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Best Outdoor Stocking Stuffers For Everyone

It’s crazy to even think that the holidays are already here. I know I am literally going through the holiday madness of buying gifts and not knowing what to even get for some people. Holiday gift guides have been my go to this holiday season. They are literally life savers. Like I love them so much, I decided to make one to help you out as well. This post will feature the best ideas for outdoor stocking stuffers for any outdoorsy, mountain loving, nature enthusiast in your life.

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The winter season is here and it is important to stay warm in the cold months especially if you plan to be outdoors during this season. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor stocking stuffers to stay warm this holiday season.

stocking stuffer ideas for outdoors to stay warm in the winter


Wool socks are a great to keep your feet warm and dry during the winter months. They are very comfortable and breathable as well.


I absolutely love beanies. They are such a statement piece during the winter season. Beanies are also very warm keeping your head and even your ears cozy when outside. They also make maybe one of the best outdoor stocking stuffers too.


Gloves are an excellent way to keep your hands warm. It is important that when choosing gloves to make sure that they are waterproof, warm, and good quality as well. I personally like being able to move my fingers so I always make sure to use gloves where I can still have that mobility. As a parent you want to be able to grab your kids hand if needed or pick things up.


Hand Warmers are my absolute favorite. I actually came to find out about these a few years ago but recently came to find a more sustainable option. My mind was blown when I found out that they made reusable and rechargeable hand warmers. I didn’t come to find this out till about a few weeks ago. You would think I’ve been living under a rock. Ha! The best thing about these is that you can also stick them in your pockets and keep your body warm too. It’s a win win. Here is one that will make the best outdoor stocking stuffers.


If the outdoorsy person you are gifting too is a skilled enthusiast then chances are that they already have a lot of gear. However, if they are just starting out, then gear is definitely something that you should be adding to your list. Either way, gear is not cheap and purchasing each item that you will be needing, small or large, will add up so even if you get them just one of these awesome outdoor stocking stuffers you will most likely be putting a huge smile on their face. Here are a few of our favorites.

outdoor gear stocking stuffer ideas


A GoTenna Mesh is like a walkie-talkie but through your phone. It works on a mesh network which means that the (text) message jumps from each GoTenna Mesh device till it reaches the person you sent it too. This is perfect for when you have no signal and need to contact someone for emergencies, updates, or even to check in. You can read my full review here about the product and how it works. The GoTenna Mesh comes in packs of two, four, and eight.


Kula Cloth is a product that helps eliminate the use of toilet paper on the trail. Instead of using toilet paper to wipe or even a bandana or a pee rag you can now use a Kula Cloth which is a pee cloth made of an anti-microbial, silver-infused specially designed fabric with an absorbent and waterproof side. Best of all, they come in the cutest prints too designed by talented artists. You can read more about Kula Cloths here.


Whenever I go outdoors, or even to a park, I always make sure to have some kind of protection on me. My husband bought me a Buck Knife last spring very similar to this one and I absolutely love it. I have used it for so many things like opening packages, wood chips, cutting rope, you name it. Luckily haven’t had to use it for protection but it definitely is a great tool to have on you at all times. The Gerber Fast Draw Serrated Locking Knife is definitely an excellent option for any stocking this holiday season.


It is always important to stay charged while in the backcountry. We always aim to purchase products that we can recharge. From our phones to our headlamps, it is good to always carry a solar pack with you to stay charged up. These portable solar packs are an awesome investment. This is something that you can never have just one of them. Having multiple ones is very convenient especially with some of the gear that is used in the outdoors now a days.

I chose the Revel Gear Day Tripper Solar pack because it can charge multiple items at once. It is built tough meaning it is water-resistance, shockproof, dust proof, and even has sealed ports making it outdoor friendly. The Revel Gear Day Tripper can also be used as a multi-funcition flashlight.


When I am hiking or camping I love to take notes of my journey. Small bullet points of things I see on the trail or something that just capture my attention. Having a small field notes pad makes this easy for me to do. These beautiful Field Notes: National Parks Series notepads are a perfect outdoor stocking stuffers. Don’t forget to grab one of these eco-friendly pens too.


Having a good flashlight is crucial when out in the woods. I’m not saying one of those $1 flashlights at Wal-Mart that don’t far. I mean a good flashlight that will give you peace of mind at night. One that you can actually see what is creeping in the woods. I am recommending the Fenix LD12 Flashlight. There are so many other options out there as well and REI has a great selection here that you can check out.


Headlamps are such a useful piece of gear to have. Whether you are hiking in the dark, cooking, trying to find something in your tent, or just walking to the campground bathroom. Having a headlamp is very convenient. It means you have light and also have your hands free. Here are a few brands that I really like.

coffee lovers outdoor stocking ideas


These are probably one of my favorite outdoor stocking stuffers ever!!! I absolutely love collecting coffee mugs and even gifting them to family and friends. The fun thing about coffee mugs is that you can fill them up with goodies like instant coffee, hot cocoa, some of those cute chocolate covered marshmallows, and even a mint chocolate spoon for their hot cocoa. Looking for some instant coffee ideas? I wrote this blog post that goes over all of the different INSTANT COFFEES I’ve tried on my trips. REI has this very cute set of holiday outdoor coffee mugs along with many more for you to choose from.

If you want to get them something more convenient that will keep their coffee or hot cocoa warm for an extended period of time then a Hydroflask Tumbler is the way to go. You can even fill them up with goodies the same way you would with a mug.

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When we camp I feel like all we do is eat. The camp kitchen is our main place to be at at our campsite. There are many camp kitchen essentials I can name but I just want to point out some that I think would be very fun outdoor stocking stuffer ideas.

camp kitchen outdoor stocking stuffers


Final Straw is a straw that folds up and packs into a case. I absolutely love this ideas because I always get iffy about placing my straw in my pack and getting dirt in it or even loosing it. Knowing I can put it in a case definitely gives me some peace of mind.


I actually own two Morsel Sporks and I love them both. They are so convenient. It is a spoon, fork, butter knife, spatula, and even scraper all in one. Don’t believe me? Check out my full Morsel Spork review here.


Peak Sherpa are delicious energy bites made out of organic ingredients that help you get the boost you need when on the trail. I absolutely love these snacks and best of all… my kids do too. These come in a pack of four or a pack of twelve meaning that you can gift them to the entire family. It’s a win, win!!! You can read my review here to see what our favorite flavors are.

** Use coupon code TWM15 for 15% off your purchase.**


The LifeStraw Water Filter is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you have collected water in your canteen or stopped by a stream for a drink, you can rest assure that Life Straw will provide you clean water to drink. It is small and easy to take with you anywhere.

MSR Gear TrailShot Pocket-Sized Water Filter

If you are looking for a water filter that is slightly larger in size but still small enough to put in your pocket then the MSR Gear TrailShot Pocket-Sized Water Filter is the one for you. This is the water filter that I’ve been using for the last year and absolutely love it. You can read more about this water filter here.


And because my favorite part of opening gifts is seeing what my stocking is filled with, so I’ll share just a few more pretty cool ideas with you.

outdoor stocking stuffer ideas


Ok! I know this one is a little pricey but we bought this camera for our daughters along with a travel journal and they both absolutely love it. They use it on most of our trips. In my Camping With Kids Packing Guide post I mention how we use the Canon Ivy Cliq Camera in our travels and along with our favorite travel journal that my dear friend Katie created.


I absolutely love playing campfire games. It is a fun way to interact with everyone and have a good time around the campfire. WildΒ  + Wolf Campfire Games Set is the perfect stocking stuffer to keep the fun going around the campfire this holiday season.

Looking for some more fun games to play? I have a few kid activities in our Resource Library. When you subscribe to our email list you will receive a password that will grant you access to our Resource Library where you can find these activities and much more.


Looking for more fun things to stuff in their stockings? Get them some Wild + Wolf Waterproof Playing Cards. These will for sure beat the elements of nature so they can have fun, rain or shine.

campfire sticker hammock momma kieara lonning etsy shop
Photo Credit: Kieara Lonning from Hammock Momma


My dear friend Kieara from Hammock Momma makes the cutest hand drawn stickers. These make some awesome stocking stuffers too. I love putting stickers in my travel journal or on my water bottles and even on my boards and my car. OK! Yes! I very much love stickers. You can CHECK OUT HER SHOP HERE to see everything that she has available. She just opened shop and I already own almost all of her stickers. My favorite is of Big Foot skateboarding.


If you have been following me for a while then you will know how obsessed I am with Bend Soap Co. From their soaps to their lotions and even lip butters. They have the best products to keep your skin healthy all winter long. They even have some new seasonal scents that smell absolutely amazing. As for stocking stuffers I would highly recommend getting their LIP BUTTERS. I never go anywhere without it. I actually have a few for just about every room in my home.

My favorite lip butters are:

** Use coupon code TWM10 at checkout and get 10% off your first order with Bend Soap Co. **


Ha! See what I did there. πŸ˜‰

I really hope that you like all of these stocking stuffer ideas. Are there any that you already had in mind that I didn’t mention? What was the coolest thing you ever got in your stocking? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you are looking for more ideas then my post – GIFT IDEAS FOR OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS is just for you. πŸ˜‰

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