camper kitchen storage with lunchboxes, fruits, tumblers, and a coffee maker

Ultimate Camper Kitchen Packing and Storage Guide: Perfect for RVs, Camper Trailers and Fifth Wheels

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After living in our camper trailer for a year, I have come to find all the useful items for our camper kitchen that keeps things organized and easy to manage. Having a small kitchen was a huge adjustment for us. Learning how to cook in a propane oven was definitely a curve ball too. Storage was a big mess at first. Things were everywhere! We felt so unorganized and unprepared for the downsizing. It took a lot of learning, a lot of research, and a lot of measuring to find the best items for our camper kitchen to make it work for our family of five.

Ultimate Camper Kitchen Packing and Storage Guide

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Best Kitchen Accessories For Your Camper Trailer

Every camper trailer has a different style kitchen. While this guide is perfect for families, it can be very beneficial for any style kitchen that you may have in your RV, camper trailer, or even fifth wheel. With that said, I want to go over the best kitchen accessories for your camper. I will be separating these into categories to help you stay organized on your camper kitchen essentials. At the end of this post you can find a full camper kitchen packing guide to help you get started.

camper trailer stovetop with magnetic knife rack mounted on the wall

Cooking Supplies and Utensils

Cooking is something that we do every day. Having a home cooked meal can be healthier, more cost effective, and beneficial for your family. If you cook a lot for your family then it is important to have the right cooking essentials. Here are the items that I recommend on having handy in your camper trailer for cooking.

Tip: Make sure to measure your stove and oven so that the items that you purchase fit perfectly in the oven or on each burner of your stove.

camper trailer kitchen stove and microwave

Meal Prep Essentials

Meal prepping is a must but space is limited in a small camper kitchen. Here are some items that help meal prepping easier in small spaces. I usually do my meal prepping on the dinette table or on the sink when it’s covered.

Eating Essentials

For all of our eating essentials I chose to use plastic. I was afraid that it would get ruined when we travel in our camper with the bumps on the road.

Cleaning Essentials

Having a clean kitchen can feel so good. Everything feels clean and organized after you have washed all of your dishes and wiped down the sink and surfaces. Here are a few things that I use daily to help keep my kitchen clean.

  • Sponge
  • Rags
  • Kitchen towels
  • Dish soap
  • Hand soap
  • Cleaning spray
  • Dish drying mat
  • Dish drainer – This one fits perfectly inside my kitchen sink.
  • Paper towels
  • Antibacterial wipes – I use this to wipe down counters after prepping meats or for quick cleanups.
  • Strainer – I have a small strainer to catch any left over food before it makes it down the drain.
  • Funnel – I use this to pour oil or grease into an empty water bottle and dispose of it in the trash instead of down the drain. I then use paper towels to grab any excess grease or oil before washing it.
  • Small trash can
  • Trash bags
camper kitchen storage with lunchboxes, fruits, tumblers, and a coffee maker

Coffee Making Essentials

Coffee is life for us. Not sure how I will function in the mornings without my delicious cup of coffee. My husband and I agreed to have a small coffee corner in our camper kitchen. This was a huge must have for us. Here is what you can find in our coffee corner.

Some of our items such as the coffee filters, sugar, and coffee is stored in the pantry cabinet above the sink for extra space on the counter top.

little boy playing with an oven mitt

Eating Essentials for Kids

For our family of five we have extra items that are specific for our kids. Our youngest at the moment is a year old so having items that make eating time easier is important. Here are a few items that we have at hand for our kids.

Camper Kitchen Storage Ideas

When trying to find the best storage ideas we went to Amazon and Target to find the best products. Our goal was to use as much wall and cabinet space for storage. We wanted to make the most of our cabinets with storage solutions such as can organizers and added shelf space while also utilizing the walls for storing seasonings and other items.

Here are our must have camper kitchen gadgets and space saving storage ideas.

camper kitchen wall storage ideas. Showcasing a wall mounted magnetic knife rack and a seasoning rack along with a hook for hanging oven mitts.

Wall Space Storage Solutions

  • Magnetic wall knife rack – This has been perfect for storing all of our knives and our kitchen scissor at a safe and out of reach place from our kids. It has been super convenient because it’s at arms reach when cooking and meal prepping and I don’t have to worry about my toddler grabbing a knife out of the drawers.
  • Magnetic wall seasoning storage – This seasoning storage solution has been amazing. It keeps all of my seasonings in a one spot location right by the stove where I can grab and use when I’m cooking or prepping.
  • Paper towel holder – We didn’t want to have our paper towel on the table or counter so we purchased this adhesive paper towel holder instead. It’s handy and out of the way.
  • Oven Mitt Holder Hooks – We use these hooks for hanging our oven mitts. You can also use them for hanging other items on your walls.
Pantry cabinet found in a rv kitchen featuring storage solutions for making the most of your cabinet space in a small kitchen.

Cabinet Space Storage Solutions

  • Cabinet can organizer – I love having this can organizer. It helps keep my cans organized in my cabinet without having to move them all around trying to find the one I need. I just pull one out and the rest roll down to the front.
  • Cabinet organizer (similar) – This organizer not only creates more shelf space in your cabinet but makes it easier for you to make the most of your cabinet space. We use this one in our pantry cabinet. I put smaller items like our vitamins, hand towels, aluminum foil, trash bags, bread, etc… underneath and the larger items on top. We purchased two of them to stack one on top of the other to make the most of the space in our cabinet. Tip: Add cardboard when stacking so the legs don’t fall through between the wires. Also make sure to measure your cabinets to make sure it fits perfectly. This one is adjustable.
  • Clear plastic storage baskets – This is another great solution if you’re limited on space for storage. These clear plastic containers that are stackable are perfect for storing food items. You can even put these on your counter top for storing fruits and vegetables or even in your fridge.
camper kitchen fridge organization ideas

Fridge Storage Solutions

  • Can organizer – Perfect for organizing your soda cans.
  • Clear plastic storage baskets – These stackable storage containers are perfect for storing juice boxes, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and other small items in your fridge. You can even put them in your freezer for organizing items such as popsicles, ice cream bars, and more.
  • Food storage containers – These are perfect for storing leftovers, washed fruits and veggies, and other food items.

Floor Area Storage Solutions

  • Plastic storage baskets (similar) – These are perfect for added storage on cabinet space that is open to the living area. They look cute and you can tuck away items for your kitchen in them. We have three of them. One is for my kids Nintendo Switch items. The other two are for storing food items like instant oatmeal and popcorn and the other one for seasonings that we don’t use every day.
  • Plastic drawer bins – We purchase two of these that fit perfectly in our camper. I use these for storing items such as snacks, baking items, tumblers, water bottles, and other things that may not fit in our cabinets. They also serve a double purpose by creating more room on top for extra storage. This is where we put my plants on and our lunch boxes, tumblers, fruits, and travel mugs.

Other Camper Trailer Space Saving Tips

  • Under couch or dinette storage – We use this space to store our bigger items such as our slow cooker, George Foreman, electric griddle, etc. We also use the space under the couch as backstock pantry area.
  • Under the camper storage – If you have non-perishable items like small appliances, cleaning detergents, etc… make use of the storage underneath your camper trailer to make the most of the storage space inside. I usually store items under our camper like paper towels, cleaning detergents, antibacterial wipes, extra rags, and other items.

Free Camper Kitchen Packing Guide

Grab you free camper kitchen packing and storage guide below. You will get a packing checklist with all the items mentioned above so you can print and use. This will help you make sure you have everything that you need for your kitchen setup and organization.

Other Camper Kitchen Resources and Tips

Thoughts on Ultimate Camper Kitchen Packing Guide

I hope that this packing and storage guide helps you get your camper kitchen set up for many fun meals ahead. Don’t forget to measure your cabinets and other areas to make sure that everything fits perfectly in your kitchen. Take a few days to organize everything and make sure that it will work well for you and your family. Don’t forget to grab the packing guide above to help you start organizing and making sure you have everything that you need for your camper kitchen.

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