Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Hauled on a Red Chevy Silverado

Camper Trailer Tour – Gulf Stream Conquest 26BHG

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We took a huge leap on July 2021 and bought ourselves a Gulf Stream Conquest 26BHG camper trailer. This won’t be our permanent camper but it makes a great, family friendly option for travel, temporary home, and everything in between.

It’s been 6 months since we moved into our tiny home and relocated to Florida from Tennessee so I think we are a bit overdue for a camper tour of our new home. Here is a tour of our travel trailer. Below you will also find some frequently asked questions along with answers and tips.

Gulf Stream Comquest - Full Travel Trailer Tour

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Details About the Gulf Stream Conquest 26BHG

The Gulf Stream Conquests 26BHG is an almost 30 foot camper trailer that’s perfect for traveling families. Below are all the details and features of our camper.

  • Length: 29.83 feet
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Height: 11.25 feet
  • Interior Height: 6.67 feet
  • Dry Weight: 5,120 lbs
  • No slideouts

If you are looking for more specific details about this camper, you can refer to RV USA for all the features and specs.

Tour of the Gulf Stream Conquest 26BHG

Let me take you on a tour through our camper trailer. It’s not a big house but it’s definitely home to us for now. A place where many memories are being made.

Gulf Stream Camper Trailer Tour - Seating Area

The Common Living Area – Kitchen and Living Room

As you walk through the front door you will see a couch with overhead cabinets. To the right will be the entrance to the master bedroom and to the left you will see the dinette and kitchen area.

The kitchen is fully loaded with a double sink, microwave, propane stove and oven, and a fridge with a freezer. The fridge is surprisingly spacious for the size. There is a nice deep cabinet above the sink that’s used for our pantry storage area.

Our dinette has storage underneath the benches and also breaks down to a bed. There is more overhead cabinet space above the dinette area.

Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Bathroom

The Bathroom

The bathroom is located towards the back right of the travel trailer. It has a sink, toilet, shower, and small bathtub. The tub is perfect for families with young kids. My son loves having his nightly baths in here and playing with his bath toys.

Above and below the bathroom sink you can find cabinet space for extra storage. Below the sink we keep some cleaning items and some of the girls items so they can reach easily. Above we have toiletries and medications.

 Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour - Bunk House
Picture is of the bunk house before we moved into the camper.

The Bunk House

On the left rear of the travel trailer you will find the bunk house. It is a double bunk both having a full sized mattress. We got the girls hooks and a basket to store some of their toys, books, and other favorite items. They also have these cute hanging baskets for additional storage.

Underneath the bunkhouse you can find an outside storage compartment and the propane water heater.

 Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has a short queen sized bed with storage underneath. To the right you can find a closet area for hanging clothes. There is storage compartments above the bed for storing clothes and other items. To the left you can find more storage as well along with a cabinet on the floor that goes to the pull through storage underneath the camper. This is perfect for storing items that you may need to grab on a rainy day, literally!

The storage in our room has been split between my husband, my son, and I. We place clothes that’s not for the season (ex: winter clothes or summer clothes) under the bed along with extra items such as bed sheets, and jackets.

As for the bed, we switched the mattress to our regular queen sized mattress which is more comfortable and it fit perfectly. Now we sleep more comfortable.

 Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Kitchen

Camper Decor and Storage Items

For the common living area and the bathroom we went with a simple sage green color theme that we found at Target. All the products purchased are listed below.

Note: Some other storage items were either gifted or found at the seasonal sections of stores like Dollar General, Wal-Mart, and Target. A lot of our matching items that are in the color green we purchased at Target during the beginning of school when all the dorm room items were out. It was the perfect time to buy the items for our camper cause of the size of everything.

Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Dinette

The Common Living Area Decor and Storage Items

Couch, Entry Way, and Dinette Area

  • Couch Pillow – We bought the green and white one at Target and found the one that says, “Home is my happy place” at Dollar General. (No longer sold at Target but this one is similar and goes with the theme.)
  • Coat hooks – We bought these metal hooks on Amazon but the tape wasn’t the best so we switched to these Command hooks instead.
  • Key holder – This metal key holder has been perfect for not loosing our keys and our dog leash.
  • Kitchen and entry way rug – The ones for the kitchen area that we bought aren’t sold anymore but you can use the bathroom rug in a different size to fit our camper.
  • LG TV
  • TV Mount (similar)
  • Floor vent covers
  • Plants

Kitchen Area

Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Bathroom

The Bathroom Decor and Storage Items

Bunkhouse Decor and Storage Items

We let our daughters each pick out their own bedsheets so their bunk felt like their own little private area. Bella got the mermaid bedsheets and Isa got the unicorn bedsheets.

Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Hauled on a Red Chevy Silverado

Master Bedroom Decor and Storage Items

 Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Toddler Bed with Rail on Pullout Couch

For Our Baby / Toddler

Majority of his clothes is stored in our room but he sleeps on the pullout couch at night. Before we transitioned him to the couch we used to pull out the bed and place the playpen on top of the couch for him to sleep on. He has outgrown the playpen and now enjoys the couch with a toddler bed rail.

  • Graco Pack ‘n Play
  • Toddler bedrail – We used one that we had in storage that we used for our two older daughters. I would recommend one that pinches down against the bottom couch cushion so it doesn’t slip off as easily.
  • Couch sheets – We use a flannel bed sheet on the couch tucked in for him to sleep on but these sheets fit perfectly on the couch as well and can be a great option for sleeping.
  • Baby high chair / camping chair with tray

For Our Dog

Our dog kind of roams around. She likes to sneak in bed with my daughter on the lower bunk or sleep in her bed by the couch and our room. Here are some items we got for her for the camper that made life easier in a camper with a pet.

We placed her food and water bowl in the bathroom to keep it away from our son. She does get times through the day to go eat and drink water and she will let us know throughout the day when she wants to go in.

 Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Front Door

Outdoor Decor and Storage Items

Storage outside was crucial. Here are a few things we got to make things easier for us. Please note that we are stationary so we have more freedom to have storage options outside that may be a little more difficult for a family that’s traveling full time.

  • Shoe storage (similar) – We were gifted this rack to place our shoes on which made life with kids so much easier.
  • Gray and white outdoor rug (similar).
  • Adult camping chairs
  • Kids camping chairs
  • Wind mobile – This was a beautiful gift from my father in law.
  • Outdoor storage bins (similar) – We have a few black outdoor storage bins that we placed underneath the camper. We use these to store the kids toys, some extra outdoor tools, and other items. No valuables or expensive things though.
  • And more plants.

Camper, 5th Wheel, and RV Storage Ideas and Tips

The best tip I can give for storage ideas is to use your walls and extra floor space for storage as much as possible. By wise about the items you buy and how you plan to use it. Try to get items that are multifunctional so you can make the most of that space.

Walls for Storage

Get items that’s tick to the walls such as soap dispensers, command hooks, hanging baskets, paper towel and toilet paper holders, key holders, etc. Using the walls for storage will create more room for counter space for more items such as a coffee maker or small blender.

Use magnetic items as well to place on your fridge and walls. You can find some cool magnetic storage items on Amazon.

In the girls bunks we used the walls as much as possible for organization and storage as well by buying hanging baskets and command hooks for their walls.

Making the Most of Extra Floor Space for Storage

If you have extra floor space, use it wisely. In our extra floor space by the kitchen sink we added a small Curable allowing us to place a coffee maker and some mugs on top and store our air fryer and other items below it.

Behind our dinette we used the extra floor space to add two gray drawer bins for extra storage and a kitchen trashcan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Transition to a Camper Trailer

Below I will be answering some of the questions I’ve been asked about our transition and our camper trailer.

Why a Gulf Stream Camper Trailer?

We chose to go with a brand new 2021 Gulf Stream Conquest 26BHG Camper Trailer. It fit our budget and our current family plans while still being able to buy land and build our forever home in Florida.

The Conquests camper provides everything our family needs without sacrificing too much. This camper trailer has a full kitchen, fridge, many storage compartments, a bunk bed, bathroom, and a private queen sized bedroom.

What were some MUST HAVES when choosing a camper trailer for your family?

Our main goal was having enough room for our family. We wanted to make sure we had a common area with a full kitchen, a dinette, bunk beds for the girls and an area for our baby. My husband and I also wanted to make sure we had our own private room. Oh and lots of storage! Storage is a must for us. Cabinets, storage under beds, outside storage, you name it.

Did you consider any other camper trailers?

Yes we did! We actually considered two Grand Designs camper trailers and another Gulf Stream camper trailer with a different layout. I loved the designs of the Grand Designs but they are a bit pricier so we went with a Gulf Stream instead. We would of considered it if it was going to be a permanent travel home but since this is just a temporary home we chose something a tiny bit smaller that would be easier to sell.

Gulf Stream Camper Trailer 26BHG Tour Entrance

What are your future plans with your camper trailer?

We plan to sell this one after we move into our forever home and buy something smaller and easier to travel with. Many campgrounds have small camping sites so we want to have something smaller and easier to go camping in. It would be different if we were traveling full time but we aren’t.

Summary of Our Gulf Stream Conquest 26BHG Camper Trailer Tour

Our 30 foot camper trailer is our temporary home while our forever home is being built. While it was a huge transition, it was an exciting one for our family. The Gulf Stream Conquest has been a place to call home and love the comfort we find in it as a family.

It has been a fun and unique journey living in a smaller place as a family of five but we are excited to continue to share our experience with you all along with tips on how to make life easier in a travel trailer, 5th wheel, and RV.


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