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Busch Gardens With The Family

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Busch Gardens
Oh what a day at Busch Gardens. So much fun and so much to do. Our day started with doing a few rides for the girls. It was the first time Isa has gone to an amusement park and actually was able to get on rides and walk around. Last time we were in Florida she was about 2 months of age so we were limited as to what we could do. Well this time she was 3 years old. How time flies! And men did she love it. She got on all the rides that her big sister got on. She was just the happiest little bundle of joy. As for Bella she was just having a blast. Her second, third time getting on all these rides but truly enjoying them like if it was her first time. She even did her very first roller coaster. I was so proud of her. Such a trooper.
I think our favorite part of Busch Gardens was going to see the kangaroos. Let me rephrase that. My favorite part! As the animal lover that I am, I think I stayed close to every animal encounter there was sympathisizing with them and wanting to take selfies with all of them. I got kisses from a kangaroo and even got to feed the cutest little colorful birds with my daughters. So much fun. The selfies we took were priceless. I just wish I could of taken all the animals home with me so they can live a happy and free life.
Of course my husband’s favorite part was riding all the roller coasters. Not my favorite part though. Drops, spinning, and going fast on something manmade is just a little too scary for me. The movie Final Destination didn’t help my fear of roller coasters out either. But my husband and my mom enjoyed them while I watched the kiddos and did other fun things with them. My husband even went on a few on his own that my mom didn’t dare go on like the Cheetah Hunt.
busch gardens

The kids favorite area was the Sesame Street Place. There was the biggest jungle gym ever where the girls crawled, climbed and ran around. They even had little kids roller coasters and rides for them to get on. Elmo even had a few shows of his own that the kids could watch and then take pictures with him afterwards. This was the perfect “wear out your kid” zone. They had so much fun here. And a plus for breastfeeding moms. They have a nice breastfeeding room under AC for you to sit and nurse your child. How awesome is that. A park that supports breastfeeding. Woot woot!!!​

Making The Best Of Your Visit


Best way to enjoy the park is to arrive early and purchase your tickets online. If you’re taking a stroller you’ll have to walk quiet a ways from the parking lot to the park entrance but it’s worth taking the stroller. Little ones tend to get tired and even want to take a nap at some point during the day. If you purchase your tickets online you can print them out or have them on your phone so this way you can easily skip the ticket line and go straight to security. You will show them your ticket there and they will inspect you and your belongings before letting you go through.  ​Arrive early to miss all the chaos and so you can take advantage of the cool morning. It’s Florida, the sunshine state, so that means sun, heat, and possible sunburns and most likely cranky tired kids by noon. I would do all the kid stuff first while the kiddos are still up and ready to go and then enjoy your fun.

Believe it or not military get some awesome discounts. If you’re a Veteran or Military member you can get into the park for free once a year. My husband and I both go in for free and our kids as well. Sadly my mom was the only one that had to pay for a ticket in. They will only cover immediate family so spouse and kids. Free admission is always a plus in my books so if you meet the criteria don’t miss out on the opportunity of going to Busch Garden’s for free. If not you can check out their ticket prices here.


​Bring snacks and drinks. We purchased the big drinks with all day free refills. Trust me it may seem expensive at first but after the 5th or 6th refill you’ll realize that it was the best investment you have made all day. Fresh drinks all day. Can’t go wrong with that.​

If you want to do roller coasters then bringing a buddy to take turns with watching the kids is a must. And don’t forget your camera to capture the moments, the diaper bag to capture the… messes, diapers, baby wipes, you name it, and best of all, the sunblock to repel those harmful sun rays.​
​Next time you’re in Tampa, Florida, don’t miss out on this awesome park. So much to do for a whole day loaded with fun and creating memories to last you a lifetime. ​


Busch Gardens In Tampa, Florida

10165 N McKinley Drive

Tampa, FL 33612



Busch Gardens

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