To Do In Every Blog Post

blog post

When I first started blogging it was as a hobby. We were living in Hawaii so I didn’t do much research on everything that involves in turning your blog into a business. I just went with Weebly at the time, wrote random articles from our adventures around Hawaii and shared it with friends and family. […]

How To Write An “About Me” Page For Your Blog

How to write an "About Me" page that stands out to your audience.

I understand how intimidating it can be to write about yourself. Whether I am writing my “About Me” page for the first time or for the 10th time, I always seem to draw a blank. I have constantly changed it over and over again cause I wasn’t sure if it truly described who I am […]

Staying Organized With Purple Trail’s Content Planner

content planner

Hi there! Can you believe that 2018 is almost over? It feels like we were just saying hello to 2018 and now we are about to start a new year. Well we all know that with a new year we have new goals, new mindsets, and more knowledge. You probably want to be more organized […]

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Blogging Tasks

When I first started blogging I made a lot of mistakes. One of them was writing blog posts and sharing them once on Facebook and playing the waiting game. I wasn’t getting much feedback or even views and quickly came to learn that I had a lot more work to do to get this blog […]

The Best Gifts For Bloggers

white desk with laptop macbook frame pink flower gold lamp planner notebook books reading glasses gifts for bloggers

You are here cause you probably have a blogger in your life and are curious to see what you can get them? Well you are in the right place. The possibilities are endless but here are the top essentials that every blogger needs to continue their career as a blogger and an influencer. Every blogger […]