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Ahhh! The sound of the birds singing with the dancing trees while you sit on a log drinking a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Isn’t this just the perfect morning? To me is the best way to start your day. Let me tell you how the Pika Teapot from MSR Gear can help you recreate this blissful morning.

pika teapot msr gear overlay camping tea backpacking coffee hiking

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First let me tell you a little bit about the brand MSR Gear. In 1969, Larry Penberthy created Mountain Safety Research in hopes to create better quality and longer lasting climbing gear. His passion has grown and so has his dreams. Larry believed that the key to unlocking greater adventures was better, safer, and more reliable equipment. I highly believe in this dream as well. As adventurists in the outdoors we want to make sure our gear is always functioning right and reliable. The MSR team till this day works very hard on continuing to create innovative, durable, and quality gear. I know I can put my trust on every piece of equipment that I use from MSR Gear.

pika teapot msr gear overlay camping tea backpacking coffee hiking


There is nothing better than the smell of fresh air, singing of the birds, and a warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning. I love waking up to such a bliss. The Pika Teapot has helped me create more refreshing moments such as this. This ultralight teapot makes it easier to boil my water in the mornings on my portable stove and also pour it in to my mug, cup, or even breakfast bowl. Their spout doesn’t drip after pouring which is amazing, especially with little hands wandering around.


The Pika Teapot has many benefits. I like to look at it more as a mini jug for my water than a teapot. I use my teapot to boil water for my dehydrated foods, coffee, tea, instant oatmeals, and anything else that may need boiled water added to it. Don’t let the word “teapot” fool you!

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pika teapot msr gear overlay camping tea backpacking coffee hiking


One of the main reasons why I love my teapot is that it is ultralight with a precise pour and has a secure lid. It weights just at 5.2 ounces (147g) and constructed with hard-anodized aluminum. This aluminum helps give it it’s featherweight unlike other metals that are heavier in weight.

I love the precise pour cause it is easy to direct. As a mom I always seem to be doging little hands from getting burnt so avoiding spills with hot boiling water around my kids is a must. With their targeted stream of water and no-drip spout I am able to have full control of where the water will be poured.

One thing that worried me was the lid. I was nervous that after obtaining my Pika Teapot, the lid would fall off while pouring the water. Not at all! Their secure lid stays on when pouring with the little grooves that it has to hold it in place. It is also easy to take off when you are finished.

The Pika Teapot also has a wide opening which makes it convenient for cleaning and to store things in. You can easily put your PocketRocket stove, lighter, some coffee, tea, and other things in it.

pika teapot msr gear overlay camping tea backpacking coffee hiking


Because MSR Gear takes such pride in their products and strive for durable and high quality gear you can rest assured that all of their gear will last year for years to come. If you ever run in to any issues with your gear, the team at the Seattle Repair Shop will repair your item helping prevent them from going to our landfills. They also have a warranty for their products as well to help put more ease to your worries.

Another amazing thing that MSR is doing is recycling your IsoPro Fuel Canisters and helping spread the word on how you can recycle your gear, fuel canisters, and even packaging. They take extra initiative on how they package their products so they can reach you safely and also be recyclable. The usually use cardboard boxes which can be easily recycled or thrown in your compost to biodegrade. However with the Pika Teapot, they decided to take it up a notch and ditch the packaging all together and only use a label on the product. You can read more about their sustainability efforts here and how you can recycle your gear and fuel canisters.

pika teapot msr gear overlay camping tea backpacking coffee hiking pika teapot msr gear overlay camping tea backpacking coffee hiking pika teapot msr gear overlay camping tea backpacking coffee hiking


When using the Pika Teapot I highly recommend having a few products with you. First off I would recommend using a portable stove such as the Pocket Rocket and a fuel canister that fits the stove. I also recommend having a lighter, your drink or food, filtered water, and a spoon depending on what you will be making or if you need to stir anything.

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Well I really hope you enjoyed this review and that it becomes a part of your list of must-have gear. Would you be trying the Pika Teapot out on your next backpacking or camping trip? Let me know in the comments. Would love to hear your thoughts on this product.

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  1. So cute! Havent heard of MRS before but just went to the website to order one. for $24.95 how can you go wrong? they are out of stock right now but i put my email address in so they can let me know when they have it again. Might actually use this in my kitchen too! 🙂

  2. This little teapot looks incredibly versatile, and at 5.2 oz it might be lighter than my MSR Windburner. I may need to switch things up on my next backpacking trip. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m thinking I would use this in my kitchen, as well as at the campsite lol! Very informative article, thank you for posting!

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