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The Best Gifts For Bloggers

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You are here cause you probably have a blogger in your life and are curious to see what you can get them? Well you are in the right place. The possibilities are endless but here are the top essentials that every blogger needs to continue their career as a blogger and an influencer. Every blogger differs depending on their niche and style but these are some of the main essentials that despite their niche, style, or even expertise every blogger will use or need at one point or another. Check out these ideas for gifts for bloggers.


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Camera is a big part of every bloggers life. You can’t post a blog post without images about the content or topic that they wrote about. Every blogger wants to share their experience with the product, how it looks, the location they traveled too, etc. This is why camera gear is crucial in the blogging world. Now this doesn’t make all bloggers professional photographers, many are but many are just personal bloggers for their own content. Here’s a few things that every blogger uses to meet their picture qualities for their content.

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Adobe has two programs that many bloggers and photographers use. The first one is Lightroom and the second one is Photoshop. These are very useful tools to edit photos slightly so they can go with the theme of our content. It also helps lighten up those photos that came out very dark or remove little things such a stain on a shirt. I would highly recommend getting this one one year subscription. If they already have Adobe Cloud and the other applications such as Lightroom and Photoshop then they can just add the code to their current subscription and it will extend their plan. It’s a win win.

Shop here.


Is your blogger friend a traveler? Maybe they like to hike, mountain bike, camp, dive… Well a GoPro will be the perfect gift for their adventurous lifestyle. The GoPro is an action camera that is built to be used on rough terrain, during active moving activities, as well as walks on the beach and anything in between. I have one and absolutely love it. Plus it’s a small camera making it more convenient to carry and take with you to different places.

You can grab the new GoPro here.

Some accessories that would be good for the GoPro are:

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SD Memory Card

SD Cards is something that a blogger can never have too much off. They can be so convenient when you are on the road and have no time to get on your laptop to empty out your memory card. I usually carry a back up but even with one backup and many days out on the road, it can be a little stressful at times when you know memory is starting to run low on both cards. This will help bring some ease to their travels.

Shop here.

Tripod and Clicker

A tripod is another great gift for bloggers. How do you think the majority of us bloggers take our photos? Some bigger bloggers hire their own photographers but us smaller bloggers can’t afford to pay for a blogger full time so tripods, selfie sticks, creativity, and a clicker it is for us. Now when buying a tripod you want to make sure you get one that is lightweight, adjustable in height, can reach a pretty tall length, and has a bag for easy carrying. Here is one that has all of the fixtures mentioned including 360 rotation.

Shop here and don’t forget to grab a remote clicker too.

Camera Strap

Now every girl likes to blog in style. Whether you are exploring the great outdoors or exploring the city streets, us girls always like to do it in style and with accessories. One accessory that will make all of the camera gear worth carrying around is a camera strap. I had no idea how many cute straps existed for cameras till it popped up one day while searching for camera accessories on Amazon. Here is one that I saw and really liked. You can also view more below.

Shop here.

External Phone Lenses

Now this is a very convenient accessory to have. I had no idea these existed either till a few years ago. One day I asked a blogger how she took such amazing photos with her phone and she told me she used an external lens for her phone’s camera. I was blown away. Here is a cool kit I found. You can also view a bunch more below.

Shop here.

Camera Bag

Camera bags are very convenient gifts for bloggers. Usually a blogger would carry 2 or 3 lenses if needed depending on the type of trip. Here is a camera bag that is convenient as well as stylish. Kattee Fashion has some cute bags and this specific one is imitation leather which means that no animals were harmed in the making. It’s a win win in my books.

Shop here.


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I feel that cameras are electronic devices now a days but let’s continue to the other electronic devices that bloggers use on a daily. One is memory. Bloggers use a lot of memory to store their photos, videos, rough drafts, final drafts, emails, contracts, you name it. Bloggers also spend a lot of time in front of a laptop doing research, typing, emailing, updating their websites and more. Electronics are our best friend especially our laptop, camera, and phone. Here are a few items that are essential to bloggers.

Portable Hard Drive

A portable hard drive is one of bloggers most used items to store all of their images, videos, and everything in between. This is a device that they can continue to go back to without overloading their laptops, phones, and tablets. Here is one that I like to use. You can also view below for more options.

Shop here and don’t forget the case to store it in.

Other memory device ideas are:


Now a laptop mouse is a hit or miss. Not everyone uses it but if you know that your blogger friend has been wanting one or doesn’t have one then it’s not a bad idea. Some like to use it cause they can move around a little more rather then being stuck strictly on just the keyboard while others just don’t mind not having one. It’s fairly cheap to buy these now a days so they can also make good stocking stuffers or a random gift of kindness.

Shop here.

Blue Light Screen Filter

With all of the time we spend on our electronics composing articles and editing photos, we also spend a lot of time looking at the blue light in our screens. This blue light can cause insomnia and other health issues. By using a filter this can help greatly to reduce any issues caused by the blue light in our screens.

Shop here for laptops and here for cell phones.

Skyroam Solis Wifi

Does your blogger friend travel a lot? Are they always exploring a new city or even a new country. Then the Skyroam Solis Wifi is a good product for you to use. This item has been recommended to me multiple times by various bloggers and have heard great things about it. This helps them stay connected to their family, friends, and work while on the go.

Get it here.

GoTenna Mesh

One travel accessory that I can’t go without is my GoTenna Mesh. I love this little handy device as it keeps me connected with my husband and others while I am exploring outdoors. This is great for emergency situations (blog post coming soon). You can learn more about them on their webiste here.

Shop here.


Tablets are another way to stay connected on get work done on the road. I use my tablet when I am traveling because it is easier to carry, gets me caught up on my emails, rough drafts started, and so much more. I use the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and absolutely love it. You can grab it here along with a keyboard and extra memory.

Travel Accessories

Now these items are perfect gifts for bloggers who love to travel. My favorite is the travel pillow. I currently have a pineapple one that I had purchased in Hawaii before my 24+ hour trip to Puerto Rico and love it. Packing cubes is another item that is greatly convenient when traveling. It is an easy way to separate your clothes, toiletries, and other items when packing and in the rush of traveling to a new country or location.

Packing Cubes

Travel Pillow


Most bloggers don’t have an actual office. Usually our office is at a coffee shop, couch, hotel room, on the road, in the plane, you name it. That doesn’t mean that we don’t like office items. Here are a few items that bloggers use on a daily.



Notebooks is a great way to start writing rough drafts, brainstorm, get ideas, and even be creative. A cute notebook that inspires them to continue to be creative is a great gift for any blogger. Kate Spade makes some of the cutest notebooks ever too, like this flowery one.

Shop here.

Content Planner

A content planner is essential for bloggers. This is a great way to know when their next trip is, when to publish their next review with so and so company, when to post their next Instagram #ad or #sponsored post, etc. Blogging can be hectic at times and being organized helps stay on top of things in a timely manner. I have recently collaborated with Purple Trail on a content planner (blog post coming soon) and I have to say, they have some of the cutest content planners out there. So well organized, easy to set goals for the week, month, and year, and it has plenty of room to take notes. Best of all it is completely customizable. I can’t wait to receive my new content planner and show you all of the details.

Shop here.

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Writing is our thing. This is what we are known for. For writing blog posts, publishing articles on our website, and more writing on our social media accounts. No blogger can go without some writing accessories. Some of my favorite must have items are pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, white-out, and a pencil case to keep them all in.

If you are looking for pencils that are good for our planet then you have found them. Sprout pencils has pencils that have seed in them. They are biodegradable so you can bury them and in the process plant something into our environment. This pack has pencils for herbs and flowers.

Pens is a big plus as well especially if they are good for our planet. These Onyx pens are eco-friendly made of bamboo, corn starch, natural fabrics making them biodegradable. How cool is that. Check them out.

Highlighters is another essential item when it comes to writing. It is the best way to highlight your important ideas, things to remember, and special notes. Check out these eco-friendly highlighters by Stubby Pencil Studio. They are biodegradable and made out of wood. Best of all, they don’t leak, dry out, or bleed.

Kate Spade also has the cutest pencil holder with pencils, eraser, and even a small pencil sharpener. Plus it has a cute floral design. Check it out.

Business Card Holder

I personally think that every blogger should have business cards. You never know who you will run into and where you can land a job but having to go through your purse looking for a card can be embarrassing at times. Why not have them organized in a nice little holder instead? Check this cute eco-friendly business card holder.

Shop here.

Travel Journal

gifts for bloggers
Photo credit: Katie McIntosh https://www.thekatieshowblog.com/

My good friend Katie over at The Katie Show Blog has created a travel journal perfect for any travel enthusiast. It is so cute and beachy but also great for jotting down notes about the places you visit like coffee shops, museums, city vibes, and much more.

You can grab yours here.

Coffee Mug

I am going to be very honest here. Majority of bloggers run on coffee, espresso shots, and wine. No doubt about that! (As I am currently sipping away on my morning coffee in my cute little whale mug). You can’t go wrong with gifting a coffee mug and some coffee to your blog loving friend. I don’t know about everyone else but I love to collect coffee mugs from the places I visit. Starbucks has an very cool destination collection called the “You Are Here” series. Here is a very cute coffee mug to let any boss lady know that she can take on the day!

Shop here. Don’t forget about the coffee.


I believe that traveling light is the best way to go when traveling but sometimes as a blogger you find yourself hauling camera gear, electronics, and products to get work done while on the go. Sometimes a blogger will visit a destination and have sponsors for that trip so they have to carry some of those products to capture how they use them while traveling. This is how we get paid! But it is also not the best thing when you are trying to pack light. Finding a bag where you can fit all of your main essentials in is crucial. Here is a bag that has room for everything you need without over weighing yourself. To make things better, it is made out of vegan leather and has tons of pockets to store all of your smaller items in.

Grab it here.


I am a sucker for candles. I love the smell of a good smelling home. From wax warmers, essential oil diffusers, and even candles, give them all to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one though. Here is a soy candle that comes in a tin can which you can reuse as a storage container after you are done using your candle. Aren’t they cute?

Check it out here.

gift ideas for bloggers


And if you still don’t know what to get that blogger in your life, then you can never go wrong with gift cards. We love to shop too or even save up gift cards to buy something big that we have been wanting. You can get them any size Visa gift cards from $25, $50, $100, and even $200. The best part of a Visa gift card is that you can use them anywhere and are not limited to use them in just one specific location.


I have been attending numerous events from Blogger Xchange in Nashville, Tennessee. At one of the events I purchased the Blog Life tank top. I absolutely love it. Now that it is winter I am looking around for a cute long sleeve one. Every time I wear I feel like a little kid and get all in the blogging mood. Below are a few ideas for cute blog shirts.

Well I hope that I gave you some really good ideas for some cool gifts for bloggers. If you have any other cool ideas feel free to let me know in the comments below. Which gift idea did you like most? Let me know in the comment section below.

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