Camping At Land Between The Lakes - Hillman Ferry Campground

Camping At Land Between The Lakes – Hillman Ferry Campground

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Land Between The Lakes - Hillman Ferry Campground - Kentucky
It was a beautiful Saturday morning as we loaded up the car and headed out to Hillman Ferry Campground at Land Between The Lakes. We decided to go for an overnight camping trip for my husband’s birthday. He works 6 days a week so I asked him to take Saturday off so he can enjoy some time away from everything. After all, nature brings peace to your soul and recharges your energy.
Land Between The Lakes is about an hour drive from my home and I can tell you that it was an hour of excitement. Not sure if you remember seeing my daughter’s excitement over our Instagram stories. When we arrived we were in awe. The lake was perfect and so was the view. Our camping neighbors were at a good distance away that they didn’t bother us one bit.

We arrived without making any reservations and just tried our luck on one of the “first get, first serve” campsites. We were lucky enough to get the exact campsite that we were wanting. Right on the water looking out to the other side of the lake. ​We set up camp and started getting lunch ready. It was already noon by this time and the little ones were hungry. Probably burned all of their energy from the excitement. This was my daughter Isa’s first camping trip and they were super excited to be here.


​After lunch we immediately came to find out that we needed games or something else to keep our little ones occupied. Rocking on the hammock was already getting boring for them. I can chill on the hammock all day without a care in the world but they needed more. My husband then decided to head up to their little shop on the campground and buy a ball and few other toys to keep them entertained. We then started playing with the beach ball Rob had got them. Tossing it around from one another and just having a great time.

​Shortly after dinner I decided to go with Bella by the water to look for flowers and sticks. We found this cute little spot where we both sat down and watched the boats pass. I ended up capturing a moment of true daughter beauty (at least in a mother’s eyes). I captured her glowing eyes of the excitement she had for this weekend. She was proud to have gone camping especially when she had helped me plan the whole trip. We also found the cutest little frog jumping around. Bella was very excited to see him jump around. She kept scaring the poor little guy till he hid under the rocks by the water.

We then all sat around the fire as a family to talk, make s’mores, and burn a few marshmallows (I always end up burning them). I mean what’s a camping trip without s’mores, right? They are super sweet though but so deliciously amazing. My husband and I decided it was time to put the kids to bed. I’m not sure if they were excited to be inside the tent now that it wasn’t so hot outside or for all the glow sticks we put around the windows of the tent. Either way the excitement and playing around of the day eventually got to them and they fell asleep giving my husband and I some bonding time.

The only bonding time we really have during the week is a little bit after the girls go to sleep to watch one of our favorite TV shows together and head to bed so being able to actually sit on the hammock together, cuddle, and talk about random stuff was a wonderful change to the normal routine. We starred at the stars and the water shimmering from the moon. We talked about how we should be camping much more often and why we hadn’t done it sooner as a family.

​This camping trip was a learning experience and has made our following camping trips better and easier. I am used to camping with my dad who used to pack everything for us and is a pro at camping so doing it for my family for the second time in 5 years was a pretty good learning experience on what to bring and not to bring. I may have over packed a little but also missed many things such as toys for the girls and more water for the dogs.

Having the dogs was another story for itself which you can read about here.

Below are some tips and more information about the park and the campground.

About Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky and Tennessee

Land Between The Lakes, or LBL as most locals here call it, is literally land between two lakes. On the west side is the Kentucky Lake, North side has the Cumberland River and the East side has Lake Barkley. How cool is our God who created such a nifty piece of land surrounded by three lakes. This national recreation area is in both Tennessee and Kentucky. The border of both states runs directly through the middle (east to west) of LBL. You can find more information about the park and everything that they have to offer here.

Camping At Land Between The Lakes – Hillman Ferry Campground

I decided to go to Hillman Ferry Campground, mainly cause of the view. This campground is located on the north side of LBL looking out to Kentucky Lake (on the Kentucky side). Not all campsites have a lakeside view though so if you want a lake side view make sure to reserve in advanced. There’s a loop Area A which is “first come, first serve.” Sadly this is our favorite area cause of the bay looking out to the lake. The view is beautiful but I recommend trying your luck on a non-holiday weekend. Make sure to arrive early in the morning Saturday or Friday. Weekdays will most likely be more available then on the weekend.

Making Reservations

To make reservations and view their campground map go here or to view their brochure go here.  When making reservations make sure to review their rules and regulations and abide by them.  To learn more about the campground go here.​LBL does have other campgrounds as well and hiking trails, swimming areas, picnic areas, and much more (check it out here under the “See and Do” section). Piney campground is our other favorite campground and we will be going there first weekend of September 2017 for my birthday. This campground is located on the south side of LBL on the Tennessee side. (Stay tuned for the blog post for Piney Campground. Once posted I will tag it here.)


820 Hillman Ferry Road,

Grand Rivers, KY 42045

(270) 924-2181

Getting Ready For Your Camping Trip

Whether you have decided to camp solo, with friends or your family, kids, pets, please always come prepared. The good thing about this campground is that your car can be parked at your campsite so you can bring more then what you need and not worry about carrying it on your back for several miles and long hours. Coming prepared is a must so in order to do so here’s a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Weather – is it going to rain, be a sunny day, snow, storm? Pack accordingly.
  2. Temperature – if it’s cold bring warm clothing, if it’s warm bring tick and mosquito repellent and more water then what you think you will need.
  3. Who’s coming? – You have to park according to who’s there. Kids, pets, group, or yourself. If going in a group you can easily divide the food list among everyone in the group. This way it makes it easier to cook meals and meal prep. I usually do a menu for each day camping and have everyone pick and choose a meal each.
  4. First Aid Kit – I can’t stress this out enough. You never know when someone may get hurt so it is always good to play it safe.

Meal Plan


Breakfast – at home

Lunch – Hot Dogs, drinks, chips

Dinner – Cheese Turkey Burgers, chips, juice, snack


Breakfast – instant oatmeal, eggs, turkey bacon, coffee, juice

Lunch – Turkey sandwiches, chips, snack, drinks

Dinner – at home.

Must Haves When Camping With Dogs

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Here’s a few camping articles that will help you get ready for your next camping trip.

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10 Must Haves When Camping With Kids 

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Camping At Land Between The Lakes - Hillman Ferry Campground

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